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Timelapse Of A Pileated Woodpecker Creating A Cavity
Nov 21, 2016 Animals

A Pileated Woodpecker worked for a couple of days, excavating an enormous amount of wood. During the time he was still excavating the cavity, author of this video looked out one morning to see him at the ...


Blind Chef's Doubt About Her First Apple Pie Is Washed Away By Gordon Ramsay's Compliments
Nov 21, 2016 Cool

Blind contestant Christine's attempt at baking an Apple Pie for the first pressure test in season 3 of MasterChef US was probably the best thing we can see in the show. See how she reacted to Gordon Ramsay's ...


Footballer Ian Wright Gest A Big Shock As A Teacher From His Past Turns Up
Nov 21, 2016 Cool

Ian Wright is an English former professional footballer turned television and radio personality. He had a special coach when he was teenager and he though he was already dead. See his touching reaction ...


Irish Bouncer Knocks Out Guy Causing Trouble
Nov 21, 2016 Other

If you're making troubles near Irish clubs, it can't be good for you. Well, it can't be good for you at all if you try to punch an Irish Bouncer as he might knock you out. See what happened infront one ...


Cute Girl Gets Trolled By Her Dog On Live Feed
Nov 21, 2016 Funny

When this cute girl in the video asked her dog if she looks smarter with her glasses on, she got a hilarious response that made everyone rolling on the floor laughing. See what the dog did while she was ...


Security Guards Rush To Help Hope For Paws Rescue A Homeless German Shepherd
Nov 21, 2016 Animals

Good people from 'Hope For Paws' organization came in to rescue a homeless German Shepherd on the street. Luckly for them and for Mozart the German Shepherd security guards rushed to help saving him. This ...


Guy Shows Us How To Make A Fire Tornado All By Yourself
Nov 21, 2016 Cool

This is probably the best way to make a fire tornado. All you need are 2 glass half-cylinders. No moving parts, no fans, no squeaky bearings, just fire and forget! See how you can make one for yourself!


Driver's Audi R8 Goes Airborne During The Macau Grand Prix
Nov 21, 2016 Accidents

Racer Laurens Vanthoor had a big crash during the Macau Grand Prix this weekend when his Audi R8 LMS race car slammed hard into the security wall next to a race track. His Audi went airborne but he was ...


Dancer On Mongolia's Got Talent Will Impress You All With Amazing Dance And Choreography
Nov 20, 2016 Cool

Here comes a video of dance performance from Mongolia's Got Talent 2016 show by B. Shijirbat, who knows what he's doing. The choreography and graphic animations were something outstanding and everyone ...


Really Heartbraking Video Of Boy Saying "Goodbye" To His Dog For The Last Time
Nov 20, 2016 Animals

Prepare your tissues because you will need them while watching this heartbraking video of boy saying "Goodbye" to a family dog who has been with them for 17 years. Dog smashed her pelvis and ...


Dad Takes Daughter For Ride In 1000HP Nissan GT-R And She Loves It
Nov 20, 2016 Funny

Daddy took his young daughter on a epic ride with his 1000 HP Nissan GT-R. Dad only had one condition - not to tell her mommy that he was speeding with her inside the car. He said she told mummy, soon ...


Adorable Corgi Jumps Off Dock And Does Spectacular Belly Flop
Nov 20, 2016 Animals

Cooper the Corgi was so excited over all the water there was in a Shuswap Lake in British Columbia, Canada that he had to impress all the bystanders. See how he jumped in the water in a style of a legend. ...


Japanese Rugby Fan Meets His Sporting Hero Shane Williams And He Goes Crazy
Nov 20, 2016 Funny

This is probably one of the best videos you will see today as the Japanese guy in video was so excited over the fact there is his sporting hero Shane Williams standing infront of him. Japanese guy is a ...


Guy Dressed In Clown Costume Scares Wrong Guy On The Street
Nov 20, 2016 Other

Clown mania is still present all around the globe. In this video a man dressed as a clown tried to scare the wrong person. See what the victim did when he saw a clown with an axe in his hands. This is ...


Old Driver's Stupid Maneuver On Snowy Road Makes Fire Truck Crashing
Nov 20, 2016 Accidents

In this dashcam video from Czech Republic we can see one old driver turning his car around in really bad weather where there was snow all over the place. Unfortunately he didn't saw oncoming fire truck ...


This Road In New Mexico Plays "America The Beautiful" If You Obey Speed Limit
Nov 20, 2016 Cool

Just east of Albuquerque and near the village of Tijeras, New Mexico, there lies a length of Route 66 that has a series of grooves cut into it (also known as a rumble strip) and if you drive over them ...


Football Player Embaresses Himself When Celebrating Goal From Offside
Nov 20, 2016 Sport

Kerem Bulut is an Australian professional soccer player who plays for Western Sydney Wanderers in the A-League. Two days ago his club played a match against Melbourne City and he scored a goal from offside. ...


Colorblind Guy Sees Color For First Time
Nov 20, 2016 Cool

The guy in this video has been living 19 years without knowing how colors really look like. See his awesome reaction once he tries a special glasses that help colorblind people to see colors again.


Driver Catches His Crash On Helmet Camera After Stupid BMW Overtake
Nov 20, 2016 Accidents

In this video from UK taken with the camera on driver's head we can see the moment that caused the driver to crash hard into the wall next to a road. There was a BMW driver overtaking another car infront ...


Pinellas Sheriff's Deputy Fired After Excessive Use Of Force
Nov 20, 2016 Shocking

A deputy from the Pinellas Sheriff's Office has been fired after Officials reviewed a dashcam video of his where he exhibited an excessive use of force towards a female driver, and also falsifying his ...