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You Won't Believe What This Cop Did To A Student After Pulling Him Over For Speeding
Dec 21, 2016 Cool

A University of Wisconsin-Stout student pulled over for speeding last month near campus was rushing to give a presentation and didn't know how to tie his necktie. According to the Menomonie Police Department, ...


This Video Will Make You Think Why Jackie Chan Is One Of The Best Movie Actors
Dec 21, 2016 Cool

This video will make you think about the fact that Jackie Chan is still one of the best movie actors as he performs all the stunts and other things all by himself. Once you see his movies you can't stop ...


Climber In Red Rocks, Nevada Gets Passed By Free Solo Climber
Dec 21, 2016 Cool

David Colhoun and his buddy were climbing the Dark Shadows route at Red Rocks when they were passed by a free climber. He was very polite about asking to pass. After a few minutes David made himself safe ...


South African Police Officer On Bike Chasing Thugs With No Fear
Dec 21, 2016 Other

South African Police officer on bike chases a thug in a red vehicle without any fear. This helmet camera will make you think about running away from cops in South Africe. Just don't do that, they don't ...


Guy Gets Stung By World's Most Painful Ant
Dec 21, 2016 Stupid

On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote takes on the Bullet Ant Challenge and is STUNG by the most painful insect sting in the world!

With much ANTicipation surrounding his climb to the ...


This Is What A Glowing 1000 Degree Knife Does To Coca Cola Bottle
Dec 21, 2016 Cool

What would happen to a plastic bottle of Coca Cola if you cut through it with a glowing 1000 degree knife? This is what author of this video tested out. See what happens with other things too.


Fails Compilation With Worst Friends Of The Year 2016
Dec 21, 2016 Funny

Hopefully your friends are better than these people. You recognize your squad in any of these clips? See this fails compilation with worst friends of the year 2016 brought to you by FailArmy.


Mexico Tultepec Fireworks Market Explosion Captured On Camera
Dec 21, 2016 Other

The explosion happened at a facility that manufactured pyrotechnics and fireworks in San Pablito in Mexico. At least 27 people died, more than 72 are injured. See what people captured on video.


Daughter Surprises Her Breast Cancer Battling Mom With Unexpected Visit Before Christmas
Dec 20, 2016 Cool

This mother currently battling breast cancer joined her son to wish Merry Christmas to her daughter who was away for a long time. But this time mom got a little Christmas miracle! See what happened that ...


Pentatonix Puts A Unique Spin On "Hallelujah," And It's Absolutely Chilling
Dec 20, 2016 Music

Pentatonix, an American a cappella group from Arlington, Texas, is the latest musical act to create a rendition of "Hallelujah" song. What sets this version apart from others is the dynamic of ...


You Think Angels Don't Guard Us? This Video Will Make You Think
Dec 20, 2016 Other

An unreal footage of a lucky bored schoolboy in Ukraine. The moment this schoolboy's incredible luck saved him from a brush with death. Was that the work of angels? Did they guard him?


Mongolian Music With A Bit Of Metal Is One Of The Best Combinations
Dec 20, 2016 Music

Musical group "Hangai hamtlag" from Mongolia competed in Mongolia's talent show and they totally nailed their performance. Their traditional singing with a bit of metal is a perfect combination ...


White Man Saves The Day By Beating Robber On Street
Dec 20, 2016 Other

Security camera somewhere in Asia captured a moment when robber tried to rob woman during the day. He was not very successful as one man saw what he was doing. Did the white man did the right thing?


Hotel View In Switzerland Might Be One Of The Best Nature Views Ever
Dec 20, 2016 Nature

Here comes a video from one of the hotel rooms in Switzerland where guest captured a breathtaking moment when looking through the window. This might be one of the best views on nature!


Guy Builds His Own 20,000 Gallon Reef Tank From Scratch
Dec 20, 2016 Cool

Bill Wann designed this entire 20,000 gallon reef tank himself. From the filters to the pumps, he built everything at home in his shop. The tank is so large, that the only way to clean is jump in with ...


This Is Why You Shouldn't Play Golf On Ice
Dec 20, 2016 Funny

If you ever though about playing golf on icy lake, then you should think twice. Just watch this video and you won't think about playing a golf on ice anymore for sure! :D


Man Decorated His Truck With Over 14,000 LED Christmas Lights
Dec 20, 2016 Cool

This set-up features over 14,000 lights with switchable color schemes and even a 8' inflatable Frosty the Snowman! This vehicle is daily driven and can reach up to 100mph speeds without any issues of decorations ...


Motorcyclist In London Captures Head On Collision On His Helmet Cam
Dec 20, 2016 Accidents

Motorcycle driver captured a moment of head on collision in England after one stupid driver was passing other car on opposite line. Later he walked away but police already found him. See the dramatic moments ...


He Was Born Different And Grew Up Fearing Humans - Now He's Loved Around The World
Dec 19, 2016 Animals

It's been a little while since we first found out about Quasimodo the dog, so we thought we'd catch you up on his status. This very special pup is one of only 15 dogs of his kind in the world... but his ...


Japanese Puffer Fish Might Be The Nature's Greatest Artist
Dec 19, 2016 Animals

When you will see this clip you will start to believe that this Japanese Puffer fish is the nature's greatest artist. Just watch and see what this fish does with the sand on the sea ground. This is a masterpiece! ...