Cougar Stalks Hiker For Six Minutes Straight, Tries To Attack Him

A fresh video is coming from the United States, in which one hiker experienced a real horror.

On the way, he met a cougar and the animal followed him for more than 6 minutes. In doing so, it even tried to attack the hiker several times.

The cougar, in other words also the mountain lion or panther, is a mammal from the family of cats that belong to the order of beasts. Inhabiting the entire territory of America, this large solitary cat needs larger areas for its life than any other mammal in the Western Hemisphere.

A man from the USA, who introduces himself as Kunkyle Z on the YouTube network, also witnessed a close encounter with a cougar these days. In the US state of Utah, he came across a cougar during a walk, which repeatedly tried to attack him.

The wild animal followed him for more than 6 minutes, and the man saved his skin mainly thanks to a smart response - he screamed several times in front of the cougar and waved his arms to scare the animal. In the end, the animal got scared and ran into the woods.
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