Deer Crashes Through Front Door And Destroys Basement

A video has landed on the Internet in recent days, in which we can follow the drama experienced by one of the residents of the USA.

In broad daylight, a deer broke through the front door and then caused a real mess in the basement.

The scene captured by the surveillance camera in the house is already a real success on the Internet - but the video reached more than 100,000 views on social networks, and many viewers were left speechless at the scene.

We can follow the scene in the house when a confused deer suddenly bursts through the door. Shortly afterwards, the animal took refuge in the basement, causing a real mess there. The deer was injured, and the owner and her husband luckily managed to bring the animal back to freedom.

Take a look at an unusual scene experienced by a U.S. homeowner in recent days. You certainly don't experience an encounter with a deer like this.
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