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Driver Using A Mobile Phone Injures Police Officer And Another Pedestrian
Oct 01, 2016 Accidents

The dramatic moment when a mobile phone-using driver hit a police officer then crashed into a pedestrian and another vehicle was caught on surveillance video in east China's Anhui Province on Monday. ...


Fails Compilation Of Month September 2016
Oct 01, 2016 Funny

Here ya go, at FailArmy they've got the best fails of September just for you! Which one made you laugh the hardest? This is one awesome compilation which is great for the start of new month!


F1 Driver Kevin Magnussen Was Literally On Fire On Race In Malaysia
Oct 01, 2016 Automoto

Formula One championship leader Nico Rosberg set the timesheets ablaze in Friday's opening practice for the Malaysian Grand Prix, but it was Kevin Magnussen's fiery Renault that stole all the attention.


Car In Lebanon Gets Crushed Between Two Trucks
Oct 01, 2016 Accidents

Security camera near Beirut city in Lebanon captured a moment when one truck driver stopped his vehicle then another car driver drove behind him. This driver had no luck as another truck driver crashed ...


Nervous Teen Is The Last Contestant, Collapses Onstage In Tears When She Hears Simon's Critique
Sep 30, 2016 Music

On The X Factor UK 2016 6 Chair Challenge, Simon Cowell is faced with many difficult decisions as he has to whittle the contestant count down to only a final six.

And, by the time 16-year-old ...


Your Childhood Dream Come True With This Awesome Megaswing
Sep 30, 2016 Cool

Red Bull has uploaded a video of one megaswing far up in the sky. The rope was tied to another hot air balloon. Would you be brave enought to try this megaswing? ;)


Robber Gets What He Deserves After Trying To Steal Woman's Purse
Sep 30, 2016 Other

Two guys were together in an action to steal a purse from a passenger on the bus. But too bad for them, their plan was demolished right after the bus driver took an action. What goes around, comes around.


Swedish Girls Rope Skipping Team Performs A Flippin' Sweet Routine At This Year's Championship
Sep 30, 2016 Cool

These girls from Sweden prove definitively that rope skipping is as competitive and badass as any other sport out there, especially when it's set to Usher's "Yeah!"


Temperature Changing Paint On This Bike Is Most Badass Thing Ever
Sep 30, 2016 Cool

Take a look at this motorcycle which is owned by one badass biker. There is a temperature changing paint on some of the exhaust pipes and when they are hot enough we can see a clear picture. What a masterpiece!


Is This A Proof That Karma Is A Real Thing?
Sep 30, 2016 Other

Take a look at this dashcam video from Poland in which we can see a proof that karma is a real thing. Arrogant driver didn't mind about the driver behind him, but later he got what he deserved.


That Moment When Your Door Rips Open At 170 Mph
Sep 30, 2016 Other

On one of the races a BMW driver got into troubles when he was speeding with over 170 mph when suddenly car's door on the passenger side were ripped open. What a moment to experience.


Video Shows Aftermath Of Deadly New Jersey Train Crash
Sep 30, 2016 News

Eyewitness video shows aftermath of train crash in Hoboken, New Jersey that left at least 1 person dead and more than 100 people injured. Take a look how everything looked like in video bellow.


Britney Spears' Son Scares The Hell Out Of Her
Sep 30, 2016 Other

Britney Spears screams at the top of her lungs after her sons plan a hilarious scare in a well-executed prank. Britney Spears' two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James worked together to scare the lights ...


Overspeeding Biker Almost Hits Another Biker After He Loses Control Over His Motorcycle
Sep 30, 2016 Accidents

Josh James from Discovery Channels 'Dual Survival' and 'Kings Of The Wild' shows us a disgusting way how to kill an octopus in style of people from New Zealand. Be aware - the content you're about to see ...


This Is How They Kill An Octopus In New Zealand
Sep 30, 2016 Other

Josh James from Discovery Channels 'Dual Survival' and 'Kings Of The Wild' shows us a disgusting way how to kill an octopus in style of people from New Zealand. Be aware - the content you're about to see ...


Dog Upset Pet Store Is Closed, Refuses To Leave
Sep 29, 2016 Animals

The pet store is clearly closed, but that won't stop Samo the 5-year-old beagle/lab from leaving it. If it were up to her, they would have waited outside until the morning when it opens again!


Mom Films Little Sister Waiting For Brother To Come Home, Footage Is Going Viral
Sep 29, 2016 Cool

It's the Ellis family's favorite part of the day. Big brother Jaxon gets home every day at the same time, and when little sister Cecillia sees the bus coming, she starts jumping up and down because she ...


Mind-Blowing Dance In Which Couple Is Dancing Like A Rag Doll
Sep 29, 2016 Cool

Here comes a video of one mind-blowing dance in which woman acts as she is a rag doll. This is the video which is going viral and we are not surprised at all - this is really one big masterpeace!


Epic Fire Drill Prank On Sleeping Russian Firefighter
Sep 29, 2016 Funny

In a classroom of a fire station in Russia, a firefighter fell asleep on his table, head bowed. His comrades will then make it a good joke in the suddenly awakening. One of the firefighters will play from ...


Songified U.S. Presidential Debate With Trump And Hillary Is Hilarious
Sep 29, 2016 Music

In a first for U.S. presidential debates, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie joined the candidates to transform their mortal arguments into heavenly duets. This songified version of presidental debate ...