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Estonian Police Officer Stops The Getaway Driver Using His Lighting Speed Skills
May 12, 2017 Cool

Why leave a spike strip hanging out on the road when you could whip it in front of the target car at the last second like this Estonian cop?

As we can see in the footage you really don't ...


Mongolian Throat Singing In The Nature Is Something We Would Listen To All Day
May 12, 2017 Music

Mongolian throat singing is one particular variant of overtone singing practiced by people in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Tuva and Siberia. It is inscribed in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible ...


A Newborn Puppy Was Introduced To Mama Cat. Watch Mama Cat's Reaction!
May 12, 2017 Animals

Animals instinctively take care of their own young, and when a mother sees a baby animal in need, she naturally will want to take care of it, too. Instinct tells the momma to nurture the baby so that the ...


The Most Hilarious Way How To Escape The Cops
May 12, 2017 Funny

Take a look at this hilarious video in which guy shows us an unique and awesome way how to escape the cops while they're after you.

You only need a simple tool to carry around with you and ...


Miley Cyrus's "Malibu" Comes With A Refreshing Makeunder
May 12, 2017 Music

Miley Cyrus has released a new song called "Malibu." Watch the video below. The song will appear on Cyrus' as-yet-untitled upcoming album.

In a interview with Billboard, Cyrus ...


Footage Shows Rock Fall In New Climbing Crag In Chulilla
May 11, 2017 Other

With more than 800 routes, Chulilla in Valencia is one of the best rock climbing areas in Spain. Its limestone canyon shaped by the Turia river makes Chulilla a great place for sport climbing.


Do You Have Enough Courage To Walk Those 'Stairs Of Death' Near Machu Picchu?
May 11, 2017 Nature

Take a look at this video taken in Peru near Machu Picchu, when one of the tourists walked over the 'Stairs of Death' as locals call that stairs.

Going up would be bad enough. We just hope ...


Thief Gets Busted By Random Dog While Police Is After Him
May 11, 2017 Other

When this thief in the video was running away from cops, he didn't think the dog infront of him will end the chase. Dog jumped on him as soon as he passed his owner, bitting him right in the place where ...


Motorcyclist Gets Hit By Car At 105Mph While Racing On Nurburgring
May 11, 2017 Accidents

David Monaghan was at Nurburgring race track racing with this BMW S1000RR motorcycle when he passed few cars in his fourth lap.

Unfrotunately for him, he got hit by a car while driving ...


Diving Into 1000 Mousetraps In Slow Motion Is Really Satisfying To Watch
May 11, 2017 Cool

Gavin and Daniel from 'The Slow Mo Guys' channel did it again! This time, Daniel jumped off a ladder right on the trampoline where 1000 mouse traps were placed.

They spend 4 hours setting ...


We First Saw 'The Stroll' On 'American Bandstand' In 1957. Who Remembers This?
May 11, 2017 Other

Loong before modern line dances or soul trains, there was the Stroll. Created by the dancers on "American Bandstand," it was initially danced to the slow beats of Chuck Willis' hit "C. C. ...


Baby's Crying Was Heard In This Van, Then They Recived A Shock Of Their Life
May 11, 2017 Shocking

In this video from Italy we can see a collection of brutal scenes made by "DM Pranks" group, who are famous for their Scary clown pranks.

Here is another part of this prank and ...


Biker Cop Gets Crazy At The Nitro Mega Ramp
May 11, 2017 Cool

BMX Legend Robbie Miranda is now Sheriff Deputy, but he still loves bikes. This time he brings back some old memories and sends the Nitro Mega ramp on his police bike off duty.

See how ...


WATCH: Gangnam Style Star Psy Releases Two New Singles 'New Face' And 'I Luv It'
May 11, 2017 Music

You might remember him for 'Gangnam Style' and the miraculous horse riding dance that took the world by storm back 2012, but Psy Oppa is back with a new singles called 'New Face' and 'I LUV IT.'


Man Spends 4 Years Building A Church Using Only Living Trees. Take A Look Inside!
May 10, 2017 Cool

Barry Cox is not only a devout Catholic, he's also an amazingly talented artist and designer. As a little boy, the New Zealand native served as an altar boy and even had dreamed of being the Pope one day. ...


Cockatoo Steals The Whole Show When Owner Arrives At Home
May 10, 2017 Animals

Onni the one-year-old umbrella cockatoo adores his owner and waits for him to come home from work every single day.

Onni is a common Finnish name that means luck and happiness, which is ...


NHL Star Refused His MVP Award, Gave It Away To A Player Who Deserved It
May 10, 2017 Sport

Following France's shocking 5-1 win over Finland, Philadelphia Flyers forward Pierre-Edouard Bellemare was named France's player of the game.

However, Bellemare refused the award, insisting ...


Referee Shows Red Card To Sick Assistant After Vomiting
May 10, 2017 Other

Scottish referee Craig Thompson shows that officials do have a sense of humour as he jokingly shows a red-card to his assistant after he was sick on the touchline during Dundee's 1-0 win over Kilmarnock ...


This Guy Might Have The Fastest Fingers In The World
May 10, 2017 Cool

Author of this video slowmoed down and calculated about 80+ WPM at 5 per word. Although it's all numbers so it's even faster. Employee in the video said he had been doing this for 30 years. People that ...


Is This Most Beautiful Little Girl In The Whole World?
May 10, 2017 Other

Anastasiya Knyazeva from Russia is only 5, and has more than 300.000 followers on Instagram. The little girl is a model, and she has become famous worldwide for her beautiful blue eyes. While her mum Ana ...