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Arkansas Police Chief Gets No Ticket After Officer Claims He Was Driving '107 Mph'
Nov 12, 2016 Other

In dashboard camera video taken Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, Brinkley Police Chief Ed Randle, is seen being stopped by an Arkansas State Police trooper after reportedly traveling at speeds that approached 100 ...


When You Will See This Dog Dancing You Will Cry Out Of Laughter
Nov 12, 2016 Animals

If you want to have a good laugh then you should really see this video of a dog dancing to the 'Wake Me up Before You Go-Go' song. This one is really hilarious and you should share it with your friends ...


This Is The Side Of Donald Trump That The Media Ignores
Nov 12, 2016 News

This is the real Donald Trump. His actions show that he is not racist, sexist, or homophobic. He is not motivated by greed; he's genuine. And he is generous even when no one's looking. That's our president.


Fails Compilation Of November 2016 - Part 2
Nov 12, 2016 Funny

Enjoy the best fails for the second week of November! Let us know which one you laughed at the most and as always be prepared for the next week's fails compilation.


This Could Possibly Be The Best Hockey Save Ever
Nov 12, 2016 Sport

Detroit Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg thought he was about to score on an open net from the neutral zone, and then Ryan Miller did something you don't see everyday. This could be the best hockey ...


Idiot Customer Gets Whipped After Punching Worker
Nov 12, 2016 Other

Security camera captured a moment when one angry customer came inside the shop where he did a real mess. But when he punched worker, he found out he did a mistake. Unfortunately for him it was too late.


This John Lewis Christmas Advert Will Fill You With Joy And Make You Happy
Nov 11, 2016 Cool

British department store John Lewis is famed for its Christmas adverts, and 2016’s version carries on the retailer’s tradition of heart-warming tales.

The two-minute-long commercial ...


Hawks Fan Proposes To Blindfolded Girlfriend On Court At Game
Nov 11, 2016 Cool

On Atlanta Hawks NBA match their fan surprised his girlfriend with awesome proposal while she was firstly searching for him on court blindfolded and when she found him he got on his knees. This is so beautiful.


Cop Reunites With Man He Rescued From Drowning 19 Years Ago
Nov 11, 2016 Cool

It's been 19 years since Officer James Poole saved the life of a 5-year-old boy after he was under water at a hotel pool in Columbus, Ohio. Chris Jones, the boy who is now 24, recognized the name "Officer ...


Magician Teller Will Shock You With His Amazing Shadow Magic Trick
Nov 11, 2016 Cool

Teller deflowers a shadow during a segment on Penn & Teller Fool Us show. Once you will see this awesome magic trick you won't figure out how he did it. This is really something everyone should see!


This Short Animation About 'Kiwi' Is The Best Thing You Will See Today
Nov 11, 2016 Cool

One student did this short animation about Kiwi bird who really wants to fly but as we know Kiwi birds can't because they don't have wings at all. But if you really want something, then there is no limits ...


Get Ready: The Biggest Supermoon Will Be Visible On Our Sky
Nov 11, 2016 Nature

Nothing beats a bright and beautiful "supermoon." Except maybe, three supermoons! 2016 ends with a trio of full moons at their closest points to Earth, with the one on Nov. 14 being the closest ...


Jesse Ryder's Big Six Puts A Dent In Commentator's Car
Nov 11, 2016 Funny

Ian Smith's rental car bears the brunt of a massive Jesse Ryder six in the Georgie Pie Super Smash. See how everything looked like and what were the words of car's owner. This one is really hilarious! :D


Sergeant Gets Unexpected Surprise At Knicks Game
Nov 11, 2016 Cool

U.S. Army veteran and Sergeant 1st Class Luciano Yulfo was honored and surprised at the Knicks game tonight. Sgt. Yulfo has been on the service dog waiting list for 18 months but he was surprised tonight ...


Let's Remember Leonard Cohen Once Again With His Take On 'Hallelujah' Song
Nov 11, 2016 Music

Leonard Cohen, the hugely influential singer and songwriter whose work spanned nearly 50 years, died at the age of 82. Cohen's label, Sony Music Canada, confirmed his death on the singer's Facebook page. ...


Careless BMW Driver From Romania Gets In A Road Rage After Doing This
Nov 11, 2016 Stupid

Take a look at this video showing one douchebag from Romania taking his BMW car on a donut ride right in the intersection where he crashed his car into another. But hten all the drama happened right infront ...


After You Will Hear This Girl Singing On The Voice Kids, Your Body Will Be Covered In Goosebumps
Nov 10, 2016 Music

The Voice Kids is Germanys most successful singing contest among 8 to 14 year olds. In this video you can see a performance by 14-year-old Elinor which will totally blow you away. Listen how she sang "Lost" ...


Watching A Hot Model Get A Chiropractic Adjustment Is Surprisingly Relaxing
Nov 10, 2016 Other

Many people will start to be jealous of this Italian chiropractic Dr. Gabriele Benedetti. This time he posted a video online showing how his work looks like when a hot model comes in for a help.


This Cover Of 'What Is Love' Performed By Husband And Wife Is Like A Fairy Tale
Nov 10, 2016 Music

Husband and wife behind 'Us The Duo' channel sang 'What Is Love' song in the most gentle way. Listen to this masterpiece and you will feel like you're in a fairy tale. This really deserves your view.


Man Sits Right Next To Exhaust, Then Something Hilarious Happens
Nov 10, 2016 Stupid

Man in this video sat right next to car's exhaust with his face almost sticking to it. He had a cloth in his hand covering an exhaust, but then something really hilarious happened. This will make your ...