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Ohio State Football Player Braxton Miller Did A Video Game Level Spin Move
Dec 10, 2016 Sport

Ohio State WR Braxton Miller uses an incredible spin move to score a touchdown in the season opener against Virginia Tech last year. The former QB lined up under center and took it himself 53 yards for ...


Guy Has A Stroke While Driving, Then Crashes And Takes Out A Street Light
Dec 10, 2016 Accidents

This guy has a stroke while driving on the highway, hits several barriers then takes out a street light! This happened two days ago, and we can hope he's doing alright now.


Fails Compilation Of December 2016 - Part 2
Dec 10, 2016 Funny

Second week of December 2016 month is already here so it's time for new fails compilation from previous days. See this compilation and tell us which video was your favorite!


Dog Visits Hospital To Say Goodbye To Her Dying Owner For The Last Time
Dec 09, 2016 Other

Last month, Mollie's owner, 33-year-old Ryan Jessen, was hospitalized after suffering a brain hemorrhage, from which he would not recover. Friends and family gathered by Jessen's bed were all stricken ...


Pentatonix's Spine Tingling Version Of "Mary Did You Know" Is Leaving Everyone In Awe
Dec 09, 2016 Music

The members of Pentatonix are sending chills down everyone’s spine with their beautiful rendition of "Mary Did You Know." Their arrangement on this already beautiful song is putting everyone ...


This Filipino Star Wars Commercial Is Really The Most Heartwarming Thing You'll See For A Longtime
Dec 09, 2016 Cool

Watch this really touching Filipino Star Wars commercial with a boy going to school everyday dressed as a Stormtrooper from Star Wars, but with a reason behind. How much did this ending make you tear up?


Tractor Writes Message In The Snow, Has The Internet Applauding In Agreement
Dec 09, 2016 Cool

Prunty Farms waited for the opportune moment to send a farmer out in 10 inches of snow for a special holiday mission. Farmer Dan was the chosen farmer who had one and only one chance to get it right. If ...


Burglar Gets Caught By Police After Breaking Into The House In Dallas, Texas
Dec 09, 2016 Stupid

Here comes a video of security cameras in Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas, when this burglar got caught after owner saw his alarm was deactivated. He called Dallas Police Department to tell them about the man ...


The Crowd Was Covered In Goosebumps When Kelly, Trisha, And Reba Sang "Silent Night"
Dec 09, 2016 Music

Kelly Clarkson is one of America's most beloved sweethearts - so it's only right that she hosted a Christmas special with a handful of other iconic artists. In beautiful harmony, Kelly Clarkson is joined ...


Victim Makes A Miraculous Escape From Hitman In Amsterdam
Dec 09, 2016 Shocking

Security cameras in Amsterdam captured a dramatic moment when man made a miraculous escape from hitman trying to kill him. Police in Amsterdam is already searching for a hitman. This is really intense footage!


A Helicopter Is Hands Down The Best Way To Transport Christmas Trees
Dec 09, 2016 Cool

It's fast, it's fun and it won't get your ugly Christmas sweater all covered in sap. Watch this skilled helicopter pilot from Brim Aviation delivering Christmas trees from the woods. You really need some ...


Artistic Cycling Training Like You've Never Seen Before
Dec 09, 2016 Cool

In this video from Slovakia, we can see a dance performance by four girls during training. Nothing unusual if they wouldn't dance with their bicycles. How are those girls able to control bikes so good?


This Is How Towing A Car In Russia Looks Like
Dec 09, 2016 Funny

We all know that in Russia there are different rules like in other countries. We can guarantee you you've never seen this way of towing a car. Something like this is possible only in Russia for sure! :D


These Girls Order Some Pizza And Go Topless To Surprise The Delivery Guys
Dec 09, 2016 Other

Being a delivery guy is a hard way to make a living. So what better way to make his day than by having three girls in lingerie to greet him at the front door?


Guy Becomes A Finland's Got Talent 2016 Winner With Farting
Dec 08, 2016 Funny

Finland's Got Talent 2016 winner, Antton Puonti, takes on John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" but with a twist... were you expecting that he would cover this song with farting? :D


Moments After Hearing For The First Time, This Girl Gets Another Big Surprise
Dec 08, 2016 Cool

This woman cried tears of joy after she received a cochlear implant and was able to hear. However, her day became even more joyous when her boyfriend got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.


Repo Man Felt Bad Taking Elderly Couple's Car - Here's How He Made It Up To Them
Dec 08, 2016 Cool

Jim Ford, of Belleville, felt terrible when he had to repossess an elderly couple's car in Red Bud. He raised money to get it back for them, plus repaired it, plus filled it with Thanksgiving goodies. ...


Locked In A Cage For 87 Hours, Remi Gaillard Raises $215,000 For The Animal Shelter
Dec 08, 2016 Cool

Locked in a cage, like a dog, for 87 hours, French prankster and celebrity Remi Gaillard raises $215,000 for the animal shelter and gets 200 animals adopted. This is what you do if you're famous!


Do Chickens Deserve Love And Hugs Too? This Video Will Make You Think
Dec 08, 2016 Animals

Twinkie has always been a cuddler, but a recent popular video of a little boy and his chicken that loves hugs prompted Kari to find a way that she and lil' Twink could hug too. Not all chickens are this ...


One-Legged Dundee United Fan Scores Amazing Goal At Tannadice
Dec 08, 2016 Sport

The video above shows the stunning moment a one-legged fan of Dundee United Tommy McKay scores a sumptuous chip at half-time during a Dundee United league game. This goal became the best goal of November month.