Dad Mistakenly Opens Gate Just To See Hundreds Of Sheep Wind Up In His Backyard

Every year, before the summer in Lincoln, California, authorities put thousands of sheep and goats on the streets to help lessen the vegetation before the fire season begins. The pastures are placed in fire-endangered areas, while the animals are also placed there.

It was the same action this year and the resident of Lincoln captured a scene on the camera, which will remain forever in his memory!

The Russo family lives in the city of Lincoln in the immediate vicinity of one of the pastures that stands in a fire-threatened area. This year, Scott Russo wanted his daughters to get a closer look at the flock of sheep, so he opened the gate to his backyard.

In the next moment, about 200 sheep and some curious goats came into his backyard, and the family could not get rid of the herd for some time.

Scott's wife was the one who spooked the animals away. How did she do it? She was jumping on a trampoline while playing tambourine! Look at the hilarious scene from Lincoln, California, where laughter is not missing!
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