Camera Captures Hilarious Moment With Russian Special Forces In Action

The Russians have a number of special units that care for peace and order in the country and the rest of the world. Many times they go to many missions abroad, but they also have much work at home.

They usually respond to the chase after dangerous perpetrators, and one of these was also recorded by a traffic control camera these days.

And if we are always accustomed to the order and discipline of Russian specialists, this was not the case in the video below. During the interventions, in the still winter conditions, they almost caught the bad guys, but he fled just infront of their noses.

The group of specialists was chasing him on foot, and the driver of the van was following the caravan. The bad guy drove through iron gate with his vehicle and pierced it, then special units came behind him.

There was a real drama in front of the iron gate, which made the bad guy to have a free path to escape. The vehicle of special units stuck, and the whole inconvenience was recorded by traffic control cameras. See what kind of dramatook place on the streets of Russia these days...
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