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Female Driver Was On Her Phone, Then Biker Delivered An Instant Justice
Jul 08, 2017 Other

This lady was so engrossed in her phone that she was quite startled when she finally noticed the motorcyclist.

She purposefully swerved back on biker's line after he warned her the first ...


This Truck Driver Shows His Skills On Narrow Road By Turning His Truck Around
Jul 08, 2017 Other

In thiw video we can see the exceptional driving knowledge of one of the professional truckers.

He had to turn his vehicle together with the trailer, and this action was taken on a narrow ...


Would You Go On This Special Water Slide? See What Surprise Is Waiting For You Bellow!
Jul 08, 2017 Cool

In the Siam Park water park in the Spanish city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, one of the water slides is waiting for you, which turns into a real diversion for everyone at the end.

At the ...


Everytime "Despacito" Comes On, This Sweet Girl Can't Resist To Dance
Jul 08, 2017 Cool

Niana Guerrero is a girl in the video who really loves to dance and sing. She is also affected with the Despacito song that we can hear on every radio station few times a day. At least!

Take ...


Motivational Speaker Goes Off After Being Disrespected By High Schoolers
Jul 08, 2017 Cool

Take a look at another video which made many people think about life.

When the motivational speaker lectured in fron of a hall full of high school students, some of them were chatting with ...


This Video Shows That We Are Nothing Against The Nature
Jul 08, 2017 Nature

Four people have died in severe flooding that swept through numerous towns on Spain's southern coastline.

Torrential rains triggered flash floods and prompted weather alerts in Granada, ...


Depression Isn't Always Obvious. Everyone Should Watch This Video!
Jul 08, 2017 Other

Depression can affect anyone, no matter what their age, lifestyle, family history or gender. The causes of depression are wide ranging and can be triggered by a number of factors or events in a person's ...


Identical Twin Girls Look In Each Other's Eyes, Their Conversation Is Priceless
Jul 07, 2017 Cool

Twin siblings are like magical creatures. Even while still in the womb, twins create such a unique bond with each other, because they literally are the first to communicate with each other.


Two Babies Gets Excited Over Water In Bucket, Steal The Whole Attention
Jul 07, 2017 Cool

Take a look at this awesome video in which two babies gets really excited over water in bucket. Their parents captured a video of them hafing fun while splashing the water all around and the video is going ...


Man Builds A Big 1,200,000 Litre Backyard Pool, And It's Really Magnificent
Jul 07, 2017 Cool

Jerry and Marina Leussink of Sundre, Alberta and their amazing on-farm summer resort. The focal point of the resort is their 90 by 70 foot and 14 foot deep pond. The huge pond which also have a shallow ...


Their Pup Is Acting Strange Around Window, Family Takes Closer Look And Burst Into Laughter
Jul 07, 2017 Animals

Dogs have an incredible ability to sense danger, and when boxer caught a glimpse of it, he reacts immediately. Being outdoors had this boxer's senses full to the brim. With sights, smells and sounds galore, ...


Husband Can't Find A Babysitter For Date Night, Delivers Most Awesome Surprise To His Wife
Jul 07, 2017 Cool

Husband in the video agreed with his wife that they would hire a babysitter for one day so they could go on a date for the evening. Unfortunately the nanny canceled the deal several hours before. The good ...


Polish First Lady Leaves Donald Trump Speechless With Her Unexpected Move
Jul 07, 2017 Other

​President Trump has a history of making headlines with his handshakes, but today the first lady of Poland, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, got the best of the US president.

Skipping Trump's open ...


They Were Messing With This Bull. When Old Man Stepped Infront Of Him, Everyone Was Silenced
Jul 07, 2017 Animals

In Spain, it's a tradition to put bulls on closed streets so people run away from them. Each year, the whole world is disgusted by this as bulls eventually die after their run.

But this ...


WATCH: Helicopter Carrying Bride to Wedding Ceremony Crashes, Killing All People On Board
Jul 07, 2017 Shocking

Rosemere do Nascimento Silva, a Brazilian bride who wanted to fulfill a childhood dream of surprising her husband-to-be by arriving at the altar in a helicopter, was killed tragically when the helicopter ...


3 Teens Take The Stage, Wow The Audience With Spectacular Version Of Queen Classic
Jul 06, 2017 Music

Ready for their time to shine, Angie, Anamaria and Nikki took the stage and immediately covered the judges in goosebumps. This was a performance that completely blew everyone away on The Voice Kids Colombia. ...


Man Films The Time He Took A Baby Tasmanian Devil Out For A Run And It's The Cutest Moment Ever
Jul 06, 2017 Animals

Many people are familiar with Looney Tunes' Taz, the Tasmanian devil cartoon. His snarling, bristling, aggressive, devilish behavior is not all that far from the truth, sometimes.

However, ...


Is This The Greatest Dad On The Whole Planet? This Is How He Entertained His Daughter
Jul 06, 2017 Cool

An exciting future of virtual reality lays ahead of us, but until prices drop, feel free to get creative, like this doting father.

Face-to-face with some down-hilling GoPro footage through ...


Presenter Burst Into Laughter When Pony Horse Does This In The Studio
Jul 06, 2017 Funny

They say you should never work with children and animals, something Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield found out first hand during Tuesday's 'This Morning'.

One of the ponies, which ...


Can You Guess What This Hilarious Japanese Commercial Talks About?
Jul 06, 2017 Funny

If anyone knows how to confuse with their advertisements, then they must be Japanese. Take a look at one of the commercials that will leave you completely without the idea of what the advertising could ...