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Kayaker Nearly Drowns Trying To Escape Churning Waters Beneath A Waterfall
Jan 18, 2017 Shocking

Here comes a video of one kayaker who nearly drowned while trying to escape churning waters just bellow the waterfall. Luckly for him his friend came in to rescue him. He is one lucky guy for sure!


When Professionals Pour Concrete On Driveway, It's So Satisfying To Watch
Jan 18, 2017 Cool

This demonstration shows the steps involved in pouring a concrete driveway. Sciulli Concrete made this video to help their customers visualize what we do to complete your home improvement project. And ...


Giant Alligator Takes A Stroll Through Florida Nature Center
Jan 18, 2017 Animals

This behemoth, which made an appearance at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida, probably isn't the massive golf course gator we met last summer (unless it walked the 60 miles to Lakeland). Which ...


Scared Homeless Pit Bull Hides In A Tiny Pipe For Many Weeks, Then Good People Rescue Him
Jan 18, 2017 Animals

Good people from "Hope For Paws" organization came to rescue this scared homeless pit bull who was hinding in a tiny pipe for many weeks. Once you will see his reaction after being saved, you ...


Popping Popcorn At 30,000 FPS In Ultra Slow Motion
Jan 18, 2017 Cool

The slowest slow motion clip of popcorn being popped that we know of on Youtube slow motion videos. This is a simply beautiful clip and it shows us just how fast this process actually happens.


This Cat Wants Some Head Scratches, Tells An Owner He Wants Them Right Now
Jan 18, 2017 Animals

Gus is a cat in the video and after his owner asked him when does he want some head scratches, hiw answer made laugh everyone in the World. Listeh to his response that will make you laugh too! :D


Winter Fails Compilation With Videos From January 2017
Jan 18, 2017 Funny

A winter wonderland of fails! Take a look at this hilarious fails compilation from January 2017 where fails from snow and other winter activites are collected. Let us know your favorites in the comments ...


Truck In China Hits Residential Building Like A Rocket
Jan 18, 2017 Shocking

Five people have been killed after a truck sped into a row of houses in China's northwest Haiyuan county on Tuesday.

CCTV footage from the scene captures the moment the truck ploughs into ...


They Heard Cries From Under The Sidewalk - This Is What They Pulled Out
Jan 17, 2017 Cool

When the city authorities finally decided to patch a huge gaping hole in front of this residential building in Rostov, Russia no one ever expected this guy would have to tear the pavement so soon. No, ...


Watch This Terrifying Worm Eat Ocean Creatures Just Like In The Movie Tremors
Jan 17, 2017 Animals

Sand strikers, also known as bobbit worms, are primitive-looking creatures that lack eyes, or even a brain. Despite this, they are savage predators who shoot out grapple-like hooks to reel in passing fish.


Concrete Buffer Steals The Show After It Goes Wild At Construction Site
Jan 17, 2017 Funny

Spencer Laboda captured a video at construction site when workers didn't expect they will have to chase a wild concrete buffer. See what he captured on camera and why this video has gone viral.


A See-Through Engine In Super Slow Motion Is The Best Way To See How Internal Combustion Works
Jan 17, 2017 Cool

Chances are you've seen a diagram or an animation of how an internal combustion engine works. But seeing how a real one works at 4,000 FPS is seriously cool and it will help you understand how motors work.


Burgler Jumps In A Courtyard Guarded By Bull Terriers, Dogs Deliver Instant Justice
Jan 17, 2017 Other

In this security video from Thailand we can see one stupid burgler jumping in a courtyard guarded by two Bull Terriers that were not in a mood for cuddles. This guy won't try to break into any other home ...


That's How You Play A Floor Piano Like A Boss
Jan 17, 2017 Music

We've all seen so much videos with a floor piano but we can't get many chances to hear professionals playing music on it. This two guys played one of the song we all know and it's something you must hear!


Good Samaritans Rushed To Push Car Off The Rail Track Just Moments Before Train Came
Jan 17, 2017 Other

When this driver from Portland, Oregon got stuck on the tracks, a few Good Samaritans rushed to push it out of the way moments before the train came through. See the footage captured from KATU News helicopter.


Stupid Drug Dealer Tries To Rob Undercover Cop, Cries When He Gets Caught
Jan 17, 2017 Stupid

A drug dealer in a video tries to pull a fast one on an unsuspecting buyer, turns out the joke was on him. He wanted to rob an undercover female cop, but then he got arrested by police. This is a clip ...


One Fan Hits Another During Soccer Game, Then He Gets What He Was Asking For
Jan 17, 2017 Stupid

During the youth match between UD Telde and UD Guía a fight broke out between two father. One from each team faced each other in the stands of Pablo Hernandez. The Guide player's father took the worst ...


Moses Concas Blows Awesome Harmonica Beatbox Music On Italy's Got Talent And Wins The Show
Jan 16, 2017 Music

Simone Moses Concas is a street artist, maybe this is the edge. The recognition of merit turns into pennies sounding. The sounds are heard from his hands that move in symbiosis notes, harmonica and microphone ...


Everyone Who Watches This Video Agrees, This Is The Most Beautiful Puppy Alive
Jan 16, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this video of a puppy getting his fur done. This video was submited just few days ago and it already has more than 77 million views. Everyone who watches it agrees, this is the most beautiful ...


This Is How They Clean Snow On The Highways In Russia
Jan 16, 2017 Cool

What happens in your country after snow falls on the road? Probably after a while, snow plows clean the roads. In Russia, when snow falls, a group of workers is activated to clean the snow from highways ...