2-Year-Old Hugo The Drummer Becomes The Winner Of Spain's Got Talent

Hugo Molina is a barely two year old boy who has impressed many Spaniards with his talent, as well as many spectators around the world.

He appeared in a show of Spanish talent where he became the youngest winner in the history of the Got Talents shows.

His great love is playing drums, and his training is helped by his father, who is involved in music. Many have pointed out online that the toddler has more knowledge than many adult drummers.

In the grand finale of Spain's Got Talent show, with fierce competition, 2-year-old Hugo acchieved a great success, as he became the youngest winner of talent shows around the world.

Check out the wonderful performance of a 2-year-old boy named Hugo who has defeated all the competition in the Spanish talent by playing drums. Will he impress you with his talent as well?
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