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Jan 02, 2017 Category: Animals Author: kaja

Cow Cries As She Knows She's About To Be Slaughtered, But Then An Angel Saves Her

Emma the cow has had one helluva journey. She was unfortunately born into a bad situation where her owners often neglected and abused her. She did not have much to eat, and she was struggling to survive. Emma was raised to ultimately be brought to the slaughterhouse, but one day, her path took a turn for the best. A group of compassionate rescuers saved Emma and her family, and she can now lead the life she's always wanted.

At the start of the video below, Emma does not know that she's being saved. The video shows a touching clip of Emma crying as she is unsure of her looming fate. However, once Emma is released, you can tell that she's overjoyed and thankful for the angels that saved her.


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