Deer Knocks Down A Cyclist In Arizona, Resulting Into A Horrific Crash

Great attention is needed in traffic. We must pay attention to our driving, but at the same time we must pay attention to the surroundings and events around us.

This is also demonstrated by a video clip that has landed online these days. In it, one of the cyclists experienced a serious accident during the downhill, which luckly ended with just a few bumps and scratches.

A group of cyclists came out on a relaxed ride from Mount Lemmon in Arizona, when one of them experienced a real shock. At a high speed, a deer crossed the path during the descent, and there was a collision between them.

The cyclist fell badly on the road, while the deer ran to the nearby forest immediately after the collision. According to the video, the animal was not injured in the event of an accident.

Look at the drama that a group of cyclists witnessed these days when they enjoyed the descent from Mount Lemmon in Arizona!
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