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Small Plane Lands On Street
Mar 17, 2012 Other

Cameras inside a home-built plane's cockpit and another near the engine capture the moment that a small plane's engine failed and the pilots were forced to make an emergency landing in a residential street.


18-Wheeler Tractor Trailer Tire Nutshot
Mar 17, 2012 Stupid

Horse taking a 18 wheeler tire off a ramp and into his groined! "One of the worst & most dangerous nutshots I've ever done, if that tire landing on my face.. I could have died!" :D


Lada Engine Explodes
Mar 15, 2012 Accidents

Probably too much torque :D


Airport Thermal Camera Fart
Mar 15, 2012 Funny

A man passing gas caught on a thermal imaging camera at an airport :D


Worst Firefighter Ever
Mar 15, 2012 Funny

I don't think this fire will be over soon :D


Golden Retriever Grace Cleans The House
Mar 14, 2012 Cool

Cleaning the house is always such a chore, but Golden Retriever Grace does her part! ;)


Dog Dancing Mambo
Mar 14, 2012 Funny

Here is a lesson on wow to Do a Mambo Forward & Back Step :D


Luckiest Chicken Ever
Mar 13, 2012 Other

This chicken first survives one crash with a car and what comes later is just to much for one day. :D


The Funniest Hungry Baby Ever
Mar 13, 2012 Funny

A hungry baby eating yogurt. Hilarious!!! :D


9 Months Pregnancy In A 3 Minute Video
Mar 12, 2012 Cool

Life is truly wonderful! In fact, the development of human life in the womb is just amazing. Did you know that everything about you — including how tall you would be, the color of your eyes, and the ...


Weird Cloud Shoots
Mar 12, 2012 Other

The clouds appears to be twitching and convulsing... maybe even, breathing? The flashes result from the interplay of the electrical charges found in the atmosphere, the ice crystals that form in clouds, ...


Truck Drifting
Mar 09, 2012 Automoto

Truck does a great drift on snow :)


Hot Girl Shooting A Weapon
Mar 08, 2012 Sexy

Lauren shooting her AMD 65 prone.
What do we want more? ;)


Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme
Mar 06, 2012 Cool

Flying robot quadrotors perform the James Bond Theme by playing various instruments including the keyboard, drums and maracas, a cymbal, and the debut of an adapted guitar built from a couch frame. The ...


How to Remove Engine From A Car
Mar 03, 2012 Stupid

Guys show us how to remove entire engine from a car in just a few seconds.


Young Boy Showing Off His Hip Hop Skills
Mar 01, 2012 Cool

This kid is 3 years old! Pretty sweet with the dance moves, he's a natural! Those are some impressive choreographed hip-Hop dance moves :)


Bunny Escapes Cat
Mar 01, 2012 Funny

Ninja rabbit owns cat. How did he do it? :D


Deadly Backward Jump Fail
Feb 29, 2012 Shocking

Not really a good idea to practice gymnastics in full cement court, especially when something fails and almost ends in tragedy. :O


Italian News Room Fight
Feb 28, 2012 Stupid

An Italian newsroom fight was caught on camera. The anchor was reporting news while two men in the background started a fight, physically. The news anchor apparently was not aware of the fight behind and ...


Save Miranda!
Feb 27, 2012 Funny

Just the cops doing their jobs :D