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Hidden Camera Catches Mailman's Sweet Routine With A Misunderstood German Shepherd
Oct 13, 2016 Cool

A postal worker in New Zealand has been caught on a hidden camera taking a break from his rounds to catch up with a very appreciative pup (and it's downright adorable).

Best of all, this ...


Watch Two Male Vocalists Slay A Performance Of Adele's 'Hello' On The Voice
Oct 13, 2016 Music

We've seen a lot of very talented ladies, both famous and not famous, share their takes on Adele's music. But during last night's first battle round of The Voice, coach Alicia Keys took the less expected ...


Woman Under Anaesthesia Proposes To Her Nurse
Oct 13, 2016 Cool

When girl in the video just woke up from surgery, she was still affected by anesthesia. There was a cool looking male nurse next to her and she just fall in love with him. Listen to this conversation which ...


Douchebag BMW Driver Gets What He Was Asking For
Oct 13, 2016 Accidents

In this dash cam video from front and rear cameras we can see a BMW driver who was in a hurry to get somewhere. He tried to pass where there's no room to pass and he totally got what he deserved.


Truck Driver In UK Saves Kid From Thugs
Oct 13, 2016 Cool

Trucker jumped in to help a poor boy on Wood Green Road in Wednesbury, UK, when he was assaulted by black thugs. If only all the people would react like this truck driver did. World would surely be a better ...


Artist Transforms Abraham Lincoln On 5 Dollar Banknote To Bill Murray
Oct 13, 2016 Cool

Artist behind 'ginozko' channel transformed Abraham Lincoln on 5 dollar banknote to a famous American actor Bill Murray using only white and black charcoal. This is how art from a talented artist looks like.


German Shepherd Howling With Wolves From Zootopia
Oct 13, 2016 Animals

Owners of this German Shepherd were watching Zootopia cartoon. When a scene with howling wolves came on screen it instantly got dog's attention. Listen how he howled together with wolves from Zootopia.


Novak Djokovic Kicks A Tennis Ball Few Inches Above Referee's Head
Oct 13, 2016 Sport

Novak Djokovic is one of the best tennis players on the whole world. This time he was on the tournament in Shanghai where he kicked a loose tennis ball right above referee's head. He apologised to him ...


Kid Pukes On Ride At The State Fair Of Texas
Oct 13, 2016 Funny

Kid on a ride at the State Fair of Texas pukes while upside down and spinning around. Look to the bottom center of the screen when the Video hits slow motion. Video was shot by one visitor using iPhone 7 plus.


Everyone Is Excited Over This Best Violinist Performance Ever
Oct 12, 2016 Music

We all love to see different performances which are something special. One of this is definitely a performance of four girls in which three of them have played the violin while fourth was playing a piano. ...


Pidgeons Are Being Sucked In With The Grain On A Bread-Baking Plant
Oct 12, 2016 Shocking

Here comes a shocking video from Russian bread-baking factory in which pidgeons are being sucked in together with the grain in the container. What do you think - is that bread yummy?


Man Sings Song For His Dying Father And It's Really Heartbreaking
Oct 12, 2016 Music

Mike Rayburn knew his Dad is going soon. But even for the rocky relationship and challenges they had, one Christmas Mike wanted a CB radio. His father said no way. Instead he gave him a guitar, and changed ...


This Is Why You Shouldn't Sit On Other Folk's Car
Oct 12, 2016 Funny

People often sit on stranger's cars just for a short rest but noone wants to see a stranger sitting on the hood of our car. Security video you're about to see reveals why you shouldn't sit on other folk's ...


Youtube Star Danny MacAskill Is Back With Another Jaw-Dropping Video
Oct 12, 2016 Cool

Danny MacAskill became one of the biggest YouTube stars in the world after his incredible bike skills were witnessed in a number of jaw-dropping edits, including Imaginate, Epecuen and Way Back Home. ...


Most Dirty Underwater Plays In Woman's Water Polo
Oct 12, 2016 Sport

Water polo doesn't look a rough sport but this is because we don't see what's happening underwater. Take a look at this video from one of the women's water polo matches taken underwater, which reveals ...


Man Runs Over Protesters Blocking The Road
Oct 12, 2016 Other

In this video we can see a group of protesters ran over by young driver after blocking the streets in Northern Nevada. We say this is an example of instant justice as protesters could easily move away ...


Guy Destroys Table Full Of Expensive Stuff With One Leg Kick
Oct 12, 2016 Stupid

Team behind Achievement Hunter channel posted this video in which one guy tried to break the table full of expensive equipment using only his foot. Noone believed in him, but then the table broke in half.


Second Part Of Best Funny Kid Fails Compilation
Oct 12, 2016 Funny

Kids are the best. Here's part 2 of FailArmy's funniest kid videos joined in awesome compilation. Which kid made you laugh the hardest? We just hope noone in the video got injured.


What Truck Drivers In Australia Are Put Up With Daily
Oct 12, 2016 Accidents

At 'Dash Cam Owners Australia' channel they made this compilation from dashcam videos sand to them by truckers around Australia. In this compilation we can see what truck drivers are put up with daily.


Vlado Nails The X Factor Auditions While Singing This Song For His Sick Mother
Oct 11, 2016 Music

Vlado Saric is only 17-year-old fast food worker from Australia. His mother just got a cancer so he made a choice to show his singing talent to the whole world. In the auditions he sang Shawn Mendes' "Stiches" ...