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Diaper Full Of Puding Prank
Mar 18, 2013 Funny

A reall funny prank from Jase, who put some puding into a diaper to prank his buddy Mark who really hates the used diapers :D


Magician In Store
Mar 18, 2013 Cool

Michael Carbonaro shows some of cool tricks as a seller in a store and so surprises customers for Easter :)


Guy Almost Get Hit By Two Cars
Mar 18, 2013 Other

A guy with the sled drops down the icy road just at the moment when the two cars drove in the intersection :O


Penguin Fails
Mar 17, 2013 Animals

A great bloopers from one show on BBC, where the penguins show themselves in big awkwardness :D


Our Last Night - Skyfall
Mar 17, 2013 Music

Probably one of the best covers of Skyfall song from Adele, performed by Our Last Night band :)


Creation Of Hand With Clay
Mar 17, 2013 Cool

A great creation of a realistic hand from a clay based on the water from one recognized artist :)


Hidden camera - Best Of Explosions
Mar 17, 2013 Funny

A great compilation of hidden cams in which the main content are unpredictable big explosions :D


Wingsuit Flying In Rio de Janeiro
Mar 17, 2013 Cool

A crazy flying with the wingsuit over the populated Rio de Janeiro and even crazier overflight of skyscraper :)


Bully Gets Knocked Out
Mar 16, 2013 Stupid

On the sound festival in Texas, a bully was punching the random visitors, as long as someone knocked him out with one punch :)


Fish Eats Small Duck
Mar 16, 2013 Animals

A small duck was swimming on the water with her mom and some other ducks, until a big fish came and ate her :(


Street Performer Hits Drunk Man
Mar 16, 2013 Other

A seemingly drunk man stumbled around the street performer, with whom he indulged, until he got his painful lesson :)


Swimming At Minus 52 Degrees
Mar 16, 2013 Stupid

Swimming in cold water isn't pleasant. This doesn't subject for a Russian guy, who jumps into a water when the temperature is -52°c :O


Bobsled Ride
Mar 16, 2013 Sport

A great video of exciting ride with bobsled on the icy track from the view of the pilot :)


Why Travel In Groups
Mar 16, 2013 Funny

Three great examples that show us why is smarter to travel in groups and how may this be paying off :D


Guy Who Can Turn His Head 180 Degrees
Mar 15, 2013 Other

Due to underdeveloped muscles on the neck, Alexander can turn his head 180 degrees so he can easily look behind him :O


Carrier And Cargo Ship Collide
Mar 15, 2013 Accidents

Two ships collide on the sea due to the foolish sailing next to each other and one unexpected reaction.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Video
Mar 15, 2013 Technology

Introduction of new Samsung Galaxy S4. A lot of usefull functions in one phone are placing it far ahead of all competition :)


Water And Sound Experiment
Mar 14, 2013 Technology

What can you see on the video if you capture 24fps of falling water, next to a speaker with 24hz frequency playing :)


Would You Help Your Friend
Mar 14, 2013 Cool

A great experiment of guys calling their best friends in the middle of the night and tell them, they are in serious troubles. Would you help your friend?


Bad Day Through Google Glass
Mar 14, 2013 Funny

A possible scenario of bad day recorded with a high tech Google Glasses :D