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This Is Definitely Funniest 2 Seconds Long Video Ever
Dec 02, 2016 Funny

This guy was a guide on a "jeep safari" tour of Alanya, Turkey and the areas around. He was doing some magic tricks at a stop, and this is just a small out-of-context part of one of the tricks. ...


Guy Goes To Explore The Waldeck Mine, Encounters Creepy Chanting Sounds On His Way Out
Dec 02, 2016 Shocking

That's exactly what guy behind "Exploring Abandoned Mines" channel caught on video while filming and documenting the abandoned Waldeck Mine located in West Australia. What do you think that was?


Blind People Describe Loved Ones To A Sculptor
Dec 02, 2016 Cool

Female sculptor Pamela Mummy participated in this video where people behind "WatchCut" channel invited some blind people to desribe loved ones to Pamela. The results will totally excite you!


The Subtle Difference Between A Soccer Coach And A Hockey Coach
Dec 02, 2016 Other

It takes a certain amount of toughness to be a hockey coach. You have to be ready for whatever is thrown at you so you can face it head-on. But how does a soccer coach act like when he gets hit by something?


Mind Trick Where You Can't See Things That Are Visible
Dec 02, 2016 Cool

Your eyes aren't always telling the truth. There is a blind spot in your eye what causes that you can't see some things. Watch this compilation of illusions that will mess with your brain.


Best Scenes From Videos In November 2016
Dec 02, 2016 Cool

Luc Bergeron, mostly known for "zapatou" nickname and his Best of Web series posted another video online with a review of the November 2016 month. Take a look at most awesome scenes from videos ...


Hilarious Moment Baby Boy Joins In With Dancing Girls
Dec 02, 2016 Funny

This was supposed to simply be a video of two girls showing off their dancing skills. Instead, it turned into something infinitely better as a baby runs in front of the camera to completely steal the show.


Truck With Brake Failure Causes Deadly Accident In China
Dec 02, 2016 Accidents

A truck seemingly had a brake failure at an intersection, that caused it to plow trough all the vehicles in front of it. A vehicle ignited when hitting a lamp post. This happened yesterday on streets of China.


Heartbreaking: Chapecoense Player Found Out He Would Be A Father A Week Before Plane Crash
Dec 01, 2016 Other

Talented striker Thiaguinho was at a team hotel when he was sent a parcel and card informing the 22-year-old that his wife was a month into her pregnancy. Watch his reaction when he finds out he would ...


Homeless Man Sits Next To A Public Piano, Then He Shocks Everyone With His Playing
Dec 01, 2016 Music

The 51-year-old homeless man actually has a long history in music. He learned clarinet as a child, and later played it during his time in the United States Marine Corps. He even studied music education ...


This Olympian Is A Proof That We Should Never Give Up Our Dreams
Dec 01, 2016 Cool

French gymnast Samir Ait Said suffered a shocking broken leg during the qualification rounds for the men's gymnastics at the Rio Olympic Park, but he never gave up. Watch this video dedicated to him by ...


Clever Cockatoo Makes Tools In Order To Get Treat
Dec 01, 2016 Animals

Researchers from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna and the University of Oxford report that Goffin cockatoos can make and use elongated- tools of appropriate shape and length out of amorphous ...


Road Rage In Russia Ends With Driver Beating The Hell Out Of Man Trying To Attack Him With A Knife
Dec 01, 2016 Other

A car chase in Russia turns into a rather absurd fight between the two motorists, with one wielding a knife and the other a shovel. Watch what happened before the road rage and be the judge for yourself. ...


This Is What Happens If You Sharp A $1 Knife With Professional Sharpening Stone
Dec 01, 2016 Cool

Guy behind Juns Kitchen channel posted this video online showing what happens with $1 knife once you sharp it with a professional sharpening stone. After watching this you won't think twice about replacing ...


Goalkeeper Scores Incredible Bicycle-Kick Goal To Draw Level In The Final Seconds
Dec 01, 2016 Sport

Today in the South African Premier Division, Baroka FC goalkeeper Oscarine Masuluke, scores an overhead-kick equalizer in the final seconds against the Orlando Pirates.


Miley Cyrus And Dolly Parton Team Up With Pentatonix For Breathtaking 'Jolene' Performance
Dec 01, 2016 Music

Miley Cyrus and "fairy godmother" Dolly Parton appeared together on Tuesday night's episode of "The Voice" to deliver a stunning rendition of Parton's hit "Jolene" with the ...


Man Waddles Off With Bucket Containing $1.6 Million Worth Of Gold Flakes
Dec 01, 2016 Other

A man in midtown Manhattan noticed no one was keeping an eye on the 86-pound bucket in an open-doored armored truck. So, he decided to capitalize on the situation.


Dashcam Captures Fiery Crash After Police Chase in Wisconsin
Dec 01, 2016 Accidents

A squad car's dash camera recorded the fiery crash that ended a police chase through two Milwaukee suburbs. Police said a driver on Nov. 23 refused to stop for Hales Corners police, traveled eastbound ...


11 Of The Craziest Discoveries From WikiLeaks
Dec 01, 2016 Other

From friendly fire to scientology to 9/11 pager data, these are some of the craziest discoveries from the WikiLeaks scandal! Watch 11 of the craziest discoveries that we know thanks to WikiLeaks.


Train Passengers Sing "Over The Rainbow" To Start Day Better
Nov 30, 2016 Music

Monday morning blues is spontaneously transformed into glorious public sing-a-long! This is definitely the best thing you will ever see. Bring this to everywhere around the World to make people happy!