Angry Wife From Italy Gives Lesson To Her Husband After Playing Football Inside

Italy is on of the most affected countries in the world due to the coronavirus outbreak and is subject to strict quarantine rules.

Because we are more exposed to partnerships during quarantine, many partners have troubles in some families.

A video from Italy has landed online, where laughing is not missing. The husband had enough of quarantine, which caused him to bring a ball to the kitchen, and there he made his wife quickly angry with his unwise act.

He repeatedly kicked the ball into the wall several times, and eventually overturned a bowl that was stacked on the table. His wife was washing dishes during his play, so she had it enough.

When the bowl fell to the floor, she turned to her husband, then showed him with a kick who is wearing pants in the house. The video is already a real success on the web, and the scene will no doubt make you laugh too!
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