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It's Just A Regular Car Ride For Her And Her Dog - Until This Song Comes On The Radio
Dec 13, 2016 Animals

Mom turns on the camera when Honey's favorite song in the world starts streaming through the car speakers. Suddenly, what was just a regular car ride turns into an all-out jam session!


Top 20 Unexpected Goals In Soccer
Dec 13, 2016 Sport

Here is a compilation of top 20 unexpected goals scored in soccer. You won't believe how the ball ended behind the goalkeepers - it's spectatular and totally unusual. This definitely deserves your view.


This Cute Puppy Will Steal Your Heart In Just Seconds
Dec 13, 2016 Animals

Her eis another video of really cute puppy who will stole your heart away in seconds. His cuteness and playfulness is something that will cheer you up no matter what. Who wants to have a puppy like this? ;)


Snowboarders Rescue A Stranded Horse Trapped In 4 Feet Snow In Chile
Dec 13, 2016 Animals

On his 21st birthday, Rafael Pease went out to ride some fresh powder in Chile. His plans changed when he found a stranded horse stuck in the snow and he swiftly moved to action.


Commentator Totally Loses It Over A Women's Hockey Goal
Dec 13, 2016 Sport

This Boston University Womens Hockey Radio call is best hockey call of all time. Listen to the commentator go crazy after hockey players of Boston University scored a winning goal in the OT.


Watch Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Sling Dirty Insults At Each Other
Dec 13, 2016 Funny

The hosts at BBC Radio 1 say this Playground Insults game is just for fun between friends. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence take things to a bit of a dark place, though.


Heartbreaking Moment When Turkish Player Hugs Police After Terrorist Attacks
Dec 12, 2016 Sport

Turkish football did not stop this weekend after the double attack on Saturday near the Besiktas stadium. After two bomb explosions that claimed the lives of 38 people (30 of them were police officers), ...


Dog Surprises Police Officer After Being Freed From A Fence
Dec 12, 2016 Animals

This is definitely one of the cutest videos you will see all week. Police officer came to rescue a dog trapped in a fence. When he rescued him he didn't expect he will see him surprising him in the best ...


Final Performance Of Incredible Dancer From Mongolia's Got Talent Will Leave You Speechless
Dec 12, 2016 Cool

In Mongolia's Got Talent competitor Canion Shijirbat blow World away with his semi-final performance awhile ago. Now for his final performance he danced once again in the company of CGI. This is a dance ...


Drunk Astra Driver In Birmingham, UK Gets A Sweet Karma After Hit And Run
Dec 12, 2016 Cool

A suspected intoxicated woman crashed into the back of a Porsche on the Hagley Road West in Birmingham, UK.

The woman then attempted to drive away before this driver blocked her in. He took ...


Mongolian Throat Singing Is So Mesmerizing You Will Listen To It More Than Once
Dec 12, 2016 Music

Mongolian throat singing is one particular variant of overtone singing practiced by people in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Tuva and Siberia. It is inscribed in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible ...


Dog From Russia Steals The Show After Seeing Female Dog Infront
Dec 12, 2016 Funny

Take a look at this hilarious dashcam video from Russia in which driver captured a moment when one dog saw a female dog infront of him, rushing right towards her. The funny part comes with a young boy ...


This Is How Starfish Right Themselves After Being Flipped Over
Dec 12, 2016 Animals

Have you ever asked yourself how starfish get back on their tentacles if they flip over? This is what a scubadiver tested out and he captured the whole action on camera. See what happens once starfish ...


'Modern Family's' Sarah Hyland Covers A Maroon 5 Song And Gets Adam Levine's Attention
Dec 12, 2016 Music

When Modern Family's Sarah Hyland first joined Boyce Avenue for a performance of "Closer," we were blown away by the actress' singing voice.

Luckily for us, Hyland teamed up with ...


Youtube Prankster From Spain Sues This Man After He Gets Slapped For Real
Dec 12, 2016 Stupid

Cara Anchoa is a Youtube star in Spain and he often does pranks around the city. This time everything didn't go according to plans. He got slapped by one angry victim but now he is suing him for attacking him.


This Is What A Soccer Ball Does To Your Face In Slow Motion
Dec 12, 2016 Other

It's been a harmonious 2000 days since a football was last beaned into the side of Dan's head. Sadly, in the last video he lost the Candle challenge. New football. Same Head. 1000x slower.


Bad Guys Robbed The Same Store Twice In San Francisco During The Same Week
Dec 12, 2016 Other

San Francisco Police Department is searching for suspects involved in 2 commercial grand thefts that took place on the 2100 block of Chestnut Street in the same week. Anyone with information is asked to ...


Arrest Of Correction Officer's Boyfriend Turns Into Something Unexpected
Dec 11, 2016 Cool

A Nebraska correction officer had two back-to-back jaw-dropping experiences on Wednesday: The "arrest" of her boyfriend, followed by a marriage proposal. Cameron Dean decided to surprise his ...


It's Baby's First Christmas - Her Antics Have Everyone In Laughter
Dec 11, 2016 Funny

Although children make the holiday season brighter.... there are also MANY stresses that go along with having a baby around during this time of year. One couple documents all of their Christmas complications ...


When You Play With Lions, It's Important To Never Show Fear
Dec 11, 2016 Funny

Video footage from Camp Verde in Arizona. Zookeeper told visitors that it's very important to never show fear to a lion. Looks like the lion had enough of his zookeepers demonstration and decided to make ...