A Cappella Quartet Sings 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

Years ago, a video landed on the YouTube network, in which four friends shone with their performance.

Without the musical instruments, they sang the world-famous hit "Over The Rainbow" and took over many online users with their performance.

The song "Over The Rainbow" saw the light of day as early as 1939, when it was sung by actress Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. Many music performers have prepared their own arrangements of the said song, which are already real hits online.

Years ago, the world-famous hit was also performed by four friends who present themselves in the world of music under the name Backtrack Vocals. Their performance has already impressed many.

Listen to how four friends sang the world-famous hit "Over The Rainbow" from 1939 without the accompaniment of musical instruments. Will they take you over by singing too?
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