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Donald Trump Hits A Provocator Right In The Face
Jan 27, 2017 Other

Donald Trump is one of the people who can't stand stupid provocations. Take a look at this video in which one provocator was all over Trump when he had enough. See how Trump slapped him right in the face.


New Mr. Clean Super Bowl Ad Is Another Reason Why Men Should Clean At Home
Jan 27, 2017 Other

Mr. Clean does it all over the house, and there’s a sexy Mr. Clean Super Bowl commercial to prove it! Watch the Official Cleaner of Super Bowl LI get busy with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and more, in ...


Driving On Humboldt Bay's North Jetty Is Not A Smart Idea
Jan 27, 2017 Stupid

Tyler Whiteside - ocean lover, local photographer and sometimes LoCO contributor - was one of the gawkers who headed out New Navy Base Road this afternoon. As he watched and snapped photos of the spectacle ...


Ex Australian Model Bids For World's Longest Legs
Jan 27, 2017 Other

A long-limbed mother-of-two is challenging the current Guinness world record holder to claim the title of the world's longest legs. Caroline Arthur, a former model who lives in Melbourne, has legs that ...


Clever Homeowners Stop A Birdseed-Stealing Squirrel In His Tracks
Jan 26, 2017 Funny

The Rock Squirrel has been raiding this guy's bird feeder, carrying away pounds of seed. His wife Nancy figured a quick solution. We really don't know which is funnier, the squirrel or Nancy's narration! :D


This Parakeet Bird Is One Of The Smartest Birds Alive
Jan 26, 2017 Animals

Here comes a video of a parakeet bird that will totally impress you. See what a bird in the video is capable of in exchange for treats. Have you ever seen such a smart bird? :)


Skier Narrowly Escapes Death After Falling Off 150-Foot Cliff
Jan 26, 2017 Shocking

Skier Devin Stratton managed to ski himself off of an unmarked 150-foot cliff last week in the backcountry of the Wasatch Range in Utah, and escaped without so much as a bruise.

Stratton ...


A Bad Lip Reading Of Donald Trump's Inauguration Is The Most Hilarious Thing
Jan 26, 2017 Funny

From Bad Lip Reading creators here comes another one that is totally hilarious. It's a bad lip reading of Donald Trump's inauguration. Their video got more than 8 million views in just one day so this ...


 A Mouse Trap Slicing A Hot Dog At 147,000 FPS Should Not Be This Satisfying
Jan 26, 2017 Cool

This is a Hot Dog in a Mouse Trap in Ultra Slow Motion captured at 147,000 frames per seconds, what makes it 6125-times slower than real life. This is the slowest clip ever filmed of a mouse trap at work ...


Driving A Rally Car 130Mph Through A Forest Looks Even Crazier As It Sounds
Jan 26, 2017 Automoto

Professional rally driver Beppo Harrach was drving his rally car with speed of 130 mph through a narrow forest on stage at a Rally in Austria. When you will see the video from the inside of car, you will ...


The Portland Police Bureau Was Quick To Respond As Protesters Blocked Traffic
Jan 26, 2017 Other

Officers with the Portland Police Bureau quickly responded to groups of protesters gathering in the downtown area and blocking transit lines. In total, Portland police said 14 people were arrested throughout ...


Only In Russia Drivers Use Extreme Shortcuts To Save Time
Jan 26, 2017 Other

If you see something really crazy, than it is a big chance it comes from Russia. Take a look at this dashcam video from Russia in which car driver shows us how to use a shortcut. He might save some time ...


Worlds Bravest Duck Plays With Sumatran Tiger For Fun
Jan 25, 2017 Animals

This wild duck would have to be the bravest (or craziest) duck that ever lived, after it decided to play the most dangerous game ever of Marco Polo with Jalur, a 126kg male Sumatran Tiger in the Tiger ...


This Happens If You Drop 20 Kilograms Of Red Hot Steel On Frozen Lake
Jan 25, 2017 Cool

Guy behind the "Hydraulic Press Channel" made another video this time where he super sized the red hot nickel ball thing and took whole thing on the frozen lake. See if the red hot steel will ...


Young Girl's Trying To Practice Flute, Instead Dog Has Internet In Laughter
Jan 25, 2017 Funny

This Golden Retriever is not afraid of putting in his two cents. It's moments like these that make pet personalities really shine - and this one has a personality that will put a smile on your face. Now ...


The Netherlands Welcomes Donald Trump In His Own Words
Jan 25, 2017 Other

The whole world was watching for the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States: Donald J. Trump. Because we realize it's better for us to get along, we decided to introduce our tiny country ...


In Response To The Women's March, Property Brother's Post Goes Immediately Viral
Jan 25, 2017 Other

There's no denying that people nowadays disagree with each other more than ever. But one home improvement television star has had enough of the hate and bullying plaguing the Internet recently!
Property ...


Dribble Some Water On A Magic Marker Stick Figure And It Will Take On A Life Of Its Own
Jan 25, 2017 Other

If you will be ever bored then think about this video in which you can see how to draw a stick figure that comes to life later. All you need is a dry erase marker, table with a glass on the top of it and ...


Police Dashcam Footage Captures Train Crashing Into FedEx Truck
Jan 25, 2017 Accidents

North Salt Lake police have released dashboard camera video showing the moment a Utah Transit Authority FrontRunner train crashed into a FedEx truck Saturday morning. According to UTA, a preliminary investigation ...


Girl Plays On Thin Ice And Pays The Price
Jan 25, 2017 Funny

Girl in this video tried to brag infront of her friends with standing on a thin ice over the lake. Unfortunately for her, she had to pay the price. See what happened in the video.