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Amazing Dog Skills
Apr 05, 2013 Animals

Probabily one of the most learned dogs in the World with a lot of experiences and skills :O


Asian Concept Dance
Apr 05, 2013 Cool

Amazing dance with great Asian concept from a Quick Crew team. Great performance, great soundtrack :)


Gandalf On High School
Apr 05, 2013 Funny

Ian McKellen, known as Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings, gave the students a special lesson :D


Fiddle And Water Pipes
Apr 05, 2013 Music

There were some wiers sounds coming from water pipes, but they get the new importance when the fiddle was playing :)


TreT Parkour Dog
Apr 04, 2013 Animals

TreT is a name of a pitbull, trained in a very unique way - parkour way :)


Vodka Russian Army
Apr 04, 2013 Stupid

Probabily a Russian driver of an army tank was drunk enough to make few stupidity :D


Amazing VW Golf Acceleration
Apr 04, 2013 Automoto

VW Golf MK2 with 900 horse powers have amazing acceleration - from 0 to 200 km/h in just 5,4 seconds :O


Snow In Ukraine
Apr 04, 2013 Nature

Winter is not over yet. In a big Ukrainian city Kiev there is still a lot of snow :O


Crazy Walking High Above Ground
Apr 04, 2013 Other

If you live in a city without any attractions then you have to make your everyday more interesting :)


Swiming In The Hall
Apr 04, 2013 Funny

If your corridor is narrow enough you can swim without any problem in it like a professionals do :D


Brutal Car Burnout
Apr 04, 2013 Automoto

A really amazing and brutal burnout full of smoke and flames, performed on Burnout Mayhem 2013 :)


One Night Stand Misunderstanding
Apr 03, 2013 Funny

This is possibily the worst scenario in one night stand with worst partner ever :D


Russian Drifting
Apr 03, 2013 Accidents

If you read a word anything related to Russia next to a drift, then you know something will go wrong :D


Old Way To Get The Robber
Apr 03, 2013 Cool

In the shopping center an alarm goes off then a spectacular ancient hunting begins :)


Crazy Road Rage
Apr 03, 2013 Stupid

Ex-marine goes totally crazy after a calmed driver crashes into the back of his car :O


Size Matters
Apr 03, 2013 Funny

A great Malaysian advert for a sport bikes shop proving that size matters after all :D


How To Easy Put On A Swimming Cap
Apr 03, 2013 Funny

This is a really quick and best ways of putting a swimming cap over your head :D


Human Piano
Apr 03, 2013 Music

A genius idea of making music. Guy recorded a few tones of random passers-by and then played a piano with those tones :)


Hovercraft Golf Cart
Apr 03, 2013 Technology

Golf cards are very useful when playing golf. What if you could drive a hovercraft golf cart which can travel even over the water? :)


Tetris Stopmotion Drawing
Apr 03, 2013 Cool

Video of an artist, who draw an amazing 3D tetris picture and then created a stopmotion video :)