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Old Way To Get The Robber
Apr 03, 2013 Cool

In the shopping center an alarm goes off then a spectacular ancient hunting begins :)


Crazy Road Rage
Apr 03, 2013 Stupid

Ex-marine goes totally crazy after a calmed driver crashes into the back of his car :O


Size Matters
Apr 03, 2013 Funny

A great Malaysian advert for a sport bikes shop proving that size matters after all :D


How To Easy Put On A Swimming Cap
Apr 03, 2013 Funny

This is a really quick and best ways of putting a swimming cap over your head :D


Human Piano
Apr 03, 2013 Music

A genius idea of making music. Guy recorded a few tones of random passers-by and then played a piano with those tones :)


Hovercraft Golf Cart
Apr 03, 2013 Technology

Golf cards are very useful when playing golf. What if you could drive a hovercraft golf cart which can travel even over the water? :)


Tetris Stopmotion Drawing
Apr 03, 2013 Cool

Video of an artist, who draw an amazing 3D tetris picture and then created a stopmotion video :)


Festival Of Colors 2013
Apr 02, 2013 Cool

A great video from a Festival Of Colors full of nice music and colorful shades of atmosphere :)


Bike Guy With A Cat
Apr 02, 2013 Animals

Rudi Salida from Philadelphia is a biker, who often takes his cat to a ride :)


Escelator Helicopter Fail
Apr 02, 2013 Funny

One of the biggest fails on escelator when trying to do a helicopter spin :D


Driving On The Wrong Line
Apr 02, 2013 Stupid

In England, a driver of a car was driving on the wrong line on the highway, until cops didn't removed him :)


Crows Are Smart
Apr 02, 2013 Animals

A great proof of how smart can be a crow when it's in need for a food :)


Basketball Leg Injury
Apr 01, 2013 Shocking

Kevin Ware badly breaks his leg on half because of jump when trying to block an opponent :O


Amazing Beatboxer
Apr 01, 2013 Music

A really good performance of an amazing beatboxer who is making crazy voices with his mouth :)


Traditional Game In South Korea
Apr 01, 2013 Cool

Two girls from South Korea are jumping on an old swing and doing some tricks while in the air :)


Harlem Shake Fail
Apr 01, 2013 Stupid

Two of a girls were recording their own Harlem Shake until one of them made a big mistake :D


90-Year-Old 100m Run
Mar 31, 2013 Cool

Two old man, both in their 90's had ran on a 100 meters long running track :)


Girl And Hula Hop
Mar 31, 2013 Cool

A great performance and dancing moves of a sexy girl who dances with a hula hop :)


Amazing Ukrainian Dance
Mar 31, 2013 Cool

In Ukraine's Got Talent there was one couple with an amazing talent of dance. They impressed the entire hall and committee :)


Catching A Fish With A Hand
Mar 31, 2013 Animals

You can catch a fish without any fishing equipment. All you need is your hand and a bait :)