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The Negotiation With Heineken
May 19, 2013 Cool

A great challenge by Heineken - if a guy convinces his girlfriend to buy an useless stadion's seet, they get two free football tickets :D


Oracle Team USA
May 19, 2013 Sport

Oracle Team USA crew can sometimes speeds of over 40 knots, and experience the sensational acceleration from onboard :)


Instant Justice
May 19, 2013 Other

U-turns across the bike lane are dangerous, illegal and way too common and karma is waiting on you :)


Low Helicopter Flight
May 19, 2013 Cool

Really amazing skill of a helicopter's pilot who flies the helicoper a few centimeters above the ground :O


Aliki On Britain's Got Talent
May 19, 2013 Music

Inspiring singer Aliki proves talent can overcome diversity. Her cover of the Evanescence classic Wake Me Up secures her a place in the next round.


Crazy Skiing From Candide Thovex
May 18, 2013 Cool

Candide Thovex is professional skier that just made ​​the adrenaline and dangerous skiing on the slopes, upset a few skiers and as well police officers :)


Picking Up Girls With A Puppy
May 18, 2013 Cool

Another great prank where a guy tries to pick up girls with a cute puppy :)


Korean Yoga
May 18, 2013 Funny

Guys from Korea show their unique and funny way how to preform a yoga :D


Free Kisses Prank Gone Wrong
May 18, 2013 Stupid

A guy puts a slip with the word free kisses on the glass corridor and waits for his catch. Unfortunately, his attempt ends very badly :O


Sex In The Toilet
May 18, 2013 Other

Prank from a Flemish advice hotline for parents where they put a speaker in the toilet and played sex sound :)


Amazing Wood Carving
May 18, 2013 Cool

John Merritt has been carving for about 55 years. He creates really amazing things from wood.


Stunt Gone Wrong
May 17, 2013 Accidents

Looks like a guy on video needs a little more of practice for this stunt :)


Craziest Drop On Water Slide
May 17, 2013 Stupid

This is definitely the most dangerous way to go down a big water slide :O


Campaign Against Cancer
May 17, 2013 Cool

Quite touching Spanish campaign in which they wanted to raise awareness about the risk of cancer.


Deer Hit By Bus
May 17, 2013 Accidents

A deer was hit by bus and then thrown into the space for passengers :O


What's Cool About Holland?
May 17, 2013 Nature

Probably the best introduction of Dutch tourist town Amsterdam and it's surroundings ;)


Logan Martin's 1080 barspin
May 17, 2013 Sport

Amazing world's first 1080 degrees barspin with BMX bike by Logan Martin :O


Emotional Police Pursuit
May 17, 2013 Cool

Portland Police Traffic Officer Mark James attempts to catch up to a traffic violator but he gets a little surprise :)


Unique Bird Catching
May 16, 2013 Funny

Bird hunter shows us how to catch a trophy only with bare hands. Must see! :D


Best Of Devin Tramp
May 16, 2013 Cool

Two years of videos captured by professional camerman Devin Tramp merged into one great compilation!