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Raw Footage Of The South WTC Tower Exploding As It Collapses
Jan 22, 2017 Shocking

This news reporter was at the scene of terrorist attacks back in 2001 right next to a WTC towers making a video for the studio when in his second attempt the South Tower explodes and collapses just infront ...


Man Shows Us How To Easily Attract Lizards
Jan 22, 2017 Animals

Man in the video shows us an awesome way how to attact lizards around you. Only thing you need is a fresh apple and some patience. You will all fall in love with this lizards once you see the how they ...


Troublemaker Looking For Fight Gets What He Deserves
Jan 22, 2017 Stupid

There are some people out there who really think just about fighing each other or looking for a fight with strangers. One of that type was a shirtless guy in the video trying to start a fight with an innocent ...


Croatia National Park Plitvice May Be The Most Beautiful Thing You Will See In Winter
Jan 21, 2017 Nature

Tour of the frozen upper falls and run around the Kozjak lake in complete solitude on fresh snow ner Plitvice. Ante Fabris captured this stunning video while he was walking with his dog arpound the National ...


Almost 1 Millon People Saw This Wedding Video In A Day And It's Something Special
Jan 21, 2017 Cool

Tati is a girl who loves vlogging and she already has almost 2,5 million followers on Youtube. Recently she got married and she posted her video online, and it's now going viral. See what's so special ...


Ellen's Tribute To The Obamas Is Something Every American Should See
Jan 21, 2017 Cool

To commemorate President Obama's last day in office, Ellen took a look back at some of her favorite moments with President Obama and the First Lady. It looks like Obama and his family were really great people.


President Donald J. Trump And First Lady Melania Trump Share Their First Dance
Jan 21, 2017 News

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump share their first dance to Frank Sinatra's "My Way" at the Liberty Ball in Washington, D.C. Friday evening. See how this part of ceremony looked like.


You Won't Believe It: This Horse Can Play Flute With A Little Help Of His Owner
Jan 21, 2017 Animals

Have you ever heard a horse playing flute? Neither we did but we all have a chance to listen to this right now. See in the video bellow how horse plays a song on flute with a little help from his owner.


This Is A Really Dirty Minded Artist. See What He Has Drawn!
Jan 21, 2017 Cool

Take a look at this hilarious video in which artist firstly draws something that looks like a part of human body but later he transforms it into something completely different. This is what we call talent! :)


The US Most Expensive Mansion Is For Sale In Bel Air, California For $250 Million
Jan 21, 2017 Cool

With a whopping $250 million price tag, a Bel Air spec home being revealed this week is set to become the most expensive residential property for sale in the U.S.

Luxury developer Bruce ...


Kid Nails Three Straight Half Court Shots, Fans Go Crazy
Jan 21, 2017 Cool

Adam Lucas is one of the best in covering the Tar Heels, posting his columns on regularly and they are pretty good.

You know what else is good? His son, Asher's half court shots. ...


Fails Compilation Of January 2017 - Part 3
Jan 21, 2017 Funny

Another week of fails for you! Let us know which clips make you laugh the hardest. This compilation is definitely a must see things if you don't know what to watch but you still want to have a good laugh!


Did Trump Quote Bane From Batman In His Speech?
Jan 21, 2017 Other

Donald Trump was sworn into office yesterday and delivered a speech with the sort of rhetoric we've become all too familiar with this past year. There were lots of references to Making America Great Again ...


Car Explodes in Los Angeles Right In Front Of Firefighter And He Doesn't Even Flinch
Jan 21, 2017 Other

A car fire was being sprayed by a Los Angeles firefighter when things got real. Unfortunately for the car fire, the firefighter got even realer, and continued to hose the flames without missing a beat. ...


Man Makes A Table Out Of Wooden Blocks. Once You See The Final Product You'll Be Speechless!
Jan 20, 2017 Cool

Take a look at this awesome video of beautiful woodworking where master shows us how to make a wooden table out of wooden blocks. But watch until the end - when you will see his final product you'll be ...


This Man Has The Most Inovative Way How To Make Firewood
Jan 20, 2017 Cool

Take a look at this video in which man uses his chainsaw to saw wood in most awesome way. Once you will see how he's doing it, you will respect his inovative for sure. This man deserves a medal.


Monte Carlo Rally Spectator Killed In Fall After Driver Hayden Paddon Crashes On Icy Road
Jan 20, 2017 Accidents

The first stage of the Monte Carlo Rally was cancelled on Thursday following the death of a spectator.

The tragic incident involved driver Hayden Paddon who rolled his Hyundai and blocked ...


Molten Lava Shoots Into The Ocean In Front Of Tourist Boat On Hawaii
Jan 20, 2017 Nature

This impressive moment is rarely seen, but on January 9th 2017 Lava Kai, lead by Captain Shane Turpin from Ocean Lava Tours, LLC was able to safely position his boat for his audience to view.


Russell Westbrook Completely Forgets To Dribble In Most Hilarious Traveling Violation
Jan 20, 2017 Sport

Dribbling is a pretty important part of the game of basketball. Russell Westbrook forgot that for a second during the Thunder-Warriors game on Wednesday night. See what he did and why is everyone laughing ...


This Video Will Make You Think Why To Use Protective Equipment While Driving Motorcycle
Jan 20, 2017 Shocking

There is definitely a lot of motorcyclist who don't use their protective equipment while driving their bike. If you know any, please show them this video to make them think about using protective suit.