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This Is Why You Let Experts Build Bridges
Dec 31, 2016 Accidents

Bridges accros rivers save us a lot of travel time. Truck in Asia tries to cross weak bridge, that was clearly not designed very well. His determination to cross the bridge, sadly doesn't end in success.


An incredible Sight Of The Annual Red Crab Migration In Christmas Island
Dec 31, 2016 Nature

The Christmas Island red crab is by far the most obvious of the 14 species of land crabs found on Christmas Island. This is the annual red crab migration in Christmas Island, where crabs migrate across ...


These Two Kids Are Having The Best Time On This Fat Loss Vibration Plate
Dec 30, 2016 Funny

We could watch these two kids all day. While testing the fat loss vibration plate, they make such a show and we can't stop laughing. They are truly adorable and sweet.


Best Grandpa Reaction To Baby Announcement
Dec 30, 2016 Cool

For three long months, Leann Aragon and her husband kept a closely guarded secret: they were pregnant.
When the time was right to share their secret, the expectant parents traveled to visit Leann’s ...


Dad Left In Tears After Little Boy Spends All His Birthday Money On Xmas Gift
Dec 30, 2016 Cool

Father Mike is handed a massive wrapped up reward. As he tears into it he thinks it is a new saucepan – but inside of the box is yet another box with the actual present inside. “That’s a freaking ...


Funny Dogs Playing In The Snow Compilation
Dec 30, 2016 Animals

Winter time brings a lot of fun for our best friends to. Running, jumping, playing, these dogs just can't get enough of snow, it's so fun!


Man Gives Hard Working Waiter A $300 Tip
Dec 30, 2016 Cool

Maurice Green was at dinner with his family when he noticed that their waiter seemed to be having a bad day. He decided that he wanted to bless the young man and help encourage him. When the waiter came ...


Thieves Snatch Texarkana ATM Using Stolen Equipment
Dec 30, 2016 Shocking

Texarkana Texas Police are serching for the people responsible for stealing an ATM from a bank branch.
The theft happened last Friday at Red River Federal Credit Union in the 2700 block of University ...


This Cardistry Pro Is So Good We've Forgotten The Laws That Govern Reality
Dec 30, 2016 Cool

Cardist Zach Mueller, founder of Fontaine Cards, masterfully flicks and spins a deck of cards in a video featuring a series of impressive cardistry tricks. Mueller also made a collection of video tutorials ...


We're Sure The Lord Forgives This Klutz For Loudly Interrupting A Prayer
Dec 30, 2016 Funny

We don't think this guy did it on purpose. In fact, we are sure it was an accident. But it was a lovely accident. Maybe he should pray for grace. The minister didn't seem too bothered.


Dump Truck Smashes Into Toronto Overpass
Dec 30, 2016 Accidents

A dump truck collided with an overpass on Highway 401 in Toronto on Thursday afternoon. The crash forced the closure of all westbound express lanes for several hours on a stretch of highway widely considered ...


Nobody Knows What Was This Deer Thinking
Dec 30, 2016 Funny

Dashcam inside the car, captured a funny moment. Guys where on a deer hunt, when of them ran out of the woods and approached their vehicle. What happened next was a real surprise.


Dog Spends 2 Days Protecting Injured Pal Lying On Frozen Rail-Tracks
Dec 29, 2016 Animals

This heartwarming story from western Ukraine tells a tale of true friendship and love coming from the animal kingdom. A dog spent two days protecting an injured buddy that couldn't move from the tracks. ...


Cop Engaged In Traffic Stop Leads To Something Unexpected
Dec 29, 2016 Cool

One Cape Girardeau, Missouri woman thought she and her boyfriend were being pulled over. It turns her boyfriend was going to serve a "lifetime sentence."

Austin Urhan and Samantha ...


Brothers Were Saving Money For 10 Years To Buy Their Mom A Christmas Present She Always Wanted
Dec 29, 2016 Cool

Showing gratitude to a beautiful Mum who's worked so hard to give you everything in life. Compared to the sacrifices she has made for sons over the years, this is nothing. Daniel and Jason Knust gave her ...


This Is The Turn No Rally Driver Could Make It, Then Renault 5 Driver Stole The Show
Dec 29, 2016 Sport

On this rally stage almost every rally driver had to stop his car just to make this sharp and narrow turn. But it gets better and better as the driver with Renault 5 doesn't have this problem at all. See ...


You Won't Believe What This Good People Pulled Out Of A Sea Turtle's Nostril
Dec 29, 2016 Animals

While on a research project in Costa Rica, Nathan J. Robinson removed a 10 cm (4 in) plastic straw that was entirely embedded into the nostril of an olive ridley sea turtle. Lamentably, this is a consequence ...


Flock Of Birds Becomes A Mesmerizing, Undulating Cloud
Dec 29, 2016 Animals

After a quick internet search, we learned the basic principles of flocks: Birds avoid collision with their neighbors while also steering themselves towards the average heading and position of said neighbors. ...


This Toddler Laughts Everytime His Parents Change The Trash Bag
Dec 29, 2016 Funny

Richie Reames went to take out the trash and put a new bag in. When he did this, his son Jameson started laughing so much that he had to record it. We hope this puts a smile on you face!


Comedian Makes Parenting Joke, Mother Gets Offended And Heckles, Comedian Destroys Her
Dec 29, 2016 Funny

A woman interrupted material about how parents think they're special to tell someone why she was special. Stand up comedian Steve Hofstetter knew exactly what he must say to destroy the woman! :D