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Fighter Fixes Opponent's Dislocated Shoulder After Throwing A Powerful Punch
Aug 10, 2017 Sport

During the MMA fight between Arkadiusz Wroblewski from Poland and Paata Tschapelia from Germany, Polish fighter suffered a disclocation of his left shoulder after throwing a powerful right punch.


Twin Dancers Impress Everyone With Their Outstanding Dance Performance
Aug 10, 2017 Cool

Professionally known as Les Twins, identical twin brothers Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois are French dancers, choreographers, and models. Often referred to by their respective nicknames, "Lil ...


Danish Police Steal Whole Show On Festival With A Help Of "Sound Of Da Police"
Aug 10, 2017 Funny

Take a look at this hilarious video where the Danish Police on Roskilde Festival were getting draggged around on home build sounds system while the famous tune 'Sound Of Da Police' by KRS One is playing. ...


Police Try To Stop Migrants Crossing The Border In Ceuta, Spain
Aug 10, 2017 News

Officials from a migrant centre in Ceuta, North Africa, which has been overwhelmed by the number of migrants arriving, have claimed "immigration is an EU problem, not a Spanish problem". ...


BBC Worker Spotted Watching Inappropriate Video
Aug 10, 2017 Stupid

BBC worker was spotted watching inappropriate video during the live program.

Viewers tuning into the BBC's News at Ten got a big surprise when a woman exposed her naked breasts on a computer ...


Dashcam Video Shows Why It's Dangerous To Text And Drive
Aug 10, 2017 Accidents

Although all drivers know that the use of a mobile phone does not belong while driving, many people use mobile phone on the road.

The mobile phone was also used by this female driver witch ...


4 Men Perform Stunning Rendition Of Dolly Parton Classic. Halfway Thru I'm Covered In Chills
Aug 09, 2017 Music

A song with a history as dynamic as this will never be forgotten. "I Will Always Love You" is a title that almost every person, regardless of age, can recognize. Most people know that this tune ...


Owner Thinks 'Ingenious' Plan Will Stop Cat From Waking Him. Kitty's Comeback Has Internet In Laughter
Aug 09, 2017 Animals

Cats can be tricky, sneaky animals! One minute you think they're the cutest snuggle bug ever, the next you're baffled by their raw, mischievous intelligence!

That's why one owner decided ...


Singer Johnny Manuel Earns Seal's Golden Buzzer With Stunning Cover On America's Got Talent
Aug 09, 2017 Music

He had to go back to basics in order to win the Golden Buzzer! Johnny Manuel is a former child star whose career was cut short, but he never stopped singing.

For his second performance on ...


Orangutan Meets Burn Victim, Captured Footage Of His Reaction Takes Internet By Complete Surprise
Aug 09, 2017 Animals

Orangutans are very intelligent animals, which means they can read humans almost as well as we can read each other. So when Rocky the orangutan came into contact with a woman who suffered from severe burns, ...


WATCH: This Madman Jumps Off A 91-Foot Cliff Headfirst
Aug 09, 2017 Shocking

Many of us don't dare to jump into the water at a few meters high, but this madman in the video went to a completely different level.

At a 91-foot high cliff, he was watching the sea under, ...


Singer Sinead O'Connor Posts Tearful Video About Being Mentally Ill
Aug 09, 2017 Other

Sinead O'Connor, the Irish singer-songwriter, has sparked fresh concern over her mental health after recording herself saying she has wanted to kill herself for the past two years.

In a ...


Jogger Pushes Woman In Front Of Bus In West London. Do You Recognize Him?
Aug 09, 2017 Shocking

A woman has escaped serious injury after appearing to be pushed by a jogger into the path of a bus. CCTV of the incident shows a man running along Putney Bridge in west London and appearing to shove the ...


Armed Robber Tries To Rob A Taxi, Then A Moment Of Instant Justice Follows
Aug 08, 2017 Stupid

Some robbers are really not smart. And this one in the video belongs into this group of people.

Luckly there was Deputy Sheriff Terry Ely behind taxi and he saw Victor Martinez-Herrera's ...


Stubborn Husky Refuses To Give Up Front Seat, Footage Is Now Going Viral
Aug 08, 2017 Animals

Every dog owner knows how persistent are dogs with their decisions. They would do everything to make their wishes come true.

Zeus the Stubborn Husky did NOT want to move to the back seat ...


This Is How Our Sky Would Look Like If Moon Was Replaced With Planets
Aug 08, 2017 Cool

All people on the Earth are used to see the Moon on our sky at evenings. But have you asked yourself how view would look like if there were different planets on the place of the Moon?

This ...


He Was Inside The Sea With His Dog. When Dog Barks, Owner Is Laughing In Tears
Aug 08, 2017 Animals

Steven Eraca says this is the hilarious video of their dog once they discovered he had swallowed a bit too much sea water at the beach. So no need to be concerned for his well-being. For everyone wondering ...


Paraglider Films The Scary Moment His Parachute Fails
Aug 08, 2017 Shocking

Here comes a video from head cam on paraglider enjoying the beautiful view over Tolmin and Most na Soci in Slovenia. But things got quickly wrong.

Luckily the paraglider had a reserve parachute ...


This Man Is Making Popcorn Old Fashioned Way, Everyone Is Crazy About The Video
Aug 08, 2017 Cool

Arnold Schrock filmed an Amish husband and wife making kettle-cooked popcorn in Fredericksburg, Ohio.

Arnold happened to come across the couple while attending the South Central Fire District ...


Security Camera Captures Bicycle Crashes At Skewed Rail Crossing One After Another
Aug 08, 2017 Other

This video is the result of a research effort by faculty and students at the University of Tennessee to document and study the hazards associated with railway grade crossings on bicycle safety.