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Swiming With A Crocodile
Apr 27, 2013 Animals

A man from Costa Rica enjoys swimming with his great mighty friend - a crocodile :)


Amazing Printer
Apr 27, 2013 Cool

What would you like more from a printer than print your copies and put them into a locker? :D


Black Humor Crash
Apr 27, 2013 Accidents

A bridge crash of a car with really funny soundtrack, that makes the video black humor rated :D


Doggy Style In The Grass
Apr 26, 2013 Animals

A viral video of a dog that meets his needs by doing the grass in a doggy style :D


Shocking Snowmobile Accident
Apr 26, 2013 Shocking

A very shocking accident from Sweden in which a snowmobile driver falls below the snowmobile at the moment when the accelerator stuck :O


Accident In Front Of Motorcyclist
Apr 26, 2013 Accidents

Motorcyclist stopped behind a stopped car when suddenly a careless driver crashes into a car :O


Great Cover From Two Filipino
Apr 26, 2013 Music

Amazing cover of Dance With My Father song from two young boys from Philippines. Really emotional video.


Don't Trow Things In Dogs
Apr 26, 2013 Shocking

Dogs justified attack a challenger, who was throwing all sorts of things at them :O


Kitten's Invasion
Apr 26, 2013 Animals

A very cute video clip of small kittens and their invasion on their owner :D


When The Telephone Is Ringing
Apr 26, 2013 Funny

During the orchestra concert the telephone was ringing so the orchestra's member toke that in advance :D


Feeling Of The Nascar
Apr 26, 2013 Sport

Have you ever wonder what is the feeling watching a Nascar race just few meters away? :)


Guy Plays On One String On Guitar
Apr 26, 2013 Music

A funny Jamaican Brushy One String plays great song on his one string guitar :)


Slow Motion Shaolin Backflip
Apr 25, 2013 Sport

X-Fighters World Champion Levi Sherwood throws down one of his favorite tricks, the Shaolin Backflip, recorded in super slow motion :O


Skateboarding In India
Apr 25, 2013 Sport

Kilian Martin shows us his pure skateboarding skill in excellent video skimmed across India.


New Animal Friend
Apr 25, 2013 Animals

A guy was returning from the library, when he made a new animal friend :)


High Speed Hammock
Apr 25, 2013 Cool

Very nice experiment from guys who sitted their friend into a hammock and spinned him hard :)


Goodness Of A Biker
Apr 25, 2013 Cool

A biker showed his positive side when he help an old fallen man. Faith in humanity restored!


Amazing Asian Dance
Apr 25, 2013 Cool

Asian guy shows his skills on the dance machine and sets a new record :)


Romanian Rescue Team
Apr 25, 2013 Funny

Romanian side use their funny motorised wheelbarrow to stretcher injured player from pitch :D


Car Crases Into A Bus Stop
Apr 25, 2013 Accidents

An old man was sitting on the bus stop when suddenly the car crashes into it :O