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Hidden Kitten
May 12, 2012 Animals

These adorable kittens are just laying together, but after the human picks up one, you gotta see what happens :)


Nut Shot And Facial Baseball
May 11, 2012 Funny

Baseball hits one of the fans straight into his balls and from there into a girl face. Ouuuch! :D


Nicolas Cage Impersonation
May 11, 2012 Funny

One of the best impersonation of Nicolas Cage done by Rob Magnoti :D


Stuppidest Gangsta Rap
May 09, 2012 Stupid

Krispy Kreme talks about his world, womens and a lot of money.


Awesome Badminton Match AT The Swiss Open
May 08, 2012 Sport

Badminton often gets dismissed as a wimpy sport - but this intense scene at the Swiss Open is amazing.
Possibly the best badminton Defence you'll ever see.


One Of The Most Inspiring Ads Ever
May 07, 2012 Cool

Meet the Superhumans, the stars of the London 2012 Paralympic Games, exclusively on Channel 4 from 29 August to 9 September. Welcome to a world with no barriers, a world where possibilities are endless ...


Kid Fails Many Times At Dancing
May 06, 2012 Funny

We're not sure what the context of this video is. It's some kids dancing to music with some standing on a ledge near a wall. Now that you know there's kids on a ledge, you know what's coming next. Or do you? :D


Backflip To Treadmill Fail
May 04, 2012 Stupid

We are trying to decide what is more funny; This crazy stunt or his friend laughter :D


BlackBerry Time Shift Camera In Action
May 03, 2012 Other

Cameras using BlackBerry OS 10 software will have the capability to wind back time on selected portions of photos to make sure that the image has captured all of its subjects at their best ;)


Cat Vs Fish
May 03, 2012 Animals

While cat is watching fish,fish jump and bite cat! :D


Drag Car Crashes Into Wall Almost Hitting Unsuspecting Cameraman
May 03, 2012 Accidents

This guy has balls of steel for filming this and if you guessed a man was driving this car, well.


Insane Hail Storm
May 03, 2012 Nature

The most insane hail storm larger than tennis balls making a real mess.


Where Did He Come From?
May 01, 2012 Accidents

Any idea where he came from?!


Kobe's Disappearing Act
Apr 24, 2012 Funny

Kobe Bryant makes fun of a camera man when he suddenly disappears :D


Motocross Bike On Mountain Top
Apr 21, 2012 Cool

First person View of Motocross bike on top of a mountain full of adrenalin and fear :O


Very Funny Michael Jordan Commercial
Apr 18, 2012 Other

The ad trails a non-famous, white, middle-aged businessman as he faces the challenges of everyday life with the added challenge of having a very famous moniker.


Greedy Kid
Apr 16, 2012 Funny

The best part of the holiday season is that it brings out the best in people. Many folks give their time, money, and love to family, friends, and those who are less fortunate. The flip side is that this ...


World Champion Pole Dancer - Performing The Hardest Move
Apr 12, 2012 Cool

Pole dance is a form of performance art, traditionally associated with strip clubs, which combines dance and acrobatics centered around a vertical pole. This art form has recently gained popularity as ...


Russian Kid And A Car
Apr 11, 2012 Funny

During cold weather, russian driver parks his car and kid walks straight into it.


Drunk Russian Falls In A Hole
Apr 08, 2012 Stupid

This Russian fella legs are just not up to the task so he ends in a hole.