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A Man Was Driving On The Highway When He Noticed A Snake Slithering Up His Car Hood
Jun 12, 2017 Other

Here comes a video from Georgia in which we can see driver Ryan McMurphy freaking out over the snake on his car's hood.

We probably would be as freaked out as the driver if we saw this, ...


WATCH: This Is How Everyday Things Would Look Like If Our Pets Were Round
Jun 11, 2017 Funny

If you want to spice your day with laughter, then this is the video you have to see. Have you asked yourslef how would everything look like if your pet would be round?

Take a look at this ...


Big Crash On Isle Of Man TT 2017 Captured Right Next To A Camera
Jun 11, 2017 Accidents

The Isle of Man TT Race is an annual motorcycle sport event run on the Isle of Man in June of most years since its inaugural race in 1907.

County Londonderry man Paul Jordan, 25, sustained ...


WATCH: Marquez's Hilarious Fail In The Cockpit While Switching The Bike
Jun 11, 2017 Sport

MotoGP racerd Marc Marquez was heading into the cockpit during the warmup practice on today's race on Circuit de Catalunya in Spain when something funny happened to him.

While he was trying ...


Little Dog Becomes A Foster Mom To 5 Orphaned Baby Bunnies, Footage Is Going Viral
Jun 11, 2017 Animals

This is Callie. She is a 5 year old Jack russell chihuahua mix. Callie gladly becomes like a foster mom to all the animals that her owner rescue and raise.

These 5 baby bunnies were ophaned ...


A Jetboarder Flips A Capsized Catamaran Back Up Like There's Nothing To It
Jun 11, 2017 Cool

We thought jetboarding already looked really fun on its own, but it's an even more entertaining sight when the jetboarder gets to save the day and rescue catamarans that have flipped over on the water. ...


WATCH: Richard Hammond's Supercar Crash Captured On Camera In Switzerland
Jun 11, 2017 Accidents

Ex Top Gear driver Richard Hammond crashed with the Rimac Concept One at the hillclimb Hemberg in Switzerland.

The car exploded 2 or 3 times because the batteries in the electric car. But ...


Hilarious Video Shows Singer Rapping In 27 Different Styles
Jun 11, 2017 Music

David McCleary Sheldon, better known by his stage name Mac Lethal, is an American hip hop recording artist, of Irish descent, from Kansas City, Missouri.

In addition to being the founder ...


Plane-Crash Survivor Fights Back Through Singing, Impresses Everyone On America's Got Talent
Jun 10, 2017 Music

Kechi Okwuchi, one of the two survivors of the 2005 Sosoliso plane crash, catches judges attention at the 2017 America's Got Talent

Kechi survived the 2005 Sosoliso Airlines plane crash ...


Best Saves And Crashes From Isle Of Man Will Leave You Open-Mouthed
Jun 10, 2017 Accidents

The International Isle of Man TT Race is an annual motorcycle sport event run on the Isle of Man in May or June of most years since its inaugural race in 1907.

Take a look at this compilation ...


Choir Sings Icelandic Hymn In Empty Old Church, Result Will Blow You Away
Jun 10, 2017 Music

Members of Haskolakorinn choir from Iceland were on the visit in Berlin, Germany. They also visited the famous old church Zionskirche in Berlin where they sang Icelandic hymn in best way possible.


This Female Driver Is Having Some Big Problems While Trying To Park Her Car
Jun 10, 2017 Funny

It took this female driver in the video more than six minutes to try to park her car in the free parking spot but she was still not successful after that.

One of the residents captured everything ...


You Really Should Drive A Golf GTi Like This Driver
Jun 10, 2017 Accidents

Take a look at this dashcam video showing a Golf GTi driver from Toronto, Canada speeding on the highway when suddenly there was a traffic stopping ahead. He couldn't stopped his vehicle so he turned onto ...


Family's Sneaky Parking Routine To Secure Space Exposed
Jun 10, 2017 Other

Two cheating drivers use what looks like a well-rehearsed parking routine to muscle a motorist out of a space he has been waiting for for half an hour.

But thanks to the dashcam capturing ...


Close Call Captured On Camera As Car Almost Drives Into Semi In Ohio
Jun 10, 2017 Stupid

This is how close a person came to loosing their life Tuesday afternoon on SR281 and Liberty Hi Rd.
This person did not stop or even slow down. They literally came inches from the front bumper ...


VIDEO: Shocking Dashcam Video Shows Moments Before Horrific Crash On The Chinese Highway
Jun 10, 2017 Accidents

Take a look at this shocking dashcam video from China, when bus driver was driving along the highway when suddenly a car flew over the security fence.

There is no data about injured people ...


Undercover Gordon Ramsay As A Fat Guy To Shock His Female Student
Jun 10, 2017 Funny

Chef Ramsay's undercover character tries different tactics to get as much attention as possible in this cooking course.

He wanted to prank one of his ex-students Maria and her reaction is ...


They Didn't Let This Resident To Have A Garage, So He Came Up With This Genius Idea
Jun 09, 2017 Cool

You can do an incredible amount of strange things in Holland but you can't open your garage door on the pavement. It's because of regulations, impediment of pedestrians is not allowed.

When ...


Brother And Sister Leave All The Judges On AGT In Shock With Their Dangerous Performance
Jun 09, 2017 Cool

Billy in Emily England are brother and sister who love to live dangerous life. They already competed in Britain's Got Talent but this time they went to the America's Got Talent to show everyone there how ...


There Was Only 5 Inches Of Gap Next To A Fridge. What She Did Is Genious!
Jun 09, 2017 Cool

There is definitely some space in your kitchen that you can't use. It's usually just few inches between cabinets and walls or maybe next to a fridge.

Woman in this video had the same problem ...