Bear Doing Some Impressive Climbing Next To A Traffic Road

Bears are primarily the night animals, although they are often seen even in the daytime. Although the bears seem slow because of their size, this is not really the case.

They are running very fast, they are exceptional swimmers, and they are more than excellent in climbing.

At the same time, the last claim is also evidenced by the video clip that was created in these days in Croatia. In the vicinity of the Karlobag settlement in Croatia, the driver Dario Svagelj came across a very special scene.

By the road he saw a bear while driving, then quickly stopped his car and took his mobile phone into his hands to capture the scene.

The image of a brown bear can be seen in the video, which boldly leaned against a high rock, then showed his skills in climbing. Take a look at the scene captured on camera in Croatia!
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