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Pecker Cake Prank
Nov 12, 2013 Funny

A funny prank in which a guy pranks one woman by giving her a pecker cake for birthday :D


Car Crashes Through Restaurant
Nov 12, 2013 Accidents

Elderly woman drives through Sopanos Pizza restaurant in Garland, Texas :O


Crazy Bird Prank
Nov 11, 2013 Funny

Really funny prank in which two guys throw a lot of bird food on beach around sleeping people :D


Gymkhana Six
Nov 11, 2013 Sport

Ken Block shows his driving skills with his Ford Fiesta on another Gymkhana track :)


Asian Bra Commercial
Nov 11, 2013 Funny

It's possible only in Asia to make suck a stupid and funny bra commercial :D


Shocking Motorcycle Close Call
Nov 11, 2013 Stupid

Motorcyclist made a stupid move when drove thru yellow light, almost crashing into 4 cars :O


Horse Carriage Rams Into Car
Nov 11, 2013 Accidents

Video clip from Russia in which a horse carriage rams into a car in the intersection :O


Poor Vs Rich Prank
Nov 11, 2013 Funny

Vitaly invites a beauty in his car but then turn her off due to her answer to his poor friend :D


How To Light A Cigarette
Nov 11, 2013 Cool

A cigarette is tossed and caught in the mouth, then a match is tossed and caught in the mouth to light the cigarette :)


Incredible Volley Goal By Pogba
Nov 11, 2013 Sport

Paul Pogba scored an incredible volley goal against Napoli yesterday :)


Bits Of Life
Nov 11, 2013 Cool

Guy captured a second videos in everyday of his 10 month journey :)


Video Of Haiyan Typhoon
Nov 10, 2013 News

Super typhoon Haiyan striked in the Philippines. Watch a video during that nature power :O


Lewandowski Trolls Marco Reus
Nov 10, 2013 Sport

A very evil move by Poland footballer Rober Lewandowski who pranks his teammate Marco Reus :D


How To Scare Tuba Guy
Nov 10, 2013 Funny

Really funny video in which a guy gets scared while practicing a tuba :D


Amazing Downhill Track
Nov 10, 2013 Sport

A video clip from a helmet of one guy, who makes an amazing downhill descent in Taxco, Mexico :)


Bowling Ball Nutshot
Nov 10, 2013 Stupid

Guys from Children of Poseidon present us another painfull challange - bowling ball nutshot :)


Stupidest Russian Driver
Nov 10, 2013 Stupid

A compilation of clips from the same Russian driver who doesn't care about traffic rules :S


Gandalf Prank
Nov 10, 2013 Stupid

A guy dressed up like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings uses most popular words from that movie :D


How Animals See
Nov 09, 2013 Animals

A great video clip that presents us a few animals and how they see the world :)


Amazing Taekwondo Knockout
Nov 09, 2013 Sport

Here is the footage of Daniel D'Agostino's knock out from the 2006 Can-Am Games in Winnipeg. Amazing :)