Birdlover's Simple Tip How To Prevent Birds Flying Into Window

If there are many birds near your home, then you have certainly experienced the bird crashing into window glass due to reflections.

In such cases, Alex Sally has an innovative and simple solution that will alert the birds that there is no way through the glass!

In the United States alone, between 100 million and 1 billion birds are killed every year due to glass collisions. Similar statistics are in the UK, and that's why Alex Sally has shared an easy way online to save many birds.

All we need is a white marker to draw on the glass and a few minutes of our time!

We must draw parallel vertical lines with about 3-4 inches gap (10 centimeters) on the window, letting the birds know that there is no passing through. It is important that the lines are drawn in a line from top to bottom, as birds do not like flying through such transitions.

The lines will also remain on the glass when it is raining or while cleaning them, but can be removed by rubbing the glass with a card or similar accessory. See how birds can be saved from damage while flying into windows!
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