Abandoned Kitten Crying At The Trash Cans Gets Rescued

A touching video comes from Bulgaria, in which a couple rescued an abandoned kitten on the street. Stoyan and Dessy have no shelter, saying for themselves that they are just an ordinary couple with big dreams.

Their mission is to deal with abandoned kittens on the streets, and they also have a channel on the YouTube network where they post rescue videos.

These days, Stoyan and Dessy have rescued a small kitten they found next to a trash can. Already upon their arrival, she called aloud for help - she was hungry, thirsty and terrified.

How spouses from Bulgaria saved the kitten:

The spouses from Bulgaria first gave the kittens some food that she immediately started eating. In all likelihood, she has not tasted food for quite some time.

The cat was taken home shortly thereafter, where they provided her with everything she needed. They also bathed the animal and gave her a good measure of love, and with videos Stoyan and Dessy surrounded the world instantly. See how the spouses from Bulgaria took care of an abandoned kitten found on a street!

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