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Dad Pranks His Three Daughters With A Pregnant Turkey On Thanksgiving Day
Nov 26, 2016 Funny

Dad in this video pranks his three daughters by placing another small turkey inside big turkey on Thanksgiving day. When his girls were cleaning the turkey, they didn't expect this piece of meat will be ...


Would You Have Such A Cool Secret Door Into Your House?
Nov 26, 2016 Cool

This house has a hidden door that leads inside the house. It has a remote control and a keypad! Would you live in a house with such a cool secret door? This really loks awesome and what's most important - safe.


This Motorcycle Accident Is A Proof That Seconds Really Do Matter In Traffic
Nov 26, 2016 Accidents

Biker Walter is a famous Youtuber who takes care of his fans everytime. This time he got into the accident with a bike while he was trying to change the music on his phone. Seriously, don't look at your ...


Guy Barely Avoids Getting Hit By A Super Low-Flying Jet
Nov 26, 2016 Other

You should always be ready to dive to the ground during an air show - it might just save you from losing your head (literally). See how this pilot scared a guy on the ground with a super low pass.


Fails Compilation Of Month November 2016
Nov 26, 2016 Funny

November is always a fun month, but who isn't excited for December? Enjoy this month's fails and tell us which clip in this compilation made you laugh the most. Have a fun time watching this masterpiece!


Terrifying Yamaha R1 Motorcycle Crash Captured On Dashcam
Nov 26, 2016 Accidents

The R1 motorcycle crash video from when 'FreakinRiley' and 'bakerXderek' were riding and 'FreakinRiley' crashed his Yamaha R1 and almost went off a cliff. He suffered a spiral fracture from his knee to ...


This Is Why You Shouldn't Mix Coke With Liquid Nitrogen
Nov 26, 2016 Cool

Crazy Russian Hacker made a new video in which he mixed a Coke with Liquid Nitrogen but the results were something he didn't expect. This is the reason why you should mix those two in the same bottle.


Insane Act Performed By Two Guys On Georgia's Got Talent Left Judges Speechless
Nov 25, 2016 Cool

Two guys performed very dangerous act on Georgia's Got Talent and they left all the judges shocked. When you will see how their performance looks like you will be in shock too. This is how power, confidence ...


This Woman Soccer Player Is An Awesome Example How Soccer Should Look Like
Nov 25, 2016 Sport

We all know that soccer is a sport where almost all the players fall when opponent just touches them. But in this video from woman's soccer match we can see how soccer should look like. Every professional ...


Husky Puppy's First Howl Is The Most Adorable Thing You Will Hear
Nov 25, 2016 Animals

Here is one adorable video of husky puppy trying to howl at only 5 weeks of age. See how his first howl sounds like - it will definitely make your day a lot better when you hear it! Who want to have such ...


Two Guys On Cellos Paid Tribute To Freddie Mercury With 'The Show Must Go On' Stunning Cover
Nov 25, 2016 Music

Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser are both members of their band 2CELLOS. They play famous songs on their cellos and now they paid a tribute to Freddie Mercury by playing his song 'The Show Must Go On.' When ...


Black Labrador Dog Body Slides In The Snow
Nov 25, 2016 Animals

Watch as this adorable Black Labrador dog named Rafi body slides down a snow covered hill after he finds out that the surface is slippy. Looks like the little guy knows how to have some fun!


Would You Try This Insane Roller Coaster Zipline?
Nov 25, 2016 Cool

Check this video in which you can see how an insane roller coaster zipline looks like. Would you be brave enough to take a ride on this machine? It looks people are having fun while riding it.


Insane Shift Change Of French Lighthouse Keepers
Nov 25, 2016 Other

In this video from France we can se how a shift change of keepers looks like in a Lighthouse on deep waters. If you thought your job sucks, maybe this video will make you think again. You need some good ...


One Of The Best Goals Scored In Europa League By Roma's Diego Perotti
Nov 25, 2016 Sport

Diego Perotti scored a fluky rabona chip as Roma eased to a 4-1 victory over Viktoria Plzen in the Europa League and into the knockout stages.
Perotti netted the Serie A club's third of the night ...


Awkward Handshake Triggers Hilarious Laugh
Nov 25, 2016 Funny

Andrew from "LAHWF" channel was talking to random people and asking them simple questions like where the library is. But when he came to this guy, he wasn't expecting such a big laugh after awkward ...


American Rapper Gucci Mane Proposes To Keyshia Ka'oir At Hawks Game
Nov 25, 2016 Cool

American rapper Gucci Mane used a Kiss Cam as an opportunity to propose to girlfriend Keyshia Ka'oir on Tuesday night at Hawks NBA game. See for yourself how his proposal looked like.


Off-Duty Cop In Brazil Unloads Magazine Into Armed Robber At Close Range
Nov 25, 2016 Shocking

An armed robber was killed by an off-duty police officer during an attempted robbery of a jewellery store in central Sao Paulo on Wednesday afternoon, 23 November 2016.

A video released ...


This Video Will Make Motorcyclists Think About Riding Between Heavy Vehicles
Nov 25, 2016 Shocking

Happened along Jalan Buroh just before West Coast Highway. Motorcyclists please do not ever ride between heavy vehicles. Your family and love ones need you at home. This is definitely something every biker ...


OK Go's Colorful New Music Video Was Shot In 4.2 Seconds And It's Really A Masterpiece
Nov 24, 2016 Music

American rock band OK Go made another song 'The One Moment' with amazing music video. After their amazing music video in a plane of 'Upside Down & Inside Out' song they made a music video that was ...