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Lonely Pregnant Goat Was In The Barn When A Feline Showed Up. This Is A Must Watch!
May 13, 2017 Animals

Pretty Boy is more than just a pretty face. This very fluffy feline became so much more when he happened upon a female goat preparing to give birth. The compassionate cat quickly set to work putting the ...


Snoozing Hummingbird Has The Cutest Snores You've Ever Heard
May 13, 2017 Animals

This little hummingbird may be small, but his snores are pretty impressive. A scientist recorded this little guy while he was sleeping - and his chirpy noises are super cute.

According to ...


Father And Daughter Step On The Stage. What A Chemistry Happens When They Start To Sing!
May 13, 2017 Music

Father and daughter duo Martin and 10-year old Faye are hoping the Judges are a fan of their opera tune, but will Simon and Co answer their prayers?

Take a look at their performance from ...


Truck Does Burnout In Front Of Cops, Gets Pulled Over
May 13, 2017 Stupid

Take a look at this video of a truck doing a burnout in front of cops, not knowing they are right ahed of him. He got pulled over at the KC Plaza and he probably had his driver's licence revoked.


Mysterious Dead Sea Monster Washed Ashore In Indonesia, And Nobody Knows What It Is
May 13, 2017 Shocking

The Indonesian military says they believe this mysterious sea creature to be squid and to be about 15 meters long. Other guesses are that it's some type of whale. Tests are currently being run to figure ...


Rally Driver Passes Fans With Incredible Speed In His Porsche GT3
May 13, 2017 Sport

If you love high speeds and rally then this is the video you have to watch. Fans captured a moment on their camera when rally driver passed them with a Porsche GT3 at full speed.

You will ...


Stunned Tourist Captures Video Of 'Loch Ness Monster' Swimming Through Waters
May 13, 2017 Other

Rob Jones, 35, from North Wales, spotted something sticking out of the water as he looked out over the loch from a hill above. The shape – which resembles the stereotypical silhouette of the fabled creature's ...


Teenage Girl Microwaves Her Guinea Pig And Puts Footage Online
May 13, 2017 Shocking

16-year-old teenager Vitoria Muller from Brazil posted afootage online of her pet guinea pig being microwaved by her. The footage sparked an online hate campaign as images of the animal spinning inside ...


Chris Pratt Plays 'Speak Out' On The Ellen Show, Makes Ellen Cry Out Of Laughter
May 13, 2017 Funny

One of the biggest stars in the galaxy showed off his pearly white chompers in a round of Ellen's hilarious game and Ellen just couldn't resist crying out of laughter. This is so hilarious you will probably ...


Their Moving Song For "Mom" Is Bringing Everyone To Tears
May 13, 2017 Music

In this video, the a capella group Home Free sings a rendition of the Garth Brooks tune. And oh boy, is it ever beautiful. The song "Mom" was written to represent a conversation between God and ...


He Didn't Let Truck Pass Through, Then His Car Showed More Sense Than Him
May 12, 2017 Funny

Some drivers are simply just stupid and this car's driver in the video belongs in this group. Truck driver was driving along a narrow road when this car's driver entered the narrow road just after the ...


Pets Recive Hugs All The Time, But Stray Ones Do Not. This Video Will Make Your Day!
May 12, 2017 Animals

Everyone with a dog knows that his pet is in love with him more than anything. Dogs always love being hugged and loved but on the other hand there are stray ones who have nobody's love.

Take ...


A Pet Store Replaced All Its Animals With Rescued Ones For The Day. This Is What It Captured!
May 12, 2017 Animals

Many animal rescues struggle with overpopulation and lack of funding, but this issue is widespread in Brazil where overcrowded shelters lead to poor health conditions, stress, depression, and starvation. ...


This Traditional Russian Dance Will Left You Speechless. You've Never Seen A Dance Like This!
May 12, 2017 Cool

A traditional Russian dance where the performers appear to be floating across the stage is performed by dance group Beriozka. They are famous for their moves where the women actually have to stay on their ...


Estonian Police Officer Stops The Getaway Driver Using His Lighting Speed Skills
May 12, 2017 Cool

Why leave a spike strip hanging out on the road when you could whip it in front of the target car at the last second like this Estonian cop?

As we can see in the footage you really don't ...


Mongolian Throat Singing In The Nature Is Something We Would Listen To All Day
May 12, 2017 Music

Mongolian throat singing is one particular variant of overtone singing practiced by people in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Tuva and Siberia. It is inscribed in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible ...


A Newborn Puppy Was Introduced To Mama Cat. Watch Mama Cat's Reaction!
May 12, 2017 Animals

Animals instinctively take care of their own young, and when a mother sees a baby animal in need, she naturally will want to take care of it, too. Instinct tells the momma to nurture the baby so that the ...


The Most Hilarious Way How To Escape The Cops
May 12, 2017 Funny

Take a look at this hilarious video in which guy shows us an unique and awesome way how to escape the cops while they're after you.

You only need a simple tool to carry around with you and ...


Miley Cyrus's "Malibu" Comes With A Refreshing Makeunder
May 12, 2017 Music

Miley Cyrus has released a new song called "Malibu." Watch the video below. The song will appear on Cyrus' as-yet-untitled upcoming album.

In a interview with Billboard, Cyrus ...


Footage Shows Rock Fall In New Climbing Crag In Chulilla
May 11, 2017 Other

With more than 800 routes, Chulilla in Valencia is one of the best rock climbing areas in Spain. Its limestone canyon shaped by the Turia river makes Chulilla a great place for sport climbing.