Crazy Driver In Ford F150 Deliberately Takes Out Motorcyclist On 2020 Yamaha R1

The web has been surrounded these days by a shocking video from a highway in the United States in which an accident occurred as a result of a driver's stupid move.

The motorcyclist was hit by a pickup truck driver at a speed of 90 mph (140 kph), who drove forward after the collision.

Riding a motorcycle is without a doubt very dangerous, mainly due to the fact that in the event of a crash, nothing protects us, with the exception of protective clothing, gloves and a helmet.

It was protective equipment and a helmet that saved the life of a motorcyclist who was hit by a pickup driver on a highway in the USA these days. And it happened at a speed of about 90 mph (140 kph).

The driver drove forward after the collision and fled the scene of the accident, but the police will track him down soon or later thanks to the video. Another proof of what traps we can witness while riding a motorcycle.
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