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Skydive Into A Moving Car
Nov 09, 2013 Cool

Katie Hansen made an awesome first attepmt challange when skydiving into moving car :O


Belly Flop Into Small Pool
Nov 09, 2013 Cool

Dan Paciello giving us the ultimate belly flop into a really small pool :)


Fail Compilation Of November - Week 1
Nov 09, 2013 Funny

A new fail compilation of this month November from a popular group FailArmy. Laughter is guaranteed :D


Human Dartboard
Nov 09, 2013 Stupid

Guys of Children of Poseidon made a new painful challange - a human dartboard :O


Roller Falls Off A Truck
Nov 09, 2013 Accidents

Looks like it's totally normal in Russia, when roller falls off a truck :)


Whipped Cream Horror
Nov 09, 2013 Other

Little girl wanted more of whipped cream in her mouth until something is going very wrong :)


Poking Strangers In Public
Nov 09, 2013 Funny

Great prank in which one guy pokes everyone in public iwth a special made poke stick :D


Parody Of Pope Francis
Nov 08, 2013 Music

Slovenian actor Klemen Slakonja sings a funny parody in role of Pope Francis :)


Water Insane Epicness
Nov 08, 2013 Cool

An epic video of guys and girls doing some epic stuff on the water with a help of a tracked :)


Drunk Fan Steals A Helmet
Nov 08, 2013 Funny

A drunk fan steals Adam Pardy's helmet after the pane of glass falls off :D


The Master Pickpocket
Nov 08, 2013 Cool

Professional pickpocket Apollo Robbins demonstrates some of his theft techniques on writer Adam Green :)


Crazy Russian Roof Run
Nov 08, 2013 Cool

Shade is without a doubt one of the best freerunners out there. His creativity, his flow, is skills and his style are unbelievable.


Heating Your Room For 10 Cents A Day
Nov 08, 2013 Cool

An old guy shows us his way of how to heat your office room for just 0.10€ a day :)


Farting In The Hood
Nov 08, 2013 Funny

A funny guy uses his pooter to fart in the hood and makes people laugh :D


What Does The Fox Say Parody
Nov 07, 2013 Music

Saturday Night Live presents their parody song on the popular What Does The Fox Say :D


Driving In Trench
Nov 07, 2013 Accidents

A video clip from 1990 in which a rally driver crashes his car into trench, driving in it for about 200 meters :D


Guy Eats 6 Whole Bananas
Nov 07, 2013 Stupid

A stupid idea of a guy who makes a chalange to eat 6 whole bananas without peeling them :)


Justin Bieber Slept With A Girl In Brasil
Nov 07, 2013 News

A girl recorded a video of sleeping Justin Bieber after a hot night with her.


Driver Smashes Six Cars
Nov 07, 2013 Stupid

Driver hits cab in Chicago on Belmont Ave and then tries to run. The video says the rest!


Woman Scores Amazing Goal
Nov 07, 2013 Sport

Vanessa Bürki scored an incredible goal with heel for her club FC Bayern.