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Baby Elephant Luckly Escapes From The Jaws Of Crocodile
Apr 20, 2017 Animals

This video will make you htink how shocking the nature is. It's really hard to watch the video that Alexander Makanga from Russia captured on his cellphone.

He was on the trip in Africa ...


Biker Can't Handle Sharp Turn And Pays The Price
Apr 20, 2017 Accidents

Some of the bikers really don't care about speed and they simply forget that speed kills. One of this type of motorcyclist is the guy in the video who was driving too fast just before a sharp turn. ...


Teenage Racing Driver Has Both Legs Amputated After Crash
Apr 20, 2017 Shocking

Teenage F4 racing driver Billy Monger has lost both of his lower legs following the horrific crash on Sunday.

The 17-year-old, who has twice been crowned British Champion, was involved in ...


When This Kids From Russia Sing "Hallelujah" Song, It's Like Being In Heaven
Apr 19, 2017 Music

In The Voice Kids show in Russia there is a lot of talented kids. Listen to this awesome performance by four kids Artem, Julia, Marsel and Xenia in which they sang Leonard Cohen big hit Hallelujah. ...


Cowboy Shows A Special Talent Of His Horse, You've Never Seen Something Like This
Apr 19, 2017 Animals

We can guarantee you've never seen a tap dance like this performed by any horse before. Cowboy in this video shares a talent of his horse while the author of this video captures everything on camera. This ...


This Short About Father-Daughter Cheesemakers Pulls On The Heartstrings So Hard, It Hurts
Apr 19, 2017 Cool

While it's easy to get stuck in our own ways, sometimes the best things come when we learn to collaborate with others.

In a new animated short for Dairy Farmers of Canada, Mia, and her father ...


Veteran With Prosthetic Leg Carries Guide Across Boston Marathon Finish Line
Apr 19, 2017 Cool

At the end of the course at Boston Marathon, a man with a prosthetic leg was seen carrying his guide and the American flag across the finish line. Earl Granville said 50 feet before crossing the line on ...


Angry Bull Delivers Some Justice To A Rodeo Guy In Arena
Apr 19, 2017 Other

When we're talking about bullfighting, there is always a lot of people who don't approve animal cruelty but unfortunately we just can't help to stop this from happening.

In this video we ...


Epic Cactus Jump Goes Wrong For This Overweight Crazy Guy
Apr 19, 2017 Stupid

Stevo-O says this is unbelievable, as man in the video is already a living legend for his courage.

Zach Holmes is the overweight guy who used a skateboard to drop himself on a big cactus ...


F1 Driver Max Verstappen Overtakes 9 Cars On The First Lap On A Wet Track
Apr 19, 2017 Sport

Max Verstappen is a Belgian-Dutch[2] racing driver who competes under the Dutch flag in Formula One with Red Bull Racing. Aged 17 years, 166 days, he became the youngest driver to compete in Formula 1 ...


Every Morning, This Eerie Wake-Up Song Is Played On Loudspeakers Throughout Pyongyang
Apr 19, 2017 Other

What's your alarm like? Well, if you're a resident of Pyongyang in Kim Jong-un's North Korea, it sounds like this eerie tune which is blasted throughout the entire city.

In Pyongyang you ...


This Slip And Slide Fails Compilation Is A Great Way How To Spend 6 Minutes
Apr 19, 2017 Funny

We're slipping and sliding all over the place with the best slip and slide fails compilation made by FailArmy. Take a look at this video in which you will definitely find something for yourself.


Ukrainian Sisters Magnificently Cover Mariah Carey's 'Without You' And It's Breathtaking
Apr 18, 2017 Music

11 year old Anastasia Petrik and her 16 year old sister Victoria Petrik deliver this breathtaking performance at the "Mikhail Voronin's Memory Dinner" concert with the song "Without You" ...


Paddle Boarder Plays Her Flute On The Water And Attracts Unexpected Attention
Apr 18, 2017 Animals

Imagine you are paddling along on a clear, breezy day. Suddenly, a flock of birds appears and lands on the water in front of you. Strange, you think. Then, BAM! A huge whale pops out of the sea headfirst ...


Man Slices Into A Rattlesnake Tail. Take A Look At What's Inside!
Apr 18, 2017 Cool

Have you ever wondered what was inside a rattlesnake tail? You may have never wondered such a thing, but once you do see what's inside, you'll be wondering why you never had!

Daniel and ...


Sister Starts Singing "Jolene." But When Brother Joins In He Completely Steals The Show!
Apr 18, 2017 Music

Bekah brought the guitar while Zach covered the drums, and together they delivered an incredible duet. Seeing the way that Zach gripped the drumsticks with all his might, and the enthusiastic look on his ...


Cameraman Can't Stop Laughing As Friend Is Destroyed By Giant Egg Beaters
Apr 18, 2017 Funny

The image of this poor soul helplessly flopping around on this obstacle course will stick with us for a few days. But the camera guy's incredible laugh will be with us for a lifetime.

This ...


This Is How They Let Crowds Cross During The Boston Marathon
Apr 18, 2017 Cool

The Boston Marathon is an annual marathon hosted by several cities in greater Boston in eastern Massachusetts, United States. It is always held on Patriots' Day, the third Monday of April.

This ...


VIDEO: Light Security Searches At Spurs Vs Bournemouth
Apr 18, 2017 Stupid

One fan videoed some extremely light security searches at Spurs before their clash with Bournemouth at White Hart Lane this weekend.

Tough measures have supposedly been put in place across ...


Russian Pedestrian Tries To Fix Traffic Light, Instead Makes It A Lot Worse
Apr 18, 2017 Funny

In this dashcam video from Russia we can see one Russian pedestrian crossing the road before he noticed traffic light is slightly tilted.

He saw a stick near it so he grabbed it to straighten ...