Baby Pulls Chair Before Woman Sits Down

Our youngest ones always brighten our day with their antics, and we often smile at them from the bottom of our hearts.

Such was also the case in one of the kindergartens in Brazil, where a mischievous toddler pulled a chair just before his teacher tried to sit on it.

The cameras filmed the scene in Forquilhinha, Brazil, and to date, the video is a real online success - it has garnered more than 800,000 views on YouTube alone, and many have laughed at the scene from the heart.

The barely 7-month-old toddler took away the chair with a cunning move when the teacher wanted to sit down, causing her to fall on the floor. She also laughed at the scene, and the video has quickly circulated online.

Take a look at a cute scene from a kindergarten in Brazil when a toddler pulled a chair for his teacher before she sat on it. Will the scene make you laugh too?
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