Bending Time And Space In Slow Motion

The creators and authors of the YouTube channel Macro Room, on which they publish many videos in "slow motion" mode, have impressed many web users these days with an exceptional compilation.

They presented their view on the bending of time and space in slow motion, and their masterpiece is already a real hit online.

The scenes they captured in slow motion were presented with the help of computer programs and their innovation in a way we have never seen before. As the action unfolded in slow motion, the man in the background moved in a normal time order.

The compilation of extraordinary feats was created, with which the authors defied time and space at first sight. The video has landed on the YouTube network in recent days and has reached more than 150,000 views to date.

Take a look at the remarkable compilation from the hands of the authors of the Macro Room channel, in which they showed the curvature of time and space in slow motion.
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