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NBA Player Nate Robinson Goes Literally Through The Legs
Feb 27, 2017 Sport

​The problem, if you're a big, tall 7'3" center like Edy Tavares, is that if you try to play defense on tiny (by pro basketball standards) 5'9" Nate Robinson, something like this can happen. ...


Shocking Crash Captured On Camera In Dominican Republic, 15 Cars Were Burnt
Feb 27, 2017 Accidents

Thanks to these images, recorded from surveillance cameras, users of social networks witnessed the moment of horror that was experienced on Thursday, when a patana caused a muggy accident on February 27. ...


Dad Uses Sign Language To Sing A Song We All Know With His Deaf Baby Daughter
Feb 26, 2017 Cool

Kevin Nadrowski is a deaf father singing "If You Are Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands" song in American Sign Language with his deaf daughter. Once you will see this awesome video you will ...


This Persistent Cat Would Do Anything To Get Fish
Feb 26, 2017 Animals

Take a look at this hilarious video in which we can see one persisten cat that would do anything to grab a fish from the table. Many say this is the most hilarious cat video and every cat's owner could agree.


Everyone Is Falling In Love With This Big Dog
Feb 26, 2017 Cool

Will you fall in love with this big dog? Many say this is the dog that everyone would love to hug. And we couldn't agree more. Once you will see this awesome video you will want one big dog for yourself. ...


Boy Wrestles Massive Python From Underneath Ute Before School
Feb 26, 2017 Cool

Oli Wardrope, 14, filmed wrestling a carpet python from the underside of a ute. Dad, who goes by Chazza online, says he has been wrangling snakes since age 5.
Oli is seen dropping the huge reptile ...


Truck Driver Attempts Impossible Save
Feb 26, 2017 Cool

This truck driver pulls of a spectacular save after his vehicle almost capsizes. He perfectly balances the truck on its two right wheels before coming to a safe stop. This is how a skilled truck driver ...


State Trooper Makes PSA For 'Pretty Incredible' Turn Signal
Feb 26, 2017 Cool

Have you ever wondered why some drivers can’t seem to figure out how a turn signal works? An Indiana State trooper has created a video tutorial for those sometimes frustrating motorists. This is definitely ...


Big Sister Is Playing Piano - But It's Her Little Brother Whose Become An Internet Sensation
Feb 25, 2017 Cool

When two-year-old cutiepie Tyler sat down to watch his sister's piano recital, he never imagined that a song could make him cry. Sure enough, just moments into the performance of Beethoven's "Piano ...


This Roller Coaster Fancy Dress Is Amazing
Feb 25, 2017 Cool

Have you ever seen a better group costume that this is in the video? Take a look at this group of friends making everyone go crazy for their inovative idea. This might be the best Halloween costume ever. ...


It Got Really Awkward When They Saw This Man's Bulge In The Gym
Feb 25, 2017 Funny

Guys behind this video improved the electrical mechanism to get a more serious size of bulge. The machine can now go up to 7 inches and is stronger then the older version. In this footage they decided ...


Is This The Best Voice Coaches' Performance Ever? Listen How They Sang TLC's 'Waterfalls'
Feb 25, 2017 Music

The coaches' performance on The Voice is always fun, since it's a combination of voices and genres that wouldn't typically find themselves performing together, but this year's rendition of TLC's "Waterfalls" ...


If A Teacher Says They Don't Want A Surprise Party, Don't Throw A Surprise Party
Feb 25, 2017 Other

If next time your teacher says he doesn't want any surprises for his birthday, then you should think twice if you really want to surprise him. Students in this video didn't care about teacher's warning, ...


Fails Compilation Of February 2017
Feb 25, 2017 Funny

If you're still writing 2016 on your papers, get your things together, the 2nd month of the year is almost over! Take a look at this hilarious fail compilation by FailArmy in which we can see fails captured ...


WATCH: Everyone Is Laughing At Those Angry Barking Dogs!
Feb 24, 2017 Animals

Watch this hilarious video in which we can all see that barking dog never really bites. They were all loud and angry but when the gates opened, everyone just run their way out. This video is a must see ...


Is This Worst Cross Country Skier Ever? Today Everyone Is Laughing At Him!
Feb 24, 2017 Funny

Adrian Solano has been hailed the "world's worst skier" after a disastrous appearance at a winter sports event in Finland.
Adrian was representing Venezuela at Lahti 2017 in the qualifying ...


Willie Nelson's Son Is Leaving Everyone In Goosebumps Singing Dad's Beloved Classic
Feb 24, 2017 Music

In an unexpected performance during a late-night "jam session," Willie Nelson's son Lukas takes over the microphone and croons an incredible rendition of his father's song, "Always On My ...


Shocking Video Shows Hero Rescue Team Saving A Child After Bombing In Syria
Feb 24, 2017 Other

A dramatic rescue video posted online shows a group of Syrian volunteers uncovering a 5-year-old girl buried beneath rubble after a bombing just outside Damascus, Syria.

The girl, named ...


Woman Gets Instant Karma For Laughing At A Grieving Victim In Court
Feb 24, 2017 Other

Amanda Kosal has been sentenced to 3 to 15 years in prison for a deadly drunk driving crash this past summer in Redford Township. Two persons were removed from court during Redford woman's sentencing for ...


When This Romanian Girl Danced In Talent Show, Every Man Was Speechless
Feb 24, 2017 Cool

It takes a lot of actual talent to be able to bend, contort, and dance like this girl from Romanian talent show does. Watch her outstanding performance that made every man beg for more. Will this performance ...