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Rescued Chipmunk Discovers Fresh Bed Sheets. His Reaction Has Internet In Laughter
Sep 10, 2017 Animals

The comfort of clean, warm sheets is something that not only makes humans feel cozy, but apparently chipmunks love that feeling as well! That's exactly what this adorable little rescue chipmunk got to ...


LIVE: Hurricane Irma Is Going To Hit Florida, Watch Live Streams Here Sep 10, 2017 News

On the coast of Florida, everyone is in anticipation of a new hurricane. After Harvey's round, Irma will be striking there, which already caused real havoc on the islands of the Caribbean.

The ...


Pedophile Exposes Himself Infront Of Kids, Angry Dad Delivers Instant Justice
Sep 10, 2017 Other

A video is coming from Oregon, in which, according to the author, a man in short trousers exposed himself to the children. Then one of kid's fathers was noticed by his show.

He captured ...


Remi Gaillard Pranks Random People Again Dressed As A Grizzly
Sep 10, 2017 Funny

Frenchman Remi Gaillard is known to the whole world for his pranks, where he always takes care of the laughter. And this time it was no different.

He put on a costume of a bear, then found ...


Police Raids This Guy's Home, He Escapes In Most Epic Way
Sep 10, 2017 Funny

A video is coming from an unknown place when police officers broke into the drug dealer's house.

They ran into locked doors, so they used the force to break the door. And when all the officers ...


Guy Taking Pictures Of Hurricane Irma Gets Blasted By The Storm Surge
Sep 10, 2017 Stupid

The surveillance cameras captured a moment when one man was on the island of Kay West trying to make a photo of an upcoming Hurricane Irma, but he did not pay much attention to the events around him. ...


Drake's Security Guards Overstep Their Boundary By Stopping Traffic
Sep 10, 2017 Other

Security for Tiff apparently think they are the Police and can stop traffic so Drake's motorcade of friends can drive together.

Cammer didn't want to be stuck in the middle of the intersection ...


She Wanted To Teach Her Puppy How To Sit Down, Then Mother Steals The Whole Show
Sep 09, 2017 Animals

Cats, puppies and other pets, make our days more beautiful with their tricks everyday. This time, one of the owners of dogs shared a video on the web in which she wanted to teach her puppy some simple ...


Is This Most Inovative Wooden Chair? Every Man Wants It!
Sep 09, 2017 Cool

Matt Thompson has shared a video of his small innovation on the web, which should surely be enjoyed by every man. It's a wooden chair, but it has another great advantage in addition to sitting.


Watch Most Determined Dog With 2 Broken Legs As She Learns To Walk Again On Two Paws
Sep 09, 2017 Animals

This dog is either really strong-willed or just barking mad - either way, she isn't letting her two broken legs in plaster stop her from getting around.

In the 14-second clip, titled 'Learned ...


Impossibly Cute Corgi Generously Tries To Share Bone With His Own Reflection
Sep 09, 2017 Animals

If you also want to have a good laugh, then this video is perfect for you. A cute puppy wanted to share a big bone with his friend next to him. But the dog was standing in front of a mirror, and "friend" ...


Contestant Leaves Steve Harvey Speechless With His T-Rex Impression
Sep 09, 2017 Funny

In the Family Feud show, where competitors meet with another group of contestants in different challenges, something very strange happpened those days.

Host Steve Harvey could not believe ...


Dangerous Driver Overtakes Right Infront A Truck, Another Driver Delivers Instant Justice
Sep 09, 2017 Stupid

This happened on the A5 not long after Towcester. Truck driver checked his mirrors and didn't catch this guy's late overtake as his concentration was on the slowing vehicles ahead. This could of ended ...


Young Homeless Girl Sits Alone Begging For Help. Pay Close Attention To Woman In Red Plaid
Sep 09, 2017 Other

What would you do if you saw a small child on the street begging for help? Would you stop and assist in any way possible?

RobbyTV enlisted the help of little Laila and positioned her on ...


Do You Remeber This Game Everyone Played When We Were Young?
Sep 09, 2017 Other

These days, the world was impressed by one of the videos in which the author led us to nostalgia. There are certainly many of us who remember this simulator with the racing game Out Run.

Have ...


Driver Gets Ejected During The Race, Brutal Crash Happens Next
Sep 09, 2017 Accidents

If anyone knows how to spice up everyday events, then this is definitely Red Bull. These days, the Red Bull Soapbox Race 2017 was held in the United Kingdom, where racers competed in the downhill run with ...


Whole World Is Going Crazy For This Video Of A Skier, Here Is The Reason
Sep 09, 2017 Other

These days the world has completely obsessed one of the videos in which Jake Alewel was filmed himself during skiing. He did not wear any overalls, nor t-shirts. And what's so exciting about the video? ...


Tragedy From UK Captured On Camera, Driver Gets Crushed By A Trailer
Sep 09, 2017 Shocking

An outrageous video is coming from the UK, in which a van driver lost his life. But not by his fault.

In a sharp turn he was driving right next to the truck, when truck's trailer flipped ...


Grandson Serenades 98-Year-Old Bedridden Grandma, Song Choice Moving Internet To Tears
Sep 08, 2017 Music

The older we get, the more we realize how important the people in our lives and the life memories we have truly are. Life's value is based on the relationships we form, the things we experience, and the ...


He Wanted To Pull A Prank On Her, Now Everyone Is Laughing At Him
Sep 08, 2017 Funny

What goes around, comes around. We all know that. And when a man in the video wanted to pull a prank on a woman, he did not even imagine that he would eventually become the victim himself.

Just ...