Birds Fly Over Water In Beautiful Shape-Shifting Patterns

Over the past few days, a video has landed online that has impressed many animal lovers with its beautiful scenes, especially those who love birds.

The author filmed a flock of birds flying synchronously over the lake, and the scenes are a real spice to the day.

On the YouTube network alone, the video has reached more than 250,000 views to date, and you will no doubt be impressed by the video yourself. We can witness the true poetry of nature and life in it.

The birds were flying in the flock just above the surface of the lake and took care of the beautiful shapes that flowed from one to the other. Such flying is typical for birds, as it is easier to overcome distances, and at the same time they also defend themselves against potential predators.

Watch a wonderful video in which all the attention was stolen by birds in a flock. Will you be impressed by the scene you see?
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