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Shocking Prank For April Fool's
Apr 08, 2013 Funny

A crew of a recording studio scares theirs potential new actors with great shocking scene :D


Alive Chair
Apr 08, 2013 Funny

A great prank where a guy is dressed up into a chair and scares those who sit on him :D


How Actors Cry
Apr 08, 2013 Funny

Have you ever asked yourself, what they do to actors in sad scenes that their cry looks so natural? :D


Firefighting With 1000 FPS
Apr 08, 2013 Cool

Really amazing video of firefighers when fire fighting a fire recorded with 1000 FPS :O


Game Of Thrones - Chello Cover
Apr 08, 2013 Music

The theme song of very popular series Game Of Thrones played on chellos by Break of Reality band :)


Trance Song On Guitar
Apr 08, 2013 Music

Ewan Dobson plays some trance song on his acoustic guitar. Really amazing :)


Cyclist Fail
Apr 08, 2013 Sport

Yoann Offredo didn\'t saw a barrel in the middle of the road during his cycle race, so he crashed in it badly:/


Fail Compilation Of March 2013
Apr 08, 2013 Funny

A TNL's fail compilation from a previous month, full of laugh and with a lot of pain :D


How To Make Your Ex Jealous
Apr 08, 2013 Cool

A great step-by-step tutorial how to make your ex-girlfriend jealous via Facebook :D


Tears In Space
Apr 07, 2013 Cool

A Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield introduces how tears look like in the space :)


Cat Goes Crazy
Apr 07, 2013 Animals

An owner tried to bath her cat, but she really doesn't like a water so she freaks out :D


April Fools Prank With Heroine
Apr 07, 2013 Funny

Reaction of a mom for April Fools when she finds out that her son needs an extra money for heroine :D


Revenge On A Cheating Girlfriend
Apr 07, 2013 Stupid

Guy finds out that his girlfriend is cheating on him so he smashes her car's back window :D


Stupid Robbery Fail
Apr 07, 2013 Stupid

When a robber runs out of a store, he doesn't see a glass window and crashes into it :D


Crying Girl At The Wedding
Apr 06, 2013 Funny

Funny video of a little flower girl, who ran out of the church in the middle of a wedding :D


Michael Buble And His Fan
Apr 06, 2013 Music

A mother of one fan insisted her son must sing with Michael Bublé, so he did :)


Brownies Prank
Apr 06, 2013 Funny

A guy is offering his brownies, but istead of this, he gives away an brown letter E :D


Drive Through McDonalds Without A Head
Apr 06, 2013 Funny

Funny and priceless reactions of employees in McDonalds when a man without a head drives by :D


8-Year-Old Plays A Guitar
Apr 05, 2013 Music

Zoe Thomson is only 8-year-old girl who plays a guitar like professionals do :O


Stupid Bridge Jump
Apr 05, 2013 Stupid

Very stupid idea of a guy, who jumps off a bridge tied to his underwear. Result - large pain :)