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Primitive Technology Guy Makes Water Powered Hammer In The Middle Of The Woods
Apr 29, 2017 Cool

Guy from "Primitive Technology" channel built a water powered hammer called a "Monjolo". He started by making a water spout from half a hollow log to direct water from the creek. This ...


Man Selling His Suzuki Vitara '96 Makes The Most Insane Ad Which Is Going Viral
Apr 29, 2017 Funny

We can only assume this guy's new job as a professional video editor is making him so much cash that he is able to upgrade the whip. You need to buy this car from him if you want to get rad to the power ...


Boaters Caught In Middle Of Orca Whales Hunting A Sea Lion
Apr 29, 2017 Animals

Author of this video was boating out near Bowyer Island in Howe Sound. He saw some whale watching boats, and so he went over to see what was happening. He then from a distance saw some Killer Whales! It ...


Elon Musk Reveals Concept Of Cars Speeding Through Tunnels On Mobile Platforms
Apr 29, 2017 Other

Elon Musk unveiled today the concept behind his new company: The Boring Company. It confirms that the idea behind the company goes beyond simply building tunnels.

The new video for the ...


Kris Meeke Crashes His Citroen At WRC Rally Argentina
Apr 29, 2017 Sport

Kris Meeke's hopes of contending at Rally Argentina are over after he suffered a crash while in second place, but he will continue Rally Argentina thanks to his mechanics.

Watch the video ...


Fails Compilation Of April 2017
Apr 29, 2017 Funny

We're ending April hard with a ton of awesome fails captured in this month! Everything from skiing, a mud mask gone wrong and even an old guy skating.

This is the compilation you will definitely ...


Short With A Powerful Message Shows Sad Truth That Will Make You Think In Just 3 Minutes
Apr 28, 2017 Cool

Moby and the Void Pacific Choir paint a grim portrait of the smartphone-obsessed masses in the video for "Are You Lost In The World Like Me?" featuring old school Max Fleischer-inspired animation ...


Boaters Turn Their Camera To The Water Just In Time To See The Biggest Whale Of All
Apr 28, 2017 Animals

Have you ever been on a whale watching tour? Whales are notoriously shy and very few tours can promise a sighting. Many hopeful whale watchers return home having seen little more than a pretty sunset over ...


Heineken Made The Ad That Pepsi Should Have, And It's Really Great
Apr 28, 2017 Cool

Heineken presents an experiment called 'Worlds Apart' where they found two strangers with totally opposing views. Can two strangers prove that there's more that unites than divides us?

This ...


We Did Not Expect Synchronized Swimming Filmed Upside Down To Look This Cool
Apr 28, 2017 Other

Watching synchronized swimmers with an upside down camera is the most mesmerizing thing you'll see today. Who knew this will be so satisfying to watch.

If NBC films synchronized swimming ...


Female Driver Gets Run Over By Her Car In The Tunnel, Stranger Saves The Day
Apr 28, 2017 Other

In this dashcam video from Russia we can see how two cars collided in the tunnel when the female driver of the vehicle infront tried to communicate to the driver behind her when suddenly her car started ...


Mountaineers Witness A Large Avalanche Form And Pass Right By Them
Apr 28, 2017 Nature

A small group of mountaineers were visiting the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Canada, from Spain when they unexpectedly witnessed a large avalanche up close.

The footage shows the ...


This Rally Driver Is So Lucky To Land His Car On Four Wheels Again
Apr 28, 2017 Automoto

Here comes a video from Rally in Italy where one driver got very lucky to stay on the four wheels after the turn. This is the video one of spectators captured on camera and it's a great example of balance. ...


Dad Was Late For Daughter's Recital, Then He Shocks His Wife With Unexpected Move
Apr 27, 2017 Cool

This Quaker Canada advertisement starts with one simple question: "What if you were given the chance to do something you've always wanted to do...but you had to start today?" When this father ...


Homeless Pit Bull Gets Saved From Ticks And Maggots With A Help Of Good People
Apr 27, 2017 Animals

Ramsey was found on the side of the road on Guzman Abajo, in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico in July of 2015. He was covered in thousands of ticks, in his eyes, mouth and ears.

The man who found ...


Ed Sheeran Says He Had Never Cried On Camera Until He Listened To This Little Girl's Song
Apr 27, 2017 Cool

Ed Sheeran was on a mission to make children laugh and show the "optimistic and progressive side of Liberia," which was devastated by the 2014 Ebola crisis.

Though Sheeran recalls ...


Chinese Guys Totally Nail Skipping Rope, Leave Internet In Shock
Apr 27, 2017 Cool

Here comes a video from China in which we can see a group of talented guys performing infront of generals.

Once you will see how they nailed the skipping rope challenge, you might say this ...


Driver Gets Instant Police Justice For Inappropriate Overtaking
Apr 27, 2017 Other

When cammer in the video was returning home from work, he was waiting in the line of traffic to turn left. There was also another driver who didn't have time to wait as it looks like.

He ...


Huge Tuna Gulps Down Seagull, Quickly Realizes It's Made A Mistake
Apr 27, 2017 Animals

One day the tuna started to visit the port and it became a local attraction with people feeding it. They call it "Ramona". On a work break, author of this video and his colleagues went to feed ...


Official Call Of Duty WWII Trailer Shows The Gameplay Footage
Apr 27, 2017 Cool

Over two years in the making, Sledgehammer Games delivers a gritty, personal experience in the setting of the largest worldwide conflict in history to a new gaming generation in Call of Duty®: WWII. Play ...