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Russian Sliding With Full Speed
Jan 11, 2013 Funny

Russians are crazy. This clip is one of the proof, becouse they are sliding on the reoad with 125kph :O


Shadow Dance
Jan 11, 2013 Cool

Very creative shadow dance from a Shadowland show ;)


Robot For Swon Plowing
Jan 11, 2013 Technology

A snow plowing robot on 6 wheel drive, nightvision camera and with a lot more properties :)


Manawai - Endless summer
Jan 11, 2013 Cool

Great video of Slovenian guys surfing in Manawai ;)


McDonalds Invisible Drive Thru Prank
Jan 10, 2013 Funny

Very funny prank, where a car without a driver come by McDonalds drive thru :D


Hard Work Of Sound Engeneer
Jan 10, 2013 Funny

Very hard, fast and dynamic work of a sound engeneer :D


Trust Fall Fail
Jan 10, 2013 Funny

This is how you don't preform a trust fall :D


Mean Tweets Of Celebrities
Jan 10, 2013 Funny

A really mean tweets of celebrities readed by themselves :D


Sad Story Of A Mother Dog
Jan 10, 2013 Animals

A really sad story of rescuing a dog with 5 little babies :\


Professional Slam Dunk
Jan 09, 2013 Cool

Video of the Hungary Acrobatic Sport team, Faceteam, which is great in slam dunk :O


Handwash Urinal Toilet Fail
Jan 09, 2013 Funny

During an interview, an old man washed his hands in the wrong sink :D


Smashing Cars Windshield With a Head
Jan 09, 2013 Stupid

Stupid aussie, who is hitting his head in cars widnshield :O


Pole Vault Over Water
Jan 09, 2013 Funny

Anyone else think he would have been better off just trying to run and jump over it? :D


Domino Effect Accident
Jan 09, 2013 Accidents

A car hits a car which hits pedestrian who hits sign that hits a car :D


Knocking Down A Silo
Jan 09, 2013 Stupid

Knocking down a silo almost end miserably becouse it falls down in no matter of time :O


Hitting The Koala With A Motorbike
Jan 09, 2013 Other

Hitting the Koala at slow speed, At least the brakes work good :D


Kitchen Parkour Fail
Jan 08, 2013 Funny

Things broken in this video: overhead light fixture, his mom's heart, sense of self-worth :D


Shocking Inflatable Ball Descent
Jan 08, 2013 Shocking

Big inflatable ball for two persons made a new route down the hill and ends in gap :O


Skater Almost Gets Hit By A Car
Jan 08, 2013 Other

Extremely lucky that day despite skating in a very bad area to begin with :O


Wolverine Rescues A Man
Jan 08, 2013 Animals

Guy gets buried in a snowdrift, only to get pulled out by a tenacious wolverine :)