Bird Selectively Attacks Males On Chinese College Campus

The web has been surrounded by a video from China over the past few days where we can follow a crow while doing something really unusual.

The bird attacks students every day near the college campus, but only male representatives. The crow leaves all the women completely alone.

According to the latest research by experts, gray crows remember human faces, and they can harbor resentment towards certain people for many years. Especially in cases where someone treated crows badly, these birds remembered their faces even years later.

A crow living near a college campus in China's Guizhou province is apparently also opting for just such "revenge". The students there say that the crow attacks only men every day - it has never attacked women before, and it has been living in the vicinity of the college campus for five years. The bird returns there every spring and summer, and with its revenge on men, it persists over and over again.

The video of the crow attacking only male students near a college campus in China is already a real hit online - in just a few days, the video has garnered more than a million views on the YouTube network alone. See what crow attacks on male students look like!
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