Crocodile Takes Out Drone In Australia

A drone video is coming from Australia, where we can follow the raw power of a crocodile bite.

A drone pilot from the media house ABC News flew over a group of crocodiles, then one of the animals jumped out of the water and crashed the drone into the water.

The video of the unusual incident is already a real success all over the web - on the YouTube network alone, the video has reached more than 200,000 views to date, and the scenes have quickly traveled around the world.

Drone pilot Dane Hirst was filming crocodiles with his team at Crocodylus Park Lagoon in Darwin when one of them jumped out of the water and then bit into a drone.

The damaged drone was then washed ashore, and the video was fortunately kept on a memory card. See how one of the crocodiles showed its raw power over a flying drone.
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