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Ryan Gosling And Harrison Ford Lose It At Hilarious Interview
Oct 05, 2017 Funny

Alison Hammond attempts to interview Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford on their upcoming film 'Blade Runner 2049', but it doesn't quite go to plan.

Take a look at what made them both laughing ...


Football Player Makes A Horrific Faul, He Deserves A Prison For This
Oct 05, 2017 Shocking

A video is coming from the Argentine soccer league when, at the game between Bandield and Arsenal, Argentinian player Rodrigo Contreras fauled Luciano Civelli in the middle of the first half with a horrible ...


Parked Car Blocked This Owner's Driveway. What He Did Is Going Viral!
Oct 04, 2017 Funny

The owner of the house in the recording returned home in the middle of the night, and experienced a shock in the courtyard. One of the drivers parked his car across the driveway, so he could not get to ...


Abandoned Puppy Beats All The Odds To Survive, This Is Her Path To Recovery
Oct 04, 2017 Animals

Abandoned Dory was found in a box when she was only a puppy and the shelter was going to put her down.

She was missing her foot and she also has swimmer puppy syndrome - a birth defect ...


Guy Refused To Stop Smoking Next To Gas Pump, Gets Best Lesson Ever
Oct 04, 2017 Other

A video from a surveillance camera is coming from one of the gas stations when the driver of the car was refueling with a cigarette in his hand. Despite warning from others at the gas station and the staff ...


Man Ogles Woman On The Street, Gets Some Instant Karma
Oct 04, 2017 Funny

It's not a secret that every man in the public likes to take a look at passers-by beauties. And this is exactly what happened in the footage taken by the security camera.

When the man walked ...


Red Bull Mechanics Impress With Fastest F1 Pit Stop On Malaysia Grand Prix
Oct 04, 2017 Sport

Red Bull Racing can celebrate not only winning the Malaysian GP but also picking up the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award in a display of perfect teamwork.

Take a look at this video in which we ...


WATCH: Officer Body Worn Camera Footage Of Mass Shooting In Las Vegas
Oct 04, 2017 Shocking

This is a sampling of the body worn camera footage from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers as they helped people escape the hail of gunfire coming from the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the night ...


Russian Driver Overtakes Two Trucks, Then A Disaster Happens
Oct 04, 2017 Accidents

Another video from Russia comes from a car driver. On the flat section of the road, he decided to overtake two trucks, then he experienced a real shock.

The driver of the truck suddenly ...


VIDEO: Las Vegas Route 91 Shooting Captured By Visitors At The Concert
Oct 04, 2017 Shocking

New videos are coming from Las Vegas, when at least 59 people were killed in the worst shooting in the history of US. Over 500 people were wounded.

Now the web is surrounded by another video ...


While His Parents Shop At Costco, Little Boy Amazes Shoppers With Impromptu Performance
Oct 03, 2017 Music

Strangers with a video camera didn't even phase this dazzling young performer. At only nine years old, Jake Clayton is showman far beyond his years.

He is able to accomplish fascinating ...


Chinese Chef Impresses World With His Skills, Video Of Him Is Going Viral
Oct 03, 2017 Cool

Many cooks are true masters in their work. Some go a step further and upgrade cooking to the extent that they have been satisfactorily watched during the preparation itself.

This Chinese ...


Scene From Las Vegas Blood Bank After The Mass Shooting Is Now Going Viral In America
Oct 03, 2017 News

Long lines form the Las Vegas blood bank after the mass shooting. People of every age, race and gender coming together for their fellow man.

Love is stronger than hate.

Take ...


Kid Scores A Full Court Game Winning Point At Last Seconds
Oct 03, 2017 Sport

In the world of basketball, we have repeatedly seen the shots made in the last seconds, which turned the whole game upside down. But nobody expects such a thing on children's matches.

Here ...


Bus Carrying 50 People Narrowly Avoids A Serious Collision On The M40 In UK
Oct 03, 2017 Accidents

A video from the bus is coming from the UK when one driver lost control on the M40 motorway and stucked on the road. Only driver's reactions can thank all passengers for not having a collision between ...


Terrifying Footage Of People Ducking For Cover As Automatic Gunfire Rings Out in Las Vegas
Oct 03, 2017 News

Police say Stephen C. Paddock fired into large crowds from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino.

59 people were killed and more than 500 injured in the attack, according to ...


Tiny Foal Won't Leave Man After Getting Petted. Pulls Stunt That Has Internet In Laughter
Oct 02, 2017 Animals

What would you do if a foal ran in front of you and stopped for a quick scratch? Well, if you're the man in the video below, you'd oblige, of course!

Every day his adorable foal gallops ...


Mom Sees Her Kids Acting Strangely. Notices Doctor's Behavior, Then Starts Recording!
Oct 02, 2017 Cool

When your child is sick, really sick, and requires hospitalization, it can be a frightening time for everyone.

Mom in the video already had enough to worry about with her three sick children, ...


Contagious Laughter Of Chicken Farmer Is Going Viral, Even Reporter Cried Of Laughter
Oct 02, 2017 Funny

When the Dutch radio station RTV Noord was interviewing one of the farmers, the team certainly did not imagine that this would be the most funny moment in their life. They settled down to the chickens' ...


Dog Was Found Abused And Dying By Stream, Gains Energy To Wag Its Tail Upon Rescue
Oct 02, 2017 Animals

Khan had been beaten up and thrown away like a piece of garbage and was left completely paralyzed. With weeks of blood, sweat and tears he was able to have a second chance.

Stories like ...