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Beer Drinking With Ear
May 10, 2013 Cool

Women in video shows us how to drink a full glass of beer with an ear :)


Great Talent Of African Boy
May 09, 2013 Cool

7-year-old African boy shows us his secret talent that reminds us on beatboxing :)


Worst Sheep Rescue
May 09, 2013 Animals

This is probably one of the worst sheep rescues captured on camera :D


Frisbee Trick Shot
May 09, 2013 Cool

Amazing frisbee trick shot from a guy, who throws his frisbee in like a boss style :)


Orcas Swiming Next To The Boat
May 09, 2013 Animals

Really remarkable scene where the orcs were jumping and swimming next to a speeding boat ;)


Human Hammer
May 09, 2013 Cool

Even with the weight of few guys and with a little ingenuity you can then driven into the ground almost everything ;)


Don't Run On Wet Road
May 09, 2013 Other

Watch the video of a guy running across the street in a slippery conditions :O


Sickest Cartoon Ever
May 08, 2013 Stupid

A cartoon from Sweeden which is definitely not suitable for childrens. Turn on the subtitles with CC button.


Advert Only For Children
May 08, 2013 Cool

A great Spanish advert where the children were informed differently than older people ;)


Photographed With A Ghost
May 08, 2013 Funny

A great prank by one guy who left the victims completely shocked :D


Amazing Slide On Ship
May 08, 2013 Cool

Would you go on really adrenaline slide that runs right on the big ship? ;)


Motorbike Rope Jump
May 08, 2013 Cool

If you have enough skills with your motorbike, you can make some rope jumps with no problem :D


Shocking Scooter Accident
May 08, 2013 Accidents

Scooter driver manages to overtake a vehicle in a turn just in time when other car is there :O


How To Anger A Bouncer
May 08, 2013 Stupid

A bouncer stand in fron of small truck when he almost got runed over, but he makes his revenge :)


Justin Bieber Gets Attacked On Stage
May 07, 2013 News

Justin Bieber's fan jumped onstage at a concert in Dubai and then was tackled by a security guard aggressively :O


Plane Dives Into Fog
May 07, 2013 Cool

A great video of a plane diving itself into a fog when landing ;)


Russian Guys Jumping Out Window
May 07, 2013 Stupid

A little stupid act by two Russian guys who jumped out window on their Faculty :O


Car Engine On Fire
May 07, 2013 Other

During the engine test in the garage the flames captured the whole car :O


Most Lovely Cat
May 07, 2013 Animals

A guy is selling his most lovely cat to a buyer. But is the cat for real most lovely? :D


Fur Elise A Little Different
May 07, 2013 Music

How does the Beethoven's Für Elise sounds like with a little different style? ;)