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Ambulance in Venice
Feb 03, 2013 Other

In Venice, in case of the need for salvors, they are eliminated as by boat :)


Angry Dog Growling
Feb 03, 2013 Animals

A must see video of angry dog and his funny owner :D


How Not To Jump Over A Chain
Feb 03, 2013 Funny

The little chain blocking the grocery aisle looked so harmless :D


Prank On A Sleeping Guy
Feb 03, 2013 Funny

Guy gets the fright of his life when his friends frighten the shit out of him while he sleeps :D


Hidden camera - Hairy Women
Feb 02, 2013 Funny

The men are all smiles until sexy girl removes her shawl and they get one look at her hairy chest :D


Truck Set On Fire
Feb 02, 2013 Accidents

Car crases into a truck which is set on fire in no time :O


Real Snow Boarding
Feb 02, 2013 Sport

Eight of the world's best urban snowboarders have submitted 60-second video parts, vying for a shot at $50,000 and Winter X gold.


Drunk On The Highway
Feb 02, 2013 Stupid

Only in Russia. A drunk man was sitting on the highway and almost caused the accident :O


How To Wash Hands In Space
Feb 02, 2013 Cool

SS Commander Chris Hadfield shows us the fine points of manual digital hygiene in microgravity :)


Naked Streaker Gets Away
Feb 02, 2013 Funny

During the match, a naked streaker gets away from security :D


Free Train Ride
Feb 02, 2013 Funny

Very inovative way how to take a train ride completely for free :D


Ultra HD Ink Drops
Feb 02, 2013 Cool

Great vido of ink drops in water. To view this video in 4K select Original in the resolution menu.


Best Of Skydiving 2012
Feb 01, 2013 Cool

A great compilation of best videos from skydiving, basejumping, wingsuit and more air sports ;)


Invisible Skater
Feb 01, 2013 Cool

A great montage of skater movie, where skater is invisible :)


Paperman - Great Short Film
Feb 01, 2013 Cool

A great short film Paperman from Disney that deserves your view!


Russian Snow Plowing
Feb 01, 2013 Stupid

Road Service in Russia is apparently plowing snow completely without an ounce of conscientious for walkers :D


Double Near Hit Accident
Feb 01, 2013 Accidents

Car Narrowly Avoids first accident on road and another while getting towed by a truck :O


Asphalting in Poland
Feb 01, 2013 Funny

This is how it looks when the Polands don't have a roller :D


Magic Trick With Cups And Nail
Jan 31, 2013 Cool

Keith Barry Extraordinary excerpt where he tricks Elijah Wood and Rachel Hunter :O


McDonalds Invisible Drive Thru Prank 2
Jan 31, 2013 Funny

A part two of prank, where a car without a driver come by McDonalds drive thru :D