Cockatiel Bird Sings 'Tequila' Song Really Adorably

A sympathetic video landed on the YouTube network years ago, in which many animal and music lovers were impressed by a talented parrot.

The bird showed its singing and musical talent in front of the owner, and with its performance it took over many online users.

The owner recorded his talented parrot when it first whistled to the rhythms of a familiar melody, and at the end of the singing performance it provided an awesome touch and impressed many music lovers.

The cockatiel sang the song 'Tequila' in front of the owner, which was presented by the Spanish music group The Champs back in 1958. Their song became a hit overnight, and it still holds a great reputation today.

Listen to the performance of a talented parrot, in which it impressed many by singing the world-famous hit 'Tequila'. Will the video brighten your day too?
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