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Jumbo Jet Boeing 747 Blast Throws People Around The Beach
Oct 30, 2016 Other

KLM Jumbo Jet Boeing 747 was preparing to take off in St. Maarten with people watching the plane next to it on the Sunset Beach. Unfortunately they didn't know the power of plane engines will throm them ...


This Screaming Pug Is The Best Thing You Will See Today
Oct 30, 2016 Animals

Megan showed up at Caleb Power's uncle's house with an infected eye. It wouldn't ever heal right so they had it removed. Caleb also never heard this dog bark as it just screams. This is the most hilarious ...


A Vote For Hillary Is A Vote For World War 3
Oct 30, 2016 Other

Hillary Clinton has vowed to use military assets against Russia if Moscow is merely suspected of having engaged in a cyber attack.

Hillary Clinton has already proven that she is a sociopathic ...


This Girl Trained Her Dog To Act Cool Around Cops
Oct 30, 2016 Funny

Katie Fuller is a girl in video and she shows us a trick she teached her dog. Everytime there is a police car or police patrol infront she just says to him to play it cool and he totally nails it! :D


Marquez And Rossi Point Their Bikes Skywards Past Simoncelli's Plaque At The Malaysian GP
Oct 30, 2016 Sport

Today's MotoGP race ended in Malaysia where Marco Simoncelli lost his life back in 2011. Two of the biggest names of MotoGP, Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi pointed their bikes skywards past Simoncelli's ...


Home Free's Unique Spine Chilling Spin On "How Great Thou Art" Is Going Viral
Oct 30, 2016 Music

With cascading mountains behind them and green grass all around, the skilled men of the country a capella group, Home Free, belt out the well-known hymn, "How Great Thou Art." Their voices, coupled ...


Stray Dog Runs Onto The Field During Soccer Game And Gets Treated Like A Baby
Oct 30, 2016 Animals

We've seen a couple of videos of dogs who run onto the field and interrupt either a baseball or a soccer game. While some would probably get mad at the dog for interrupting the game, what happened in the ...


Overpass Collapses Under The Weight Of A 108-Tonne Truck Crushing A Car
Oct 30, 2016 Accidents

An overpass north of Milan has collapsed under the weight of a truck carrying an oversized load just hours after highway authorities say they requested the road's immediate closure.

The ...


Scary Snowman Horrifies Random Victims For Halloween 2016
Oct 30, 2016 Funny

Guy behind The Scary Snowman channel scared some random strangers in Salem, Massachusetts this time for preparations of Halloween 2016. Watch this hilarious video in which you will laugh to some awesome ...


Here's 3 Minutes Of A Girl And Her Family Trying To Get Her Head Out Of A Pumpkin
Oct 30, 2016 Funny

Rachel Ralphs tried to bet her mom Kristy Packer Ralphs that she can fit her head inside the carved pumpkin. Her head went in, but the main problem was how to get her head out of it. This is funny as hell! :D


After Watching This Video You Won't Eat Figs Anymore
Oct 29, 2016 Other

If you love to eat figs, then you should consider twice before watching this video. The woman in video explains us what happens in the fig when female wasp lays eggs inside of it. Share this and warn your ...


This Unlucky Rider Experiences Absolute Nightmare At Malaysian GP
Oct 29, 2016 Sport

There's nothing worse after crashing than being taken out immediately while trying to rejoin... absolute nightmare for Sam Lowes at Malaysian GP in Moto 2 category.


Professional Singers Singing 'O Fortuna' Will Instantly Give You Goosebumps
Oct 29, 2016 Music

Take a look at this performance of professional singers and musicians playing 'O Fortuna' poem from 'Carmina Burana' song. This is something it will give you chills all over your body. More than 50 million ...


This Happened To A Muslim Who Thought The Fences In Israel Were Like The Fences In Europe
Oct 29, 2016 Other

This is what happened to a Muslim migrant who thought the fences in Israel were like the fences in Europe. When he treid to pass the Israeli border he got a surprise from soldiers in the tower.


Guy Dresses Up As Dog's Favorite Toy, Then Surprises Him
Oct 29, 2016 Animals

Jolene is a dog who really loves her small toy. It's her favourite one and she never gets tired of it. See her epic reaction when her owner dressed himself as a toy she has. Only this time it was few times ...


Extremely Satisfying Making Of A Meteorite Ring
Oct 29, 2016 Cool

This is a meteorite wedding band that guy in the video made for his own wedding. He says that the metal was much harder than he expected to be and it took quite some time to machine on his lathe. Watch ...


Italian Female News Reporter Forgets We Can See Everything Through Glass Desk
Oct 29, 2016 Other

Italian news reporter Costanza Calabrese who runs news show on channel TG5 was not aware of the fact there is a glass table infront of her. She got too relaxed during the show and this is why viewers saw ...


Kid Smashes Through Glass Wall Trying To Catch The Bus
Oct 29, 2016 Other

An invisible glass partition gives this kid a rude wake up call after he was trying to catch the bus infront of him. Luckly he looks alright but we must admit it that was one hard hit in the glass wall.


Fails Compilation Of Month October 2016
Oct 29, 2016 Funny

October might be coming to a close but the fails aren't slowing down anytime soon. Here are the best funny fail videos of this month collected by FailArmy group. Have fun watching this masterpiece, you ...


Driver Saves A Drunk Man From Death In Russia
Oct 29, 2016 Cool

Security cameras captured a moment that could end with one life less. A drunk Russian guy tried to cross the railway tracks at railway crossing but he didn't make it. Luckly for him there was one driver ...