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Dog Shares A Heartwarming Reunion With His Army Dad Who Just Came Home
Sep 06, 2016 Animals

Harley is a German Shepherd whose owner is a a staff sergeant. Because of this, Harley is only able to see his owner once every several months. When Harley finally sees his owner for the first time since ...


Bicycle Thieves From The Hood Get Most Painful Punishment
Sep 06, 2016 Funny

Guys from TwinzTV channel made a new part of 'Insane bait bike prank' in which they left a bicycle in the park. Once bad guys stole a bicycle they didn't really know that their path will end in pain.


Jackie Chan Breaking 12 Cement Blocks With A Punch, While Holding An Egg Inside His Fist
Sep 06, 2016 Cool

Jackie Chan was a guest in German show and there were cement blocks waiting to get crushed. Firstly there was a girl who nailed it but then Jackie came and broke 12 cement blocks with a punch, while holding ...


Is This The Most Insane Alien Abduction Prank?
Sep 06, 2016 Shocking

Honestly, this might be the most insane alien abduction prank. A taxi driver in Brazil picked up his costumers when his car broke down in the middle of the woods. After Aliens abducted him, the real horror ...


Focus RS "Drifting" Crash Outside Of New Paltz, NY
Sep 06, 2016 Accidents

Driver of Focus RS was attempting a drift at the 44/55 Hairpin outside of New Paltz, NY, when it didn't go according to his plans. See for yourself how other drivers captured a crash.


Tough Drunk Guy Punches Random Dude In Newport Beach, Then Gets What He Deserves
Sep 06, 2016 Stupid

On the evening a Tough Drunk Guy in the white T Shirt with beard decides to talk stupidness and punch random guy's car in Newport Beach. They get out of car and kick him infront of everyone.


Driver Tackles His Competitor After Absolutely Bananas NASCAR Truck Race
Sep 06, 2016 Other

Cole Custer was not happy with how the NASCAR race came to a close after his competitior John Hunter Nemechek crashed into him in the last corner infront of finish line. What Cole did is something you ...


Red Light Runner Gets Instant Karma
Sep 06, 2016 Other

Cammer says in this intersection a red light gets ran almost everytime he is there. But this time, when one driver ran over a red light, there was an instant karma waiting for him. See what happened!


This Gorgeous Milky Way Time-Lapse Will Blow You Away
Sep 05, 2016 Nature

Milky way time-lapse shot from just below the peak of Mt. Stol, which is the highest peak in Karavanke mountain range in Slovenia. In the distance, out of the fog you can see the highest peaks of Julian Alps.


Man Beats Rush Hour Traffic By Riding Ostrich In Kazakhstan
Sep 05, 2016 Cool

Here comes a dashcam video from Kazakhstan and we can see one man beating rush hour traffic by riding an ostrich. This is definitely something you don't see everyday! :D


This Dog Doing A 'Trust Fall' With His Owner Is Just Too Good
Sep 05, 2016 Animals

Take a look at this video in which Watson The Golden does "trust falls" with his owner. This is definitely something it will make your day instant better. Watson just knows what having fun means! :)


Demi Lovato Just Crushed An Adele Cover In Cleveland
Sep 05, 2016 Music

Demi Lovato said she had a special treat for Cleveland and that she wanted to sing one of her all time favorite songs but she had never done it live before. She performed an awesome version of Adele's ...


Kid Was Selling Cookies But Everyone Ignored Him - This Happened When He Met A Poor Blind Man
Sep 05, 2016 Cool

Today is International Charity Day. At MaxMan TV they just wanted to share a social experiment that they did recently in Malaysia that captured an amazing act of kindness by an unsuspecting individual.


Death Metal Cello Guy Is Conquering The World
Sep 05, 2016 Music

From Russia it comes a video of one crazy guy who knows what a good music tastes like. Hu used his Cello to perform a Death Metal song infront of everyone in the park. He is such a legend!


This BMW Is Probably The Luckiest Car
Sep 05, 2016 Accidents

Even cars can have a bunch of luck. This is a security video in which we can see an unusual crash after one driver lost control over his car. But this BMW car is so lucky to get away without a scratch.


When The Physics Teacher Takes Apart In Tour De France
Sep 05, 2016 Sport

Maybe he is not the physics teacher but he wells know some physics laws. Here is a Superman pose as you have never seen before. This position gives a cyclist better aerodynamic efficiency. Riders of the ...


Caitlyn Vanbeck Leaves Judge Nicole Emotional On X Factor With Kelly Clarkson Hit
Sep 04, 2016 Music

After being bullied because of her singing, Caitlyn Vanbeck reduces Nicole to tears with her beautiful version of Kelly Clarkson's Piece By Piece on the audition of the X Factor UK 2016 show.


Bride Walks Down Aisle With Man Saved by Her Father's Heart Donation
Sep 04, 2016 Cool

Jeni Stepien's father Michael Stepien was murdered 10 years ago, but his heart saved another person's life. A person Jeni Stepien didn't even meet until the day before her wedding; Arthur Thomas a man ...


Whole World Is Laughing At This Hot Russian Girl Failing While Vacuuming
Sep 04, 2016 Funny

Here comes a video from Russia in which we can see a guy recording his beautiful lady while she was vacuuming. But what made everyone laugh is her move after she tried to clean the walls of appartment! :D


This 79-Year-Old Fitness Enthusiast Proves That Age Is Just A Number
Sep 04, 2016 Cool

An elderly man in central China's Henan province has become an idol to many fitness enthusiasts for his energetic workout routines. Zhang Zhuofu, a 79-year-old fitness fanatic in the city of Xuchang in ...