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Falling On The Ground Prank
Mar 06, 2013 Funny

A guy made a prank of falling on the ground with different things in his hands :D


Singing Hamster And Policeman
Mar 06, 2013 Funny

Russian guy records himself singing in a car with the hamster which repeats everything. Fun starts when a policeman pulls him over :D


Little Girl Fails On The Wedding
Mar 06, 2013 Funny

Very cute fail of little flower girl on the wedding, who is picking up the flowers instead of throwing them :D


Dog Wants To Play
Mar 05, 2013 Animals

Even the biggest dog's wish to play wasn't enough to make a statue play with it :D


Reactions To Murder In An Elevator
Mar 05, 2013 Shocking

What would you do, if you were a witness to a murder in progress? Very shocking and sad disclosure of reactions and actions of passers-by :O


Amazing Basketball Shots
Mar 05, 2013 Cool

Very good video of amazing and mostly crazy basketball shots with Dude Perfect team :)


The Knife Song
Mar 05, 2013 Cool

Guy is singing a knife song during hitting the spaces between his fingers. This act is already becoming an online sensation :)


Sea Lion On The Kayak
Mar 05, 2013 Animals

Scuba diver was very surprised by a baby sea lion, which jumped on his kayak and stayed there for a long time :)


8-Year-Old Breakdance Girl
Mar 05, 2013 Cool

Only 6-year-old girl wins a breakdance baby battle with her unique style against very good boy :)


Best Car Overtake
Mar 04, 2013 Other

Subaru driver made some epic overtaking with 360 degrees spin on the icy road :D


Fail Compilation Of February 2013
Mar 04, 2013 Funny

Great fail compilation full of fun and laughter from the very popular TNL :)


Girls Are Amazing
Mar 04, 2013 Cool

Sexiest compilation of human achievements in various disciplines - this time in the role of girls :)


Best Harlem Shake
Mar 04, 2013 Funny

Watch probably the best Harlem Shake video ever, which will make you share it :D


Prank On Cops
Mar 04, 2013 Funny

Funny prank from guy, who is doing some sexual things infront of cops wakling nearby :D


Porn Audition Goes Wrong
Mar 03, 2013 18+

Young and very shy Russian girl makes the porn audition definitely very interesting :)


One Direction Crotch Hit
Mar 03, 2013 Stupid

Harry Styles, member of One Direction band has collapsed on the stage after the shoe hit his crotch :O


Photoshop - Apocalypse
Mar 03, 2013 Cool

A great speed art of a city in post-apocalypse time where only the strongest are alive :)


Baby Sloth
Mar 03, 2013 Animals

Very nice video of young and cute baby sloth, who even gives a woman a nice gift :)


Master Of Balance
Mar 03, 2013 Cool

Men makes a unbelievable structure from wooden sticks where the main important part is balance :)


Crocodile Jumps On A Swimmer
Mar 03, 2013 Other

A crocodile jumps from the rock on a nearby swimmer and scares him out :D