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Watch The Funniest Fails Of The Month June 2017
Jul 01, 2017 Funny

The end of June means one thing, it's time for Fails of the Month! Guys at FailArmy found some awesome videos to take you into July. Including some brain freeze fails, rope swing fails, and instant karma! ...


Clever Chimp Impress Everyone With His Wisdom, Uses Gestures To Ask A Visitor For A Drink
Jun 30, 2017 Animals

Intelligent and inquisitive, chimpanzees have always been able to communicate with man.

This is what chimp in the video proved as visitors came near him in Welsh Mountain Zoo. He wanted ...


Thai Policeman Stops Desperate Knife-Wielding Man With Something Unexpected
Jun 30, 2017 Cool

A man armed with a large knife enters the Huay Kwang police station in Thailand. But instead of being ganged up he is welcomed with a power hug from a police officer.

Relaxed and with no ...


Mother Elephant Tries Desperately To Wake Up Her Baby, Human Jumps Into Action
Jun 30, 2017 Animals

Prague Zoo's adorable little elephant male, yet to be named, now spends most of the day in outdoor areas running and frolicking around.

After a day's "work" sometimes he sleeps ...


Husband Hadn't Cut Hair Since His Mom Died, Wife Can't Even Recognize Him
Jun 30, 2017 Cool

When Kevin lost his mother to cancer 16 years ago, he vowed to grow out his hair so he could donate to Locks of Love - a charity that provides hair pieces to patients in need after any medical treatment ...


Crazy Hologram Fountain In China, That Will Blow Your Mind Away
Jun 30, 2017 Technology

We've been on the internet long enough to know not to totally trust random videos that pop up on our Facebook feeds, but we really want to believe this video of a "Hologram Fountain" somewhere ...


He Dips Into A Ground Hole, Then He Catches Something Magnificent
Jun 30, 2017 Other

Such scenes can only be seen in wild Australia. A man in the video shows us the process of how to catch large majestic animals living in mud holes.

He went inside the hole completely, then ...


Subaru Driver Doesn't Care For Flooded Road, Drives On It Anyways
Jun 30, 2017 Other

It was the heaviest rain in 10 years in Vilnius, Lithuania, but it looks like Subaru driver had a lot of plans today.

Locals captured a moment on camera when this Subaru Forester driver ...


Two Friends Go On Stage To Perform 'Africa' Song Live, Steal The Whole Attention
Jun 29, 2017 Music

The song "Africa" is one of those that the whole world knows. In the original, it is perforemd by the American rock group Toto and a few years ago, two friends Mike Masse and Jeff Hall played ...


Simon Cowell Shows Amazing Heart And Steps In To Do Something He Never Did Before
Jun 29, 2017 Cool

Hero the Super Collie was raised by Canadian dog trainer Sara Carson and is one of three "Super Collies" (Marvel and Loki are the other two). They are "canine actors, performers, and companions". ...


Tiny Baby Is Upset, Watch How Their Dog Takes Control Of The Situation
Jun 29, 2017 Animals

Could it be sibling rivalry, or could it be that the little pup just wants some peace and quiet? Either way, it is clear that this dog knows how things go around here - babies cry. A lot.

As ...


This Is Unluckiest Delivery Guy On The World, See What Dashcam Captured
Jun 29, 2017 Other

We can assure you that you have not seen a more miserable delivery guy. One of the drivers caught the moment on his dashcam in the car when local drunk came by and wanted to steal a full container of alcohol, ...


What A Crazy Moment From India, Farmer Drove His Tractor On Rear Wheels
Jun 29, 2017 Funny

Take a look at this video from India in which we can see a tractor driver driving his vehicle in the most unusual way.

Since the weight at the rear was too high, the tractor was driving ...


Bubble Filled With Smoke Touches The Lake, Then Something Amazing Happenes
Jun 29, 2017 Cool

Surely, we have all blown milky bubbles while we were kids. In this video, boy upgraded everything by using an electronic cigarete to fill the bubble with smoke.

But when the smokey bubble ...


Fisherman Caught A Big Carp, Then The Fish Escaped Back Into The Water
Jun 29, 2017 Other

Fishermen always like to praise themselves with their catch, especially if their fish are above average.

When the fisherman in the video caught a big carp, he wanted to take a picture with ...


Operator Learns The Hard Way Why You Shouldn't Fly Drones At Music Festivals
Jun 29, 2017 Other

Apparently drones are the future, but they still can't overcome a confetti cannon.

Take a look at this video from one music festival in which drone operator flew just next to a DJ, but he ...


Is He The Best Singer From Talent Shows? The Judges Experienced A Shock They Will Not Forget
Jun 28, 2017 Music

One of the contestants in Week 4 who stole the hearts of the judges and audience alike is Johnny Manuel from Flint, Michigan. He left the judges and audience spellbound by his voice while he sang Whitney ...


Police Officer Came To Help Elderly Blind Woman, The He Made Her Unusual Wish Come True
Jun 28, 2017 Cool

Elderly woman, who is blind, was home alone at the time and worried about a fire starting, so she said she called the operator and asked for someone to help her make sure everything was okay.


Couple Play Special Game On Their Wedding, This Footage Is Now Going Viral
Jun 28, 2017 Cool

Wedding is a wonderful event where two people are accompanied in their mutual life.

Take a look at this video from one of the wedding in which we can see groom and bride play a special ...


Do You Love First Summer Rain? This Video Of Toddler Enjoying It Will Steal Your Heart
Jun 28, 2017 Cool

Everyone loves summer rain that chills you out during the hot weather. It looks like this toddler in the video fell in love with summer rain too!

Although this toddler seen it from the window ...