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You Won't Believe What Falls Out Of This Truck In Belarus
Apr 07, 2017 Other

You just have to see some things to believe. In thisdashcam video from Belarus we can see a truck driver driving on the road when suddenly he lost one unusual passenger.

The driver noticed ...


Crazy Robbie Maddison Uses His Motocross Bike To Jump Off A Ski Slope
Apr 07, 2017 Cool

Robbie Maddison has jumped some crazy stuff on his dirtbike, but sending it off the Olympic ski jump in Park City, Utah is on a whole other level.

The crew met up with pro ski jumper Sarah ...


WATCH: This Massive Crocodile Is Rescued From A Canal And Released To The River
Apr 07, 2017 Animals

Villagers and wildlife officials in Sri Lanka helped rescue a massive 17-foot crocodile that had become stuck in a canal.

Local media said the crocodile weighed about a ton and had become ...


This Is Why You Shouldn't Crush Anvil With Hydraulic Press
Apr 07, 2017 Cool

Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta and his wife Anni used hydraulic press to see what happens if you try to crush anvil.

This is something you really don't want to try at home as it ...


Guy Covers Red Hot Chili Peppers' Song In 20 Different Styles
Apr 07, 2017 Music

Anthony Vincent is the vocie behind "Ten Second Songs" channel and this time he sang Red Hot Chili Peppers' song "Give It Away" in 20 different music styles. Which one does it suit ...


Kitten Couldn't Reach A Toy, Then Mama Cat Steps In To Save The Day
Apr 06, 2017 Animals

This kitten in video couldn't reach the top of the kitchen counter where her toy was so she called her mom to help her out.

Mama cat was looking at a toy, then she came down and saved the ...


Pit Bull With Bleeding Tumors Surrenders To Rescuer And Then Gives Him A Kiss
Apr 06, 2017 Animals

A lot of people think Pit Bull is very dangerous and aggressive dog, but that's not true. Take a look at this video in which good man from Hope for Paws organization came to rescue stray Pit Bull dog who ...


17-Year-Old Guitar Prodigy Shreds Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
Apr 06, 2017 Music

Ludwig van Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement), arranged for electric guitar by Dr. Viossy and played by 17-year-old guitar prodigy Tina S is something you've probably never heard of. Once you ...


A Couple Of Drunks Bash A Shops Door, Then Shop Owner Bashes Back
Apr 06, 2017 Other

In this security video taken somewhere in Russia we can see two drunk guys bashing the doors infront of a shop befor enetering inside.

Unfortunately for them shop owner saw everything. ...


Extreme Up-Close Video Of Tornado Near Wray In Colorado
Apr 06, 2017 Nature

Check out this extreme up-close footage of a tornado that touched down just north of Wray, Colorado. This video was posted by Reed Timmer Meteorologist and Extreme Storm Chaser. You definitely need a big ...


This Is Why You Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
Apr 06, 2017 Music

Estell Keel is a woman in the video who plays something different as you would expect.

This video is a great example why we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Listen how she nails one ...


16-Year-Old Jasmine Thompson Sings "Mad World", Her Voice Is Something Special
Apr 06, 2017 Music

Jasmine Thompson is an English singer and songwriter living in London. Now, at the age ob 16 she covered "Mad World" song by Tears for Fears and her singing is like a balm for the soul.


Try Not To Laugh When Grandma Pranks Her Husband With This Hilarious Prank
Apr 05, 2017 Funny

A new viral video featuring a grandma playing a trick on her husband shows how even old people know how to have a good laugh - and it's the greatest thing you'll see all day.

She told him ...


Watch This Man Play The Piano On An Iceberg As Glaciers Crumble Around Him
Apr 05, 2017 Music

Ludovico Einaudi has turned eight million voices into music, Elegy for the Arctic, specially composed to help protect what we love. As he performed this piece for the first time — in front of a magnificent ...


30 Year Old African Grey Parrot Knows An Insane Amount Of Voices
Apr 05, 2017 Animals

Zoo Knoxville's feisty and talented Congo African Grey parrot was hatched thirty years ago. He's made a big name for himself in the zoo's Bird Show and on many local and national television appearances. ...


Excited Dog Hilariously Stops Play For Seven Minutes To Run Around The Pitch
Apr 05, 2017 Animals

The canine caper was the best in show at The Grove, running onto the field of play and dodging several players.

Stewards and the apparent owners of the dog also made their way onto the pitch ...


This Is How Garbage Truck Invites People In Taiwan To Bring The Garbage
Apr 05, 2017 Cool

Taipei is the biggest and the main city in Taiwan where more than 2,6 million people live. There is always a problem with trashes so the garbage trucks there have a speaker installed where Beethoven's ...


Jeep Driver Pushes Expensive BMW Into Parking Space
Apr 05, 2017 Stupid

Nobody can stand arrogant drivers who park their cars over two parking spots. Specially if this is a BMW driver. In this video, Jeep driver had it enough. When he saw a BMW parked over the line, he used ...


Florida Man Finds Large Alligator Hissing In The Sewer Outside His House
Apr 05, 2017 Shocking

Louis Camacho walked to the end of his driveway in Apopka, just outside Orlando, to see if there was any mail, only to hear a loud hissing noise. He then felt something that he described as like an earthquake. ...


This Dog Was Away For One Year, Now Boy Finally Meets Him Again
Apr 04, 2017 Cool

A year ago this family had to take their dog to live in another state while they traveled and. They didn't think the dog would be gone for so long but a boy in video has prayed for his beloved canine friend ...