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New Mother Holding Her Premature Baby For The First Time Will Melt Your Heart
Jul 22, 2017 Cool

"This is a video of the first time Jessica held her 10 week premature baby, Hugo. After being delivered by c-section he was quickly whisked away to the NICU to be evaluated. Jessica was only briefly ...


Group Of Teens Laughs As Man Drowns In Florida Pond
Jul 22, 2017 Shocking

Authorities in Florida say that a group of teens ages 14 to 16 broke no laws when they recorded a video of them laughing while they watched a 32-year-old disabled man drown in a nearby pond.


Woman Hit By Motorcycle On Pedestrian Crossing
Jul 22, 2017 Shocking

Another of the shocking accidents from Russian roads. The woman correctly crossed the passage when the motorcycle literally flew at her legs and throw her in the air. Judging by the following events, she ...


Fails Compilation Of July 2017 - Part 3
Jul 22, 2017 Funny

Fails of the Week is here! There's no better way to start a weekend, right? Watch fails from the third week of July 2017 month where you will definitely find something for yourself.

Which ...


Dog Copies His Owner's Expressions, Steals Whole Attention
Jul 22, 2017 Funny

If you smile at your dog, does he smile back? A funny shot in which a dog imitates his owner's face mimics. With his funny expressions, he will make you laugh. Some dogs may look like their owners, but ...


Trio's Moving Performance Of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Leaves Not A Dry Eye In The Show
Jul 21, 2017 Music

On an episode of The Voice Kids UK, the audience waited as Tabi, Erin and Riccardo took the stage. When the trio opened their mouths, the audience was stunned.

The tweens decided to perform ...


Soldier Is About To Come Home After Drills. Cat Has Been Waiting So Long, Knows Just What To Do
Jul 21, 2017 Animals

The internet is full of moving videos of dogs welcoming their military owners home from service. But what about the videos of the cats? It turns out that cats can be just as, if not more, effusive in showing ...


Linkin Park Releases 'Talking To Myself' Music Video Hours Before Chester's Death
Jul 21, 2017 Music

Linkin Park fans have been left devastated by the death of lead singer Chester Bennington, after he committed suicide at the age of 41 today – made more poignant by the fact that the band released a ...


The Moment A River Returns To A Dry Riverbed After Heavy Rains
Jul 21, 2017 Nature

Thomas Beresford captured this video of 'a river appearing from nowhere' at Ingleton in North Yorkshire.

After weeks without a rain, everything was so dry and there was no water in the riverbeds. ...


This Is A Message From Your Body That Will Make You Think
Jul 21, 2017 Other

Do you know you how much you are worth? Are you sabotaging your well-being with unhealthy daily habits, an unbalanced lifestyle, overwork and stress?

Use this video as a reminder to destress ...


Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Found Dead, Commits Suicide Aged 41
Jul 21, 2017 News

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington has died at the age of 41. A spokesperson confirmed that the death is being investigated as an apparent suicide.

His body was reportedly found just ...


Car Driver Flips Off Trucker On The Highway, Then He Gets A Dose Of Karma
Jul 20, 2017 Other

Jason Heckenlively was traveling west on US 20 near Idaho Falls when he noticed a disabled vehicle in the right emergency lane. There were no other vehicles in my vicinity so he yielded the slow lane to ...


Big Dog Doesn't Leave His Friend Behind, Carries Little Kitten Upstairs With Him
Jul 20, 2017 Animals

We love animal friends, but we especially love mismatched pairs of animal friends. Different species, different sizes, we love them all. Good news if you do too - this video features possibly the cutest ...


Meet The Predator From Namib Desert That Hunts Down Ants With A Trap
Jul 20, 2017 Animals

In the Namib desert where the sands can reach a scorching 70 degrees centigrade, very little is able to survive, but the Hotrod Ant can amazingly thrive and even forage for food.

In this ...


Dashcam Shows Shocking Moment Russian Biker Smashes Into Car At 125 MPH
Jul 20, 2017 Shocking

In the afternoon, a terrible accident happened in the Russian city of Penza, which ended with the death of a motorcyclist. He drove along the street at a speed of around 125 mph, and he did not wear protective ...


9-Year-Old Blows Judges Away On America's Got Talent, Earns A Golden Buzzer
Jul 19, 2017 Music

Angelica Hale stole the hearts of America during her audition on America's Got Talent last month and now she is heading to the live shows!

The nine-year-old singer belted out the Alicia ...


Wife Records Husband Snoring For 4 Years And Makes This Hilarious Remix
Jul 19, 2017 Funny

This woman from the video recorded her husband for 4 years while he was snooring. After mixing it in a special way with a help of her nephew, this came out. Together they made a hilarious version of Despacito ...


Escape Artist Attempts Deadly Performance On America's Got Talent, Leaves Judges In Shock
Jul 19, 2017 Cool

Escape artist Demian Aditya was seemingly buried alive during the "America's Got Talent" Judge Cuts on Tuesday.

Aditya from Indonesia escaped from a glass container as sand poured ...


This Bird's Wing Flapping Synced To A Camera's Frame Rate Is Mind Blowing
Jul 19, 2017 Cool

Syncing the frame-rate of a camera to things moving in rapid repetitive motion can produce some really cool results — as we've seen with helicopter blades and car wheels.

But we haven't ...


Escape Artist Attempts Deadly Performance On America's Got Talent, Leaves Judges In Shock
Jul 19, 2017 Other

Gavin and Daniel from The Slow Mo Guys channel pay tribute to a classic internet experiment. Roasted nuts, anyone?

They placed an airbag inside a microwave to see what will happen next ...