Bird Steals Nesting Material Straight From A Fox's Coat

The web has been surrounded by a sympathetic video over the past month in which a camera in the woods captured an unusual scene.

While sleeping, the fox was surprised by a bird that was gathering nesting material from a fox's coat to set up a nest for its baby birds.

The video, posted on the YouTube network, is already a real online hit. It has garnered more than 850,000 views, and many bird lovers and animals in general are particularly impressed by the sympathetic scenes.

At the scenes, we can follow the mother fox, who took a moment to rest by her lair. A bird flew up to the sleeping fox, which impressed many with its bold move - it collected nesting material from the fox's coat.

Take a look at a sympathetic scene in which you will no doubt be thrilled yourself. Will a brave bird take over you with an unusual act too?
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