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Girlfriend Gave Him A Lap Dance Then She Gets A Period
Oct 17, 2016 Other

Youtuber San Frezco got pranked by his girlfriend. While he was playing some game she came next to him to surprise him with a lap dance but then she squeezed some fake blood on his pants. See how he reacted.


This Video With Fake Bulge Proves That Women Are Pervs Too
Oct 17, 2016 Other

Women always check on fake bulge which proves that women are also pervs just like us men are. This video does not intend to expose anyone in any way. In no way it is directed against women.


Guy Feeding Street Dogs Brings Justice To The Animal Abuser
Oct 17, 2016 Other

Security camera captured a moment when one guy was feeding street dogs when another man came near. He had a stick in his hands while trying to abuse dogs. Luckly, another guy gave him some time to think ...


This Guy Gets Paid To Roll Crazy Special Joints
Oct 17, 2016 Cool

Tony Greenhand is a guy who tell for himself he could smoke joints all day long. But he took something extra out of this - he is now getting paid by other people to roll some crazy special joints for them.


Honda Pilot Brake Checking Causes Tailgater To Crash
Oct 17, 2016 Accidents

When this driver came behind a Honda driver, he didn't knew he was too close to him. Then Honda driver breakchecked him, but it didn't make him think about his actions. When Honda driver did this again, ...


Fireman Shuts Off Fire Hydrant After Jeep Hits It
Oct 17, 2016 Other

If you were asking yourself how a broken fire hydrant gets shut off, here is an answer. There is some mechanism through the hole and they have to get it and pull it, while the fireman uses his tool to ...


You'll Die Laughing Watching This Kid Saying Car Names
Oct 16, 2016 Funny

Take a look at this hilarious video in which one young kid is trying to say different car names. He knows many of them but there is something else that will make you laugh. Listen how he says some of the ...


This Is The Best Uncle On The World - See How He Makes His Nephew Burst Out Laughing
Oct 16, 2016 Funny

Hank Sinatra posted a video of his niece Margot when he was reading him 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?' book. It's baby's laugh that will make your day instantly better. Is Hank the best uncle ...


Elephant Comes To Rescue Man Trapped In Water
Oct 16, 2016 Animals

This video show the bond between Darrick and elephant Kham Lha at Elephant Nature Park when she think Darrick in trouble, so she rushed to the river and try to save him. This is can show us that, when ...


French Singer Alizee Will Mesmerize You With Her Hot Dance Moves
Oct 16, 2016 Music

French female singer Alizee is definitely one of the hottest woman's alive. This is her performance from years ago which made so many man go crazy for her. See how she dances while singing "J'en Ai ...


Ukrainian Guys Totally Nail "Hot N Cold" Song By Katy Perry
Oct 16, 2016 Music

There was three of them: Ruslan Prystupnic Prystupa, Rostyslav Roslyk Fook and Serhiy Masyanya Masyk. They were working at the same office in Ternopil. Each of them had some experience in making music ...


Russian Foreign Minister Said "There Are So Many P***ies" Around 2016 Campaign
Oct 16, 2016 Funny

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had an interesting way of declining comment on the United States' 2016 presidential election in a Wednesday interview.

"Russia had its own Pussy ...


Customer Makes More Than $6000 Worth Damage In Just A Second
Oct 16, 2016 Other

The poor customer had been shopping at a HBH Wollacotts store in St Austell when the TVs caught his eye and he walked over to check them out.

But as he bent down in front of one of the TVs, ...


Unlucky Thief Breaks His Leg With Heavy Metal Gates
Oct 16, 2016 Other

Unlucky thief tried to break through heavy metal gates infront of yard but he failed hard. Security cameras captured a moment when those metal gates fell right onto his leg. He had to make a run with a ...


The Correct Way To Pour Engine Oil From A Bottle
Oct 16, 2016 Other

It seems that nearly every photograph, commercial, and TV show shows people pouring engine oil with the bottle turned the wrong way. It may seem trivial, but when used properly, the smart design of an ...


Woman Shows Us How To Lift A Fallen Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Oct 16, 2016 Cool

In this video one woman shows us a simple technique how to left a fallen Harley-Davidson motorcycle off grounds. This is really one great tip for everyone who owns a heavy motorbike.


This Might Be The Best Fish Imitation By Man
Oct 16, 2016 Funny

Here is another awesome video which will make you laugh. It shows a man imitation a fish on the dry. Be the judge for yourself and tell if this guy knows how to play a role of a fish.


She Needed Money To Feed Her Kids, So She Went To Sell Her Ring, But The Jeweler Wouldn't Buy It
Oct 15, 2016 Cool

We have all been in a rough place at some point in our lives. Things are not going the way you had planned. Money isn’t coming in as easily as it once was. Bills are getting higher and you are scared ...


It's Like Paradise When This Horseman Rides His Horse In Company Of Other Horses
Oct 15, 2016 Animals

We can guarantee you this might be the best video of horse riding from the perspective of horseman. Watch this wonderful moment when he rides his horse next to a big group of beautiful white horses.


This Awesome Short About Two Sheriffs Will Strike You Right In Your Feelings
Oct 15, 2016 Cool

A weathered Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. With each step forward, the memories come flooding back. Faced with his mistake once again, he must find ...