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Dog Bath Time
Sep 05, 2013 Animals

Puppies are really excited to run up the stairs and jump in the bath tub :D


Watermelon Smoothie Drink
Sep 05, 2013 Cool

Create a refreshing watermelon smoothie with essentially no mess in 2 minutes :)


Wheelchairs Basketball Commercial
Sep 05, 2013 Cool

Amazing commercial from Guinness where the main theme is how to be a true friend :)


Ylvis - The Fox
Sep 05, 2013 Music

A new Norwegian song where they are searching how a fox sound sounds :D


Building Heats Up the Sidewalk
Sep 05, 2013 News

Developers of an unfinished skyscraper in London say they are investigating the way the building reflects sunlight, because it burns everything :O


Meteor Prank In Job Interview
Sep 04, 2013 Cool

LG Electronics scares the hell out of people by makes them think it's the end of the world :D


Cliff Climbing Crash
Sep 04, 2013 Accidents

A really bad crash of RZR while trying to climb over the cliff :O


Quit Smoking Prank
Sep 04, 2013 Funny

So Dennis Roady, Roman Atwood and Vitaly decided put out fires and save lives.


Picking Up Girls Speaking French
Sep 04, 2013 Cool

How successful was a guy picking up girls when speaking French? :)


Loud Pop Prank in the Elevator
Sep 04, 2013 Funny

Another great prank where a guy is making loud pop sounds in the elevator :)


Magic Proposal Card Trick
Sep 04, 2013 Cool

Everyone wants a magical proposal so a guy helped make it happen :D


Granny Gets Loose In Ibiza
Sep 04, 2013 Funny

A granny shows her dancing skills and how to party on Ibiza island :D


Tank Camion Crash
Sep 04, 2013 Stupid

What could go wrong when loading a big tank on the truck trailer? :D


Hit And Run In Malaysia
Sep 03, 2013 Stupid

A stupid driver of BMW firstly crashes into biker then leaves the scene :S


Rally in Argentina
Sep 03, 2013 Automoto

The guy over the engine is the co-driver doing the throttle control :D


Crazy Guy On Tour de France
Sep 03, 2013 Cool

During the bicycle race Tour de France one guy manages to jump over the contestanst :)


Adolf Mercedes Commercial
Sep 03, 2013 Funny

Really funny fan-made commercial of Mercedes that can recognize dangerous on the road by itself :D


When Everyone Dies
Sep 03, 2013 Funny

Another amazing prank from Korea, where one lady wakes up in the middle of dead people :D


Grandmas GT-R Reaction
Sep 03, 2013 Funny

A priceless reaction of a grandma when taken for a ride with +700 HP powerful GT-R :D


Crazy Rally Jump Compilation
Sep 03, 2013 Sport

Huge rally jump selection with really crazy jumps in HD with engine sound :)