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One Of The Best Goals Scored In Europa League By Roma's Diego Perotti
Nov 25, 2016 Sport

Diego Perotti scored a fluky rabona chip as Roma eased to a 4-1 victory over Viktoria Plzen in the Europa League and into the knockout stages.
Perotti netted the Serie A club's third of the night ...


Awkward Handshake Triggers Hilarious Laugh
Nov 25, 2016 Funny

Andrew from "LAHWF" channel was talking to random people and asking them simple questions like where the library is. But when he came to this guy, he wasn't expecting such a big laugh after awkward ...


American Rapper Gucci Mane Proposes To Keyshia Ka'oir At Hawks Game
Nov 25, 2016 Cool

American rapper Gucci Mane used a Kiss Cam as an opportunity to propose to girlfriend Keyshia Ka'oir on Tuesday night at Hawks NBA game. See for yourself how his proposal looked like.


Off-Duty Cop In Brazil Unloads Magazine Into Armed Robber At Close Range
Nov 25, 2016 Shocking

An armed robber was killed by an off-duty police officer during an attempted robbery of a jewellery store in central Sao Paulo on Wednesday afternoon, 23 November 2016.

A video released ...


This Video Will Make Motorcyclists Think About Riding Between Heavy Vehicles
Nov 25, 2016 Shocking

Happened along Jalan Buroh just before West Coast Highway. Motorcyclists please do not ever ride between heavy vehicles. Your family and love ones need you at home. This is definitely something every biker ...


OK Go's Colorful New Music Video Was Shot In 4.2 Seconds And It's Really A Masterpiece
Nov 24, 2016 Music

American rock band OK Go made another song 'The One Moment' with amazing music video. After their amazing music video in a plane of 'Upside Down & Inside Out' song they made a music video that was ...


With Over A Million Views In A Few Hours, Pentatonix's New Christmas Hit Is Going Viral
Nov 24, 2016 Music

Pentatonix has hit gold again with their upbeat spin on a Christmas classic everyone loves. It is one of the oldest carols dating back to the 16th century and possibly even earlier. "God Rest Ye Merry ...


Dad Tries To Copy Daughter's Gymnastic Moves And It's Hilarious
Nov 24, 2016 Funny

Take a look at this epic video in which dad tried to copy his daughter's gymnastic moves but he was not very successful. This is definitely just another video that everyone on the world must see it!


Teenagers Stop Reckless Drivers In Russia In Best Way Possible
Nov 24, 2016 Cool

Ladies make frequent appearances in "Stop a Douchebag" episodes. They all react differently to a sticker on their windshield, and are mostly polite, but some of them get really angry sometimes. ...


Magician Pranks His Grandma With Hilarious Magic Trick
Nov 24, 2016 Funny

Julius Dein is a guy from video who really knows some good magic tricks. This time he pranked his grandma with some of his most epic magic tricks and he captured everything on camera. This is awesome! :D


Injured Mastiff Gets Saved From The LA River, Then She Reunites With Her Family
Nov 24, 2016 Animals

Good people from 'Hope For Paws' organization saved an injured Mastiff from the LA river with the help of L.A. Fire Department. Luckly Tinkerbell the dog had a microchip inside the body so she was reunited ...


Football Players Play Match Under The Influence Of Alcohol
Nov 24, 2016 Funny

What would happen if all the players on the field would be under the influence of alcohol? You can watch this video and see what happens for yourself. But the goal counts only if an alcohol level in their ...


Woman Fails Hard When Trying To Reverse Her Car At Gas Station
Nov 24, 2016 Stupid

Security cameras on the gas station in Bosnia captured a moment when a female driver reversed her car right into the car behind her. It looks like some of the driver don't know they have mirrors that they ...


Shocking Dashcam Shows Taxi Driver Speeding At 80mph Through Liverpool Streets
Nov 24, 2016 Stupid

Kieran McKechnie, 28, took his Vauxhall Astra taxi on the two-mile race from Boundary Road in Kirkdale and through Walton, before smashing into a stationary car at the junction of Breeze Hill and Southport ...


Look At This Unreal LA Traffic Jam And Be Glad You Live Elsewhere
Nov 24, 2016 Other

If you're going to be bad at something, you might as well be the absolute worst. Based on this ridiculous recent traffic jam, it appears LA has committed to that idea.


A Thanksgiving Message From President-Elect Donald J. Trump
Nov 24, 2016 Other

President-elect Donald J. Trump asks everyone to join together under the shared resolve to Make America Great Again for all people.

Those are the words he said as a thanksgiving message ...


Boyfriend Gives His Girlfriend A Special Gift She Was Waiting For 15 Years
Nov 23, 2016 Cool

Coolie Sheppard is a guy in this video who gave his girlfriend an unexpected Birthday present she wanted for more than 15 years. She had an old car for all this time and he knew exactly what will make ...


Elderly British Man Educates Young Men On Hitler With Inappropriate Joke
Nov 23, 2016 Funny

Here comes a video from England showing an old man talking to a young guy. Old man asked him if he knows where Hitler lived and how tall he was. When the young one answered all his questions he didn't ...


A Soccer Miss So Incredibly Terrible, We're At A Loss For Words
Nov 23, 2016 Sport

If we're being honest, it takes a significant amount of skill or luck to even be able to kick the ball over the goal from that range. So, this Serbian football player from fourth tier maybe did a good ...


Passing Planes Paint The Brazilian Sky In Colors
Nov 23, 2016 Cool

Here comes a video from Broazil showing the spectaculare moment when one big plane passes the airport with a company of few military planes with colors coming out of their tails. This is magnificent!