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This Is The Compilation Of 'Unsatisfying' Things Driving People Insane
Nov 06, 2016 Cool

During the summer of 2016, guys behind 'Parallel Studio' created and directed a video about unsatisfying situations: the frustrating, annoying, disappointing little things of everyday life, that are so ...


Have You Seen A Video Of Chicken Playing A Piano? Now You Have An Opportunity
Nov 06, 2016 Animals

Patrick is a chicken from this video and he knows how to play a piano if only his owners trick him into it. In case you ask yourself if Patrick's takes have been edited: These are 2 full raw takes that ...


Donald Trump Rushed Offstage By Secret Service Agents At Reno
Nov 06, 2016 Other

Donald Trump was rushed off the stage by Secret Service agents on Saturday night while making a speech at a rally in Nevada, sparking panic in the crowd.

The Republican nominee shielded ...


This Is How Family Looks Like If The Unplug Them From Technology For 7 Days
Nov 06, 2016 Other

Digital addiction is gaining steam. What is it like to be unplugged for 7 days? An ordinary family was put to the test. Would you be able to live without the technology for 7 long days? ;)


Alligator Gets Killed By Electric Eel At Amazon
Nov 06, 2016 Animals

Two guys were walking along Amazon river when they spotted an alligator trying to kill an electric eel. Unlucky for him, he became the victim too. See what happened after croc attacked electric eel.


Go Kart Driver Captures A Moment Of His Brutal Crash
Nov 06, 2016 Accidents

Unlucky driver of this go kart was testing a vehicle while capturing everything on his helmet camera. We called him unlucky because he later was flying above the track due to crash he had with a go kart. ...


This Troy Movie Parody With Trump, Hillary And Obama Is Hilarious
Nov 06, 2016 Funny

Watch this awesome Troy movie parody where Donald Trump shows Hillary Clinton and Obama that he's going to make America great again. Be sure to see the most hilarious moment when Trump yells for Obama.


Scary Snowman Scares Random People In Columbus, Ohio
Nov 06, 2016 Funny

The Scary Snowman is back once again. This time he came to Columbus, Ohio to scare some of random walkers. See how people reacted on a big snowman scaring the hell out of them.


Korean Driver Crashes His Car After Mistakes The Brake Pedal With Throttle
Nov 06, 2016 Accidents

Sometimes you just have to see things to believe. Korean driver in this video got too distracted by something so he mistaked the brake pedal with throttle. Fortunately noone was hurt in the accident.


When Subway Surfers Enter The Tunnel, They Didn't Know There Is A Train Coming
Nov 06, 2016 Stupid

One guy posted a video on his channel showing the real life of Subway Surfers. A group of guys entered the tunnel with railway tracks inside when suddenly they had to run for their lives. There was a speeding ...


Fallen Tree Has Blocked The Road? In Russia, It's Not Even A Problem
Nov 05, 2016 Funny

Dashcam video from Kaliningrad, Russia revelas a moment when a tree falls on the road blocking it completely. But in Russia, a fallen tree is not even a problem. See what Russian driver infront of cammer ...


When You Will Hear This Girl Playing Her Guitar, You Will Become Speechless
Nov 05, 2016 Music

Croatian virtuosa classical guitarist Ana Vidovic plays Isaac Albeniz's Asturias. The piece was originally written for the piano and set in the key of G minor, and first published in Barcelona, by Juan ...


Halloween Prank On Plumber Goes Wrong
Nov 05, 2016 Other

Guys behind 'Trollstation' Youtube channel made an epic prank for Halloween but unforutantely it went really wrong. They scared a plumber to death but then he took a justice in his own hands.


A Fight Breaks Out When A Husband Comes Home To Find His Wife With Another Penguin
Nov 05, 2016 Animals

When penguin in the video came back home he couldn't believed his eyes. He found his wife together with another penguin so a fight broke out. See what happened durign this bloody battle among two male penguins.


Singing Fish Robot Gets A Cool Update By A Fan
Nov 05, 2016 Funny

Everyone remembers the singing fish robot which was very popular product years ago. This time one of the singing fish fans did a big update on the product. He inserted a chip inside with Alexa voice recognition ...


You Don't Want To Get Stuck In The Mud Near Friends Like This
Nov 05, 2016 Funny

If you have similar friends like this pickup driver has in the video, than you probably have some great friends! Unlucky driver of a pickup wasn't happy about the help his friends gave him after he got ...


Watch How Human Population Has Spread Across The Globe Over The Past 200,000 Years
Nov 05, 2016 Cool

It took 200,000 years for our human population to reach 1 billion - and only 200 years to reach 7 billion. When will our global population peak? See this video showing the population growth across the ...


Guy Behind Primitive Technology Makes A Shrimp Trap
Nov 05, 2016 Cool

Man behind "Primitive Technology" channel built a shrimp trap from lawyer cane, sticks and vine. Then he caught some shrimp and ate them.
Shrimp (and fish) traps are simple traps designed ...


Stuck Truck Gets Pulled Out By Ship
Nov 05, 2016 Other

The Barge "Stolt Variante", an inland waterways tanker built in 2003 and currently sailing under the flag of Netherlands was helping this truck from it's nasty position after it stuck in the mud.


Fails Compilation Of November 2016 - Part 1
Nov 05, 2016 Funny

Here they are, the best fails of first week in November month! Which one made you laugh the hardest? There is definitely something for everyone and laugh is guaranteed once again!