Beirut Blast Blows Out Windows Behind Wedding Couple

A new video is coming from the city of Beirut, which was hit by a severe explosion in the port more than a week ago.

The newlyweds felt how violent the explosion was in the city center during the wedding photo shoot.

The streets of the Lebanese capital have been flooded with protesters these days, demanding "justice for all victims" from the government and leaders. At least 220 people were killed and more than 7,000 were injured in the blast, according to the latest data.

The raw power of the explosion was also felt by the two newlyweds when they were hit by a shock wave during the wedding photo shoot.

At first they were frightened by a loud explosion, and after a few moments the building behind them was completely destroyed. The windows shattered, and the rubble flew in all directions. Check out another shocking video captured during the explosion in Beirut.
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