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Sergeant Gets Unexpected Surprise At Knicks Game
Nov 11, 2016 Cool

U.S. Army veteran and Sergeant 1st Class Luciano Yulfo was honored and surprised at the Knicks game tonight. Sgt. Yulfo has been on the service dog waiting list for 18 months but he was surprised tonight ...


Let's Remember Leonard Cohen Once Again With His Take On 'Hallelujah' Song
Nov 11, 2016 Music

Leonard Cohen, the hugely influential singer and songwriter whose work spanned nearly 50 years, died at the age of 82. Cohen's label, Sony Music Canada, confirmed his death on the singer's Facebook page. ...


Careless BMW Driver From Romania Gets In A Road Rage After Doing This
Nov 11, 2016 Stupid

Take a look at this video showing one douchebag from Romania taking his BMW car on a donut ride right in the intersection where he crashed his car into another. But hten all the drama happened right infront ...


After You Will Hear This Girl Singing On The Voice Kids, Your Body Will Be Covered In Goosebumps
Nov 10, 2016 Music

The Voice Kids is Germanys most successful singing contest among 8 to 14 year olds. In this video you can see a performance by 14-year-old Elinor which will totally blow you away. Listen how she sang "Lost" ...


Watching A Hot Model Get A Chiropractic Adjustment Is Surprisingly Relaxing
Nov 10, 2016 Other

Many people will start to be jealous of this Italian chiropractic Dr. Gabriele Benedetti. This time he posted a video online showing how his work looks like when a hot model comes in for a help.


This Cover Of 'What Is Love' Performed By Husband And Wife Is Like A Fairy Tale
Nov 10, 2016 Music

Husband and wife behind 'Us The Duo' channel sang 'What Is Love' song in the most gentle way. Listen to this masterpiece and you will feel like you're in a fairy tale. This really deserves your view.


Man Sits Right Next To Exhaust, Then Something Hilarious Happens
Nov 10, 2016 Stupid

Man in this video sat right next to car's exhaust with his face almost sticking to it. He had a cloth in his hand covering an exhaust, but then something really hilarious happened. This will make your ...


Speed Flying Through The Alps Seems Like A Thrilling Way To Lose A Leg
Nov 10, 2016 Cool

When most people look at the swiss alps, they think about skiing, hiking and mountaineering, generally activities that involve being fastened to the earth in one way or another. Jamie Lee sees these majestic ...


This Poor Old Man Got Beaten By Two Black Guys Just Because He Voted For Trump
Nov 10, 2016 Shocking

After US presidential elections there is a mess all around the country. In this video, two black men found out this poor old man voted for Donald Trump so they beat him. What is the punishment those two ...


President Obama Full Speech On Donald Trump Win
Nov 10, 2016 News

President Obama has extended an invitation to president-elect Donald Trump to meet with him at the White House on Thursday. Press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement that the president called both ...


GoPro Karma Drone Is Getting Recalled Because Of This
Nov 10, 2016 Accidents

GoPro's new drone Karma is getting recalled in because of some issues they have. In this video we can see a footage captured with Karma drone up in the air when suddenly it stopped working.


This People Just Don't Know If Hillary Or Trump Is Worse
Nov 10, 2016 Funny

Just ahead of the 2016 presidential election, Ronny Chieng asks undecided voters whether they hate Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton more. This video is really hilarious and deserves your view! :D


Driver Makes A Bad Choice On The Flooded Road, Regrets It Immediately
Nov 10, 2016 Stupid

Driver in this video fools himself after he saw a flooded road ahed of him. Instead of stopping his vehicle he just shouted "CHARGE" and then rushed right into the water. At least he knew that ...


Gas Truck Explosion In Rio De Janeiro Captured On Camera
Nov 10, 2016 Other

his Rio de Janeiro street looks like the set of your favorite action movie when a burning truck loaded with butane gas cylinders violently explodes! The crowded street empties as pedestrians who just seconds ...


How To Call A Wild Swan With Traditional Swedish Singing
Nov 09, 2016 Cool

Kulning is a domestic Scandinavian music form, often used to call cows and goats down from high mountain pastures where they have been grazing during the day. Listen how this Swedish girl calls wild swans ...


When Little Boy Sits At Piano, His First Note Leaves Judge's Immediately Gaping
Nov 09, 2016 Music

Here comes a video from The Voice Kids Germany show in which little boy Lukas sang Fallin' song by Alicia Keys. After he sat at piano he started to sing and all the coaches were blown away by his voice. ...


Exploding Airbag Bait Prank Is So Painful Even To Watch
Nov 09, 2016 Funny

Guys behind TwinzTV channel are known for their brutal pranks in which bad guys and girls suffer the most. This time they put an airbag on the moped and they just waited for it to get stolen. What a painful ...


Here Are Donald Trump's Most Idiotic Moments
Nov 09, 2016 Other

In a tale of wit and word, business magnate Donald Trump reveals the secrets of his genius, the might of his net worth, and the slogan that will make his political foes squirm. He is a man on a mission ...


This Is What Happens In Russia After The First Snow
Nov 09, 2016 Accidents

When it comes to the first day of snow in Russia, there is a big chaos on the streets. Take a look at this video showing all the mess and crashes on the snowy road in one Russian street.


Billy Gilman Impresses The Coaches With Roy Orbison's "Crying" On The Voice
Nov 09, 2016 Music

Billy Gilman impresses the coaches with Roy Orbison's "Crying" on the live playoffs of The Voice 2016 show. Take a look at his outstanding performance once again. Can this guy be the winner of ...