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Extreme Unicycling
Feb 11, 2013 Sport

Extreme unicycling with the biggest jump drop made by unicycle.


Go-kart Race Finished In Style
Feb 11, 2013 Sport

One mistake in last corner which heled a driver to finish a go-kard race in style :D


Wireless Chess
Feb 11, 2013 Technology

A wireless chess which allows people to connect and play board games with each other from anywhere in the world :)


Timelapse Of USA Snow Storm
Feb 10, 2013 Cool

A great timelapse of last big snow blizzard in USA :)


ASDF - Funny Animation
Feb 10, 2013 Funny

Very funny short clips with simple human forms :D


Police Chase Ends In Flames
Feb 10, 2013 Accidents

The high speed chase ends when the driver crashes and the car catches on fire :O


A Ride With The JetMan
Feb 10, 2013 Cool

The closest to human flight you can get. Sit back and full screen this awesome ride :)


Rally Car Flipped
Feb 10, 2013 Sport

Rally Fighter flips end over end and then keeps on racing :)


True Facts About Land Snails
Feb 10, 2013 Funny

True funny facts about the kinkiest animal in the world - the land snail :D


Guy Hit By Rally Car
Feb 09, 2013 Accidents

One of spectators on Galway International Rally was hit by a rally car :O


Depth Of The Ocean
Feb 09, 2013 Nature

A presentation of how would Earth look like if all of the water was drained out of it :)


Speed Painter On Talent
Feb 09, 2013 Cool

Master speed-painter D. Westry shows off his creative skills during the Anderson's Viewers Got Talent competition :)


Paper Sculpture
Feb 09, 2013 Other

A realistic sculptures made of paper folded in layers :)


Dubstep Dance
Feb 09, 2013 Cool

Great performance of dubstep dancing on the street :)


Romanian Paint Job
Feb 09, 2013 Funny

This is how some Romanian guy paint his car in very innovative way :D


Hot Nickel Ball On Ice
Feb 09, 2013 Cool

A reaction of a very hot nickel ball when droped on ice :)


Gangnam Style - Acoustic Version
Feb 08, 2013 Music

A very best performance of Gangnam Style from two beautiful girls :)


New BMX Dimension
Feb 08, 2013 Sport

Monster Energy rider Harry Main throwing it down in this brand new 2013 web video :O


Amazing Street Guitar Player
Feb 08, 2013 Music

A street gutiar player with an amazing guitar skills :)


Police Brutality Caught On Tape
Feb 08, 2013 Stupid

Here, a man filming Las Vegas police on his front yard is beaten up by police when he won't turn off the camera :O