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Singer Joins Street Artist To Perform "Hallelujah", Even Leonard Cohen Would Applaud Them
May 03, 2017 Music

When street performer Dawid Osial sang on the street, he didin't expect a singer like Jade Helliwell would join his performance.

They both sang "Hallelujah" song together and ...


They Stepped Inside This Abandoned Hospital, Then Even Men Were Crying Of Fear
May 03, 2017 Shocking

After watching this video, you won't dare to step inside an abandoned building again. Guys behind "HexMedia" channel made another prank with scary Owlman in which you really don't want to be ...


Little Claire Ryann Steps On Stage, Then Steals The Show While Singing Disney's Classic
May 03, 2017 Music

Even if Claire Ryann is only 4-year-old, she is already a singing star. Her father and Claire were invited to sing "How Far I'll Go" from Disney's Moana at a charity event hosted by The Children's ...


Bodycam Footage Shows Officer Saving Autistic Child From Drowning
May 03, 2017 Cool

The Topeka Police Dept. released bodycam footage from the officer who jumped into a pond Monday to save an autistic 4-year-old child. The video starts with Officer Aaron Bulmer searching for some people ...


Mini Tornado Causes Havoc At A Park In Norway
May 03, 2017 Nature

We can't fully understand nature and we probably never will. Here comes a footage from Norway which left many locals open mouthed.

During the childrens' play at a park in Lillehammer city, ...


Shocking Dashcam Footage Shows Plane Crash In Mukilteo, Washington
May 03, 2017 Accidents

A small plane crashed Tuesday afternoon in Mukilteo, damaging several cars, police are reporting. Dashcam footage shows the plane coming down over the street. A number of cars were damaged, but local reports ...


Downhill Mountain Biker Suffers A Serious Injury During Race
May 03, 2017 Shocking

In this video from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico you can see a video that will probably shock you. Downhill races on the narrow streets are often organized by Red Bull and Monster and there is a lot of danger ...


VIDEO: This Is How Life In North Korea's Capital City Pyongyang Looks Like
May 03, 2017 Other

North Korea is a notoriously secretive place that is often hostile to outsiders, especially Western journalists. Which means that getting an unfiltered, unvarnished look at everyday life inside the Hermit ...


Italian Motorcyclist Captures Dangerous Close Call After Woman Overtakes Over Solid Line
May 03, 2017 Other

This Italian motrcyclist was heading to his mechanic to make some modifications on his bike. At some point on the street, a red car driven by a female overtakes a vehicle over the solid line, closing the ...


Mask Maker Introduces Little Girl Mask And It's Really Creepy
May 03, 2017 Other

Landon Meier aka Hyperflesh gives an overview of his process for creating his hyper-realistic silicone masks, including Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, Mike Tyson, Bryan Cranston, Crying Babies, ...


Watch Animated Short About Human Greed That Shocked The Whole World
May 02, 2017 Cool

London artist and animator Steve Cutts has created MAN, an insightful hand-drawn animated film short that shows our ongoing destructive relationship with the world around us.

This is definitely ...


Worker Walks Humbly Up To Street Piano, Within Seconds Sends Chills Down Everyone's Spine
May 02, 2017 Music

There have been many famous musicians who've stepped into the St. Pancras Railway Station in London and taken a seat at the public piano - but one of the most surprising performances came from someone ...


Husband Woke Up His Wife On Her Birthday In Most Awesome Way
May 02, 2017 Cool

Rapper Bobby Hall, known as "Logic," surprised his wife Jessica Andrea on her birthday with a wake up call in the form of a live orchestral performance of the theme song from their favorite TV ...


Watch: Man Rescues Felix The Cat From Water At London's Royal Docks
May 02, 2017 Cool

This is the moment a passer-by rescued a cat called Felix after she fell into the River Thames during a fight with a rival mog.

The amazing CCTV video shows the official office cat of the ...


Tearful Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Newborn Son Had Open Heart Surgery
May 02, 2017 Cool

Jimmy Kimmel became emotional several times last night while telling the harrowing story of his newborn son's heart complications and recent surgery.

In a moving monologue, he thanked the ...


Watch As Texans Frantically Cry Out To God During Dramatic Rescue Of Two Trapped Babies
May 02, 2017 Other

Deadly tornadoes ripped through north Texas over the weekend, claiming the lives of at least 5 and injuring many more. At least two young children are alive today, thanks to the incredible efforts of some ...


Little Puppy Is Stuck In Ditch And Can't Get Out. Then A Stray Cat Comes To His Rescue!
May 02, 2017 Animals

A tiny puppy found himself stuck in a deep ditch. No matter what he tried, he just could not find a way out. The last thing everyone expected was for a stray cat to come to the rescue.

When ...


This Guy's Detachable Thumb Tricks Are Mind-Bending
May 02, 2017 Cool

Vincent Kuo is a 17 year old magician, he dropped out of high school when he was 16 to pursue magic as a career. In 2017 he started a project where he challenges himself to create new magic daily for 100 ...


Liverpool Player Scores Unbelievable Bicycle Kick
May 02, 2017 Sport

Emre Can's goal for Liverpool against Watford is already being talked of as a Goal Of The Season. Everybody loves an overhead kick.

The body control required to track the flight of this ...


Motorcyclist's Leg Gets Punctured By A Splinter While Riding In The Woods
May 02, 2017 Shocking

Many motorcyclist out there boost their adrenaline by riding through woods, but also there you can get injured really bad.

When this group of motorcyclists in the video decided to take ...